Map Beta Star Map Legacy. Advanced Piloting Techniques Manual Piloting. Autopilot Avoidance. Navigation Navigation Dotlan Survivability You should be aware that EVE has introduced a new map with the intention of eventually replacing the star map. The new map is called Map Beta.

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Map Beta Star Map Legacy. Advanced Piloting Techniques Manual Piloting. Autopilot Avoidance. Navigation Navigation Dotlan Survivability You should be aware that EVE has introduced a new map with the intention of eventually replacing the star map.

The new map is called Map Beta. The Map can be accessed and closed either by clicking the map button in the Neocom Panel or by pressing F You will then be presented with a 3D view of the whole galaxy.

Every single dot on the map is a system in itself. Also there you can switch between the star map and the solar system map. This Control Panel is also where you can modify your view of the map and change your autopilot settings. To change the angle at which you view the map, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer around. The search tab allows you to search for a specific system, constellation, or region. If you right click the search result, you are given varying options.

These are:. Here you choose how you want the systems to be marked. You can choose between options like the actual colors of the star, where you have assets, how many pilots are active in space, etc. Just be aware that the map has a delay, so if you choose 'Number of pilots in space', the information you see may not necessarily be current.

This is where you set options such as how many Region labels you want to see on the Map. This also lets you choose to display constellation names, solar system names, and landmark names. Here you set how many of the lines connecting systems you want to see. You can also choose to color the lines in different ways:. Here you can set the map to have no tiles, light colored background tiles for more subtle information on sovereignty , or outlined tiles for the clearest picture of what faction holds sovereignty in an area.

Recent changes in sovereignty will show flashing tiles in the color of the faction currently holding that portion of space. The Stars section lists all the regions and shows what colors each star in that region will display as. The Tiles section lists each faction and the color assigned to them. This tab allows you to select the objects you want to see in the Solar System Map.

The selected object will be shown on the Map along with brief details about it. Also you can choose which of the shown objects should have additional information directly displayed and which not. If you set multiple waypoints and want to determine the shortest round trip, this is the place to do it. You can choose to move waypoints up or down to create your optimal Route, or you can click Optimize and let the system find the shortest path for you.

Just remember - the more waypoints you have, the longer it takes to optimize. Generally do not try to optimize more than 8 waypoints due to the length of processing time.

This displays the solar systems, constellations, and regions that you have chosen to avoid when setting destination routes. An item can be removed from this list by right-clicking on it and choosing 'Do Not Avoid". As such, it can take some time to learn what the map tool can do for you. Following are two examples to help you find your way around New Eden a little safer. Often times a pilot is in space and needs to know where the nearest thing is.

Here are some ways the map can help you find things:. If you are running missions and find yourself in need of repairs, to find the nearest repair facility: press F10, click on the star map tab, click on the services folder to expand it, then click on the Repair Facilities radio button. Hover your cursor over the resulting dots nearest your location to see what stations in that system have repair facilities. Then right click on the system and choose Set Destination to set your route to get there.

Hover your cursor over the resulting dots scattered over the map to see what complex is there and the DED rating it has. If you find a complex you want to check out, simply right click on the system and choose Set Destination. If a route will take a pilot through low sec or 0. The map can help.

It can give an indication of whether the route has been dangerous in the last short while, and how many ships have come and gone through the route. Click on the star map tab, click on statistics, and click on the following options one at a time:. What these options can be used for is to help evaluate the odds of a gate camp being in place and whether or not you'll have a chance of getting through your route safely.

Knowing that traffic has gone through recently, whether or not ships and or pods have been destroyed recently, and if there are a lot of active pilots along the route will help give you a feel for whether to chance the travel or not. Note that the map is not a replacement for the up-to-the-moment information a scout can provide, but helps in the absence of a scout.

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A Decade of DOTLAN EVEMaps

Without going to much into the historical details or timeline: I can proudly announce that DOTLAN EveMaps has reached a major milestone and is providing a well known and respected service to all players of New Eden for 10 years now! I wrote a piece a couple years back about the top five problems with the game, and I limited myself to five and a bonus item, but believe me the in-game map was in the running for a spot on that list. I mean, the in-game map is beautiful. It is impressive as hell. I mean, it really looks like something important. But as a utility that transmit information to the user it is sub-par. I basically use the view that shows the location of your fleet members and maybe the recent kills view, but the latter generally just so I can take a screen shot of a huge red ball in The Forge when Burn Jita is going.


EVE General Discussion

I hope they are of use to you, and that you enjoy using them. If you spot any mistakes, please EveMail me in game name: Ombey , with the details of the error. Any error spotting is greatly appreciated! Latest release notes: v3. Thanks to: a Goonswarm player who wants to remain anonymous, for the largest ISK contribution to date; and to Banlish who is single-handedly making sure I know about new outposts as soon as they go up For more information and full historical release notes, please go to the 2d EveMap site www. Please note that I cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result of information gained from these maps. Usage of these maps indicates your agreement of these terms.


The supreme authority upon which all other authority is derived. These forums have been archived and are now read-only. EVE General Discussion. Forum Index. Ombey's 2D Eve Maps. Sebiestor Tribe.

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