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Failure to remove. This code cannot be overridden and can only be. The IMS can, when justified, input a retention additive requirement to a subgroup master. The IMS will regularly review retention additives and ensure they have been deleted.

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Each individual code will be included as a separate attachment to this chapter. The codes contained herein are intended to standardize proc edures and, unless otherwise.

These codes are applicable to all AF activities within the limitations. Click on DOD The DIC is a mandatory entry on all documents entering and leaving the supply distribution systems. The primary controlling factor in the DIC is vested in the first position of the code. This manual is electronically published. RP 1 — always alpha. The specific relation of various inventory transactions to appropriation fund and stock fund financial.

Intra- Air Force document Identifier Codes. Alphabetic B and X code s identify transactions. Each service may develop and assign these codes but they must be confined to. Transactions containing codes Y or Z in the first position may never appear on any documents. Military Service Codes — alpha. The information prescribes. Used to identify a facility or activity. A nonconsumable item has been defined as an item of supply.

A Service management mix of consumable-end items,. Supply support requirements will be submitted by the SICA to the. The SICA service has retained the wholesale stock, and issue functions in support. Supply support requirements. The SICA. DM to be provided by. Supply support. This code is temporarily assigned to items that have not completed Phase.

Supply requirements will be submitted to the PICA on funded requisitions. Items under warranty will not migrate. These it ems are usually managed as consumable. Provisions of this regulation will not apply.

The PICA will have responsibility for the l ogistics functions of single submitter of cataloging. Supply support requirements will be submitted by the SICA. The SICA is responsible for wholesale.

PICA responsibilities are limited to single submitter of cataloging. Upon completion of DM review , and assignment for. B Multi-service Organic Repair. The depot repair requirement of two or more services is being performed. This item is under JCAP cognizance supply support will be determined by the. U Unassigned. DSOR review not completed.

Current depot repair arrangements remain in effect. AT Assortment A rplection of a variety of items that fall into a category or class packaged.

The following is a table identifying the factor by which the old quantity must be multiplied to. The "EV" edit, which checks the unit of issue conversi on factor in a catalog management.

The edit is also bypassed. Unit of measurement policy and procedures are contained in Volume 3, Part 1, Chapter M, Appendix 2. The document number, located in rps of transactions, is a non-duplicative number throughout. The service codes entry in rp 30 will always be the appropriate character from Attachment. These codes indicate in the requisition the degree of protection to be provided subsistence items.

There are different codes based on nonperishable verses. Actual "type of pack" requested should be based on the de gree of protection. The activity creating the requisition will enter the demand code in this position.

The demand. RP 44 is dual-use and the meaning of the code entere d is dependent upon the directional flow. Table 1A1 1. Intra- Air Force Demand Codes. C Initial issues to contractor activities. To be entered in contractor issue requests when a like item.

Due-in from maintenance controls do not apply to demand code. Suffix codes relate to and identify requisitions and materiel returns program MRP transactions. Suffix codes do not relate to separate. Neither do they identify final shipments nor differentiate. Record position rp 44 is dual-use and the meaning of the code entered is dependent upon the.

Suffix codes, when assigned, will be sequentially advanced as split ac tions occur. Recipients of status. For AF activities, the supplementary address is a two-part field to indicate: Service rp 45 and.

Address rps S ee also DoD The originator of the document may also utilize rps In these cases, an alpha "Y" will. The alpha "Y" indicates that the contents of the rps are not significant to the system. SA program grant aid requisitions will contain record control numbers volume 9, chapter. Rp 45 will contain a "Y," rp 46 the last digit of the progra m year, followed by a combination of.

These codes will be significant to SA program grant aid processing but. Entries in rps will be perpetuated on subsequent documents. All FMS requisitions including cooperative logistics will contain a "D" in rp 45, an alpha.

The purpose of the signal code in A series documents is twofold in that it designates the field. Air Force fund codes are designed for coding documents at certain levels in lieu of using the many more. A query capability for Distribution Codes DCs is also available through the above internet.

Distribution codes are three-position, two-part fields of which the first part rp 54 is significant. Alpha or numeric entries in rps. They are assigned to identify the activities to be furnished. Positions will require and may be. Project Codes. Project codes are used fo r the purpose of distinguishing requisitions and. Only approved project codes may be entered in record position rp of requisitions.

The use of these positions for theater and regional purposes is prohibited. JCS 9-series project codes are ranked above other transactions within the same priority. Part III of this attachment outlines the procedures to be used in. Project codes will be effective for the duration of the need. They are assigned for a. Project Code Announcements. Project code assignments and terminations are posted monthly. The other agencies make distribution to.

Assign a project code monitor to receive and distribute project code information to. Maintain a list of project codes in which the ALC has functional interest including. The modifications may be to.

Review any requirement to use the. Related meaning: [In 25 words or less describe the purpose for which the project code is assigned.



This chapter implements the standard organization, roles and responsibilities of the LogisticsReadiness Squadron LRS supply related functions as identified in the PAD to include squadronleadership, the Materiel Management Flight, and other functional flights. The Logistics Readiness Squadron LRS contains the base supplyactivity and is organized into flights, sections, and elements. The general roles and responsibilities of these activities are explained in this chapter,while specific responsibilities are described throughout the manual. Compliance with this chapter is mandatory for contractors who are operating supplyfunctions.


Volume 2 Chapter 1





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