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Adi Parva is a graphic novel based on the Mahabharat and the oral tradition of ancient India. In it, the celestial river Ganga narrates the events from the beginning of time. The story is played out by a medley of characters ranging from gods to sages, queens to seers, hermits to seductresses and kings to warriors as they come together in this graphic retelling of Hindu mythology.

This epic graphic novel depicts timeless events such as the churning of the sea, the snake sacrifice of Janmejaya and the first time the queen Gandhari wears a blindfold. The book combines breath-taking art with classic storytelling to paint the picture of a tale which has inspired and guided several hundred generations of people throughout the history of India.

Amruta Patil is an Indian graphic novelist, writer and painter. Her earlier work, Kari, is a contemporary tale of friendship, love and death. Amruta is currently working on the sequel, Sauptik. Certified Buyer , New Delhi. Certified Buyer , Mumbai. Certified Buyer , Chennai. Certified Buyer , Panaji. Explore Plus. Graphic Novels and Comics. Other Comics. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in days? Patil, Amruta.

AmazingBuy 3. Frequently Bought Together. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. A divine story so brilliantly told, it isn't surprising that the beautiful hardbound cover charmingly says 'via' Amruta Patil.

If you like me loved her previous masterpiece 'Kari', then you will love this too -- it's a whole new dimension. The artwork on the whole is The quality of the printing itself is remarkable and once you're able to get over this, the beauty of the artwork with its rich colours and gentle touch will overwhelm!

Some of the two-page spreads are absolutely awe-inspiring. This is not one tale but several, interlinked stories brought together masterfully by the storyteller through common themes and lessons. Even if you have already read the Mahabharata's Adi Parva, nothing can prepare you for the freshness of this interpretation.

A recu Deboleena Rakshit Certified Buyer Dec, Stunning paintings, detailed and thorough research and an artistic beauty put together make Adi Parva a treasure for anybody interested in mythology and art. In casting herself as a 'sutradhar', a story teller, Patil adds herself to the ancient Indian tradition of telling stories and keeping traditions alive in a compelling and exciting fashion.

A must keep There are few books that erase the thin line between literature and art. Amruta Patil's Adi Parva belongs to that genre.

A honest and different take on one of the primordial epics of Indian literature, the book is made even more resplendent with gorgeous works of art on every page.

The cover image of Vishnu in an azure ocean and the chaotic picturisations of the yugas are some of the artwork that stands out. A keeper if you are an avid reader of the Mahabharata or a lover of beautiful images! I got the book when it was on sale so i got it for instead of it's whooping mrp It's a beautiful book with interesting illustrations and a new take on graphic novel.

It's for adults and not entriely a kid's fairy tale book, unless you want to work with them on it. Buy it, wait for it to get discounted though. This book is a marvel of visual delight. Every page has been approached as a work of art and not just another link in a story.

That makes the turning of each page a great excitement. The writing style is friendly and somewhat sardonic, giving you the chance for a quite chuckle every now and then. Its narrated in an informal conversational tone, that Narmada Deb Aug, Excellent book.

Well compiled. Makes for slow and thoughtful reading. I finished it half, but honestly you never realize time passing while reading this. Novel contains different style in illustrations, so you get this little surprise after in between with the.

Its the way you drive in the story with the beautiful scenery passing by. Im excited to finish rest. Graphic novel readers must read this. This is surely a different kind of graphic novel, an almost encyclopedic take on Indian mythology with some wonderful art.

The text may get tedious at times but the book should be picked so that you can go back to it time and again. Tushar Shukla Jan, Not exactly a thriller, 2 or 3 more volumes are still to be done and it begins when the "saga" of the Mahabharata was only in gestation Nothing to do with ordinary picture books on the epic for kids.

To be enjoyed again and again. Have doubts regarding this product? Post your question. Safe and Secure Payments. Easy returns. You might be interested in. Back to top.


Book Review | Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean

In , Amruta Patil broke new ground in Indian English storytelling with her compelling graphic novel debut, Kari. Then in , she uncovered Adi Parva: Churning of the Ocean , a most exquisite retelling of the first book of the Mahabharata. And it is not just a retelling, there are sly interjections by the sutradhaar of the tale, Ganga; visual cues that remind us of cultural overlaps of mythologies; head-reeling detail in costume and landscape … and now, the sequel Sauptik: Blood and Flowers is here, to be released later this month. And finally, Ashwatthama is here to carry the story forward in Sauptik.


Adi Parva - Churning of the Ocean

Read on how to enrich your life by purpose, i. Adi Parva is the story of the Mahabharat as it stretches into infinity before the birth of the Pandavas. With stories nested within stories and told in the format of a graphic novel, the book begins with blood red panels. Red with the blood spilt on the land of Kurukshetra, in a war of titanic proportions.


‘I write because I need to. I draw and paint as a means to an end’: Amruta Patil

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