36.331 3GPP SPEC PDF

The major functions of the RRC protocol include connection establishment and release functions, broadcast of system information, radio bearer establishment, reconfiguration and release, RRC connection mobility procedures, paging notification and release and outer loop power control. The operation of the RRC is guided by a state machine which defines certain specific states that a UE may be present in. The different states in this state machine have different amounts of radio resources associated with them and these are the resources that the UE may use when it is present in a given specific state. The configuration of RRC inactivity timers in a W-CDMA network has considerable impact on the battery life of a phone when a packet data connection is open. The RRC idle mode no connection has the lowest energy consumption. The transitions to lower energy consuming states occur when inactivity timers trigger.

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Specification : General Versions Responsibility Related. Reference: Action date Action Author. No records to display. No related specifications. R1 , R5. RP , S5. S1 , S4. R2 , R3. R1 , R2. R2 , R4. Core part: Signalling and Procedure for Interference Avoidance for in-device coexistence. R1 , R4. Assigned Work Items. Meetings Version Upload date Comment. RAN e. RAN Correction to the implementat Corrects ASN. Fixes an ASN. To maintain the compatibility New version to fix ASN.

Corrects an ASN. Reordering of fields in RRCCo Removed a Rel ASN. Editorial correction to ASN. Under change control. Technical specification TS. Initial planned Release:. Release 8. Common IMS Specification:. Radio technology:.

Click to see all versions of this specification. Remarks 1 Creation date Author Remark. History Action date Action Author. Primary responsible group:. RAN 2. Secondary responsible groups:.

Rapporteurs Name Company. Himke Van der Velde. Spec Type Title Status Prime grp. Provisioning of IP-based multimedia services. Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service.

Stage 1 for Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service. Stage 2 for Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service. Security aspects of MBMS.

Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System. Public Warning System. Stage 1 for EHNB. Architecture aspects of EHNB. Network Improvements for Machine-Type Communications. Positioning Support for LTE. Carrier Aggregation for LTE. Relays for LTE. Core part: Relays for LTE. MBMS Improvements. Core part: Dual connectivity for LTE. Search Work Items. Latest Remark:. Latest Remark:


Radio Resource Control






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