Posted: Dec 23, pm. The one that I saw Wayne Dobson perform is simple as pie. If you can toss out a deck of cards and talk to an audience you can perform the tossed deck. Posted: Dec 24, pm. Curt Frye curt curtisfrye.

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Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Dan Harlan 3. Colin Mcleod 4. Adrian Lacroix 5. Tommy Wonder 6. Bennie Chickering 7. Paul Wilson 8. Max Maven 9. Larry Hass Jamie Daws Hondo Chris Funk David Jonathan Richard Osterlind Rick Lax Michael Murray Greg Wilson Robert Smith Chef Anton Peter Turner. You wrap the deck in rubber bands and throw it out to a punter in the audience.

As your back is turned, you instruct him to open the deck anywhere he likes and remember one of the cards. In turn you instruct him to throw the deck to anybody in the audience. That person is instructed to do the same thing. This is done to five different punters. With Gazzo's routine you will have six people standing. You proceed to name each person's card and five of the people who looked at a card will sit down. As a climax you will still have one person standing, and he will say that you have not yet named his card--which makes for a tricky situation.

So you ask him, "If I name your card out loud, will you sit down. You name his card, and he sits down. You get a standing ovation Gazzo style. A total miracle. Not hard to master. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you'll get an email with your gift certificate. Most highly recommended! Review Wishlist. Questions about this product. Have a question about this product? Write a review! Customer Reviews showing 1 - of 2.

Showing the Most Helpful Newest. Gazzo has worked this routine and knows what he is talking about! In this project he goes over everything you need to know and the pitfalls to avoid.

There are multiple live performances which are not only fun to watch but help you see how he applies things to live situations. I only gave this 4 stars as the teaching obviously was not scripted and, although it doesn't stop you from learning, Gazzo is sometimes a bit confusing and fumbles for words. Add that into consideration when getting the download versus the DVD. Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? Excellent performance and teaching to enhance a well thought out routine.

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Gazzo Tossed Out Deck DVD (with Red Deck) by Gazzo - DVD

Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Dan Harlan 3. Colin Mcleod 4. Adrian Lacroix 5. Tommy Wonder 6.


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Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Dan Harlan 3. Colin Mcleod 4. Adrian Lacroix 5. Tommy Wonder 6. Bennie Chickering 7.

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