Abdelkrim Ghallab December 31, , in Fes — August 14, , in El Jadida was a Moroccan political journalist, cultural commentator, and novelist. He is an important figure both in the literary and political field editor of the Istiqlal Party daily al-Alam. He is the author of five novels and three collections of short stories. Among his best known novels are Sab'ab Atwat "Seven Gates", and Dafann al-m'd "We buried the past", ; the latter is praised as representative of a new school of writing called "nationalist realism". In , the Moroccan department of Culture published the complete works of Ghallab in five volumes.

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He wondered why certain Arab and Muslim countries take a more hardline approach to Israel than the Palestinian Authority itself, which does maintain ties with it. The following are excerpts: [1]. This, especially after some five Arab states and quite a few Muslim ones have recognized the state of Israel, [that state] which the dreamers — those who dream of restoring the stolen homeland [Palestine] — so expertly call by a whole bunch of names, such as 'the Zionist entity' or 'the Israeli occupation,' etc.

Today, there are only 32 countries that don't recognize Israel, in different parts of the world It came to the point where the Arab League itself proposed in that the Arab states normalize their relations with Israel as part of the Arab peace initiative and as part of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Otherwise, what is the meaning of their presence [there], alongside Israel, which they do not recognize? All those Arab and Islamic states that do not recognize Israel, if they have courage, let them stand before the members of the UN General Assembly, or in a session of the [UN] Security Council, and declare that they do not recognize Israel.

In , both of them established Israeli trade representations [in their territory], and the ties between Israel and Qatar existed until , when these representations were officially closed after the outbreak of the second Palestine intifada. But it seems that the closing [of the representations] was only nominal and was meant as a political gesture, for it did not prevent the maintaining of bilateral relations in various domains, such as sports. These relations existed openly and directly The first and foremost of them is Qatar, which recently hosted a beach volleyball tournament, in which Israel took part a few days ago.

If for decades we have been maintaining indirect ties with Israel, by means of Israeli companies that [operate under the flags of] other countries — and most Arab and Islamic companies and businessmen are aware of this ridiculous reality — why should we keep up this political charade, and until when?

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Abdelkrim Ghallab

An Arab Israeli man was sentenced Sunday to life in prison for a West Bank terror attack in which he stabbed a rabbi to death. Itamar Ben-Gal, who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on February 5, , pictured with his wife and family. According to court papers, Assi, who confessed to the crime, decided to commit a terror attack and kill Jews after he had an argument with an Israel Defense Forces soldier at a junction outside Ariel. Later that day, Assi purchased two centimeter-long knives at a store in Nablus and returned to the same junction, where he spotted Ben-Gal at a bus stop and recognized him as Jewish by his kippa. He then closed in on Ben-Gal and stabbed him in his chest and abdomen, continuing to pursue his victim even as the latter attempted to flee. A passing driver noticed what was happening and hit Assi with his car, prompting him to flee the scene.


Arab Israeli gets life in prison for murdering rabbi in West Bank terror attack


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