However, you already have dreams. You already have dreams of entering Ateneo. You memorized their cheers. Please let there be a clean bathroom. The next problem: Math. Math is a test of how fast your brain works.

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Let me give you some tried and tested tips—the very same ones I used—that got me into Ateneo, and even landed me in a merit English section!

These are the Requirements to get into Ateneo de Manila University. The Atenean Way. Pro-tip: Focus on your weak areas. I mean, all college entrance tests are. But you must not doubt yourself. You will get through it. Knowing what you have to review for is a huge advantage. Knowing how to answer the test, however, is the bigger obstacle. They give you practice exams and simulations that get you in the zone.

Plus your instructors have methods for making intelligent guesses under time pressure. Of course, there are exam portions in which you must answer 25 questions in 5 minutes. Seems impossible, yeah? In fact, people have finished the exam with nanoseconds to spare myself included.

You just need some time management skills and also master the art of intelligent guessing—er, answering. Practice your math problems. Target your weakest subjects. Therefore, you must learn how to read and write—and do so quickly and concisely.

So pull those great books off your shelves. Brush up on the classics. Expose yourself to well-written works in English. Learn good sentence structure in the best way: reading. Another note on vocabulary: While you come across hard words in your reading, take note.

However, the biggest trick in the book is remembering common prefixes, root words, and suffixes. The vocabulary part of the ACET becomes easier if you break down the word.

See if you can write about abstract topics. This is where your reading practice comes in handy—exposing yourself to good writing gives you an edge. An abstract topic will likely be your essay question. Ateneans love philosophers. The ACET essay question usually makes you consider abstract concepts. Be coherent, concise, and complete with your thoughts. Make sure your essay is structured and uses proper grammar. Give your essay a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. Outline your thoughts on your scratch paper before you write.

The ACET essay portion not only tests your thought process and how you work under pressure, but it also serves as a grammar and style check. Although, I did mention mind tricks, right? This includes advanced English, Filipino, Math, and also foreign language programs.

Your ACET score in the language section together with your essay determines whether you place in the advanced English program or not in your Ateneo undergraduate studies. Similarly, your scores in the math section determine whether you place in a Merit, Regular, or Basic section. So do well, and you might just be learning under a renowned Filipino author or academic next year! Ateneo de Manila University is one of the top ranking schools in the Philippines.

Plus, a long list of accomplished—and super cool—alumni. Find your future alma mater with us! Check out our College Life section on the Edukasyon.

As a child, Belle O. Mapa fell in love with books and fairytales. Belle now lives out her passion: writing stories, hosting creative journaling workshops, and advocating for mental health awareness. You can find her chasing productivity tips on Edukasyon PH—or geeking out at your local craft store.

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Ateneo College Entrance Exam (ACET) Application

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ACET Test Taking Tips and Tricks

The questions for the ACET are skewed for above-average students, and the test is conducted under time pressure. When I say above average, I do not mean you need an IQ of to pass. Time pressure! Quite a lot.

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