This channel was launched by Vemuri Radhakrishna after the success of Andhra Jyothi news paper. The major achievement of this channel is to expose the Governor of Andhra Pradesh ND Tiwari sex scandal leading to his resignation from the post of the Governor. Janardhan, an advocate from Hyderabad filed a petition in Ranga Reddy court seeking action against the misuse of funds by Mr V. Radha krishna, which was collected for the maintenance of Warangal-based conjoined twins Veena and Vani.. The petitioner said that Andhra Jyothyi had been collecting funds from citizens which they promised will be used for their maintenance. While the Telangana government came forward for their surgery, Andhra Jyothyi took up their maintenance.

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Print media is facing the heat of the Coronavirus outbreak. Common people are literally scared to touch news dailies. Everybody is staying in their homes and watching TVs throughout the day. So, the news that is being printed on the dailies is nothing but stale information.

On top of it, people have to spend money on it. So, many are simply distancing themselves from the concept of reading physical newspapers. Almost many apartment complexes are not allowing the news dailies to enter their compounds. All these things are turning out to be a death blow to the circulation. To overcome the circulation crises, the management of news dailies are promoting that newspapers are safe and they are Coronavirus-free.

But the people are not at all believing these claims. Considering the situation, Andhra Jyothi came up with new idea. They have released a video in which they have shown a sanitizer like liquid is being sprinkled on the newspapers when they are coming out of printing machines. We do not know how many thousands of liters are required to sprinkle on the lakhs of copies. If we keep this aside, the newspaper will not be touched by hands until it is printed.

Because the newsprint role is set up in the machine and it goes on to print the copies. The real story starts after this stage because the manual work starts from here.

Taking out copies from the machine, arranging for packing boys, counting by the packing boys, packing it and then comes transportation of newspaper bundles. Then it reaches the delivery agent, the bundles get unpacked there, then it goes to the hands of the delivery boys.

One would really wonder what happens to the sanitation after the newspaper is touched by tens of hands? That's a valid doubt. The news dailies are churning out news irrespective of the fact that people believe their news or not. Now, they are worried about the future. If people don't buy papers what should they do? Forget about buying, people are scared to touch them even if they are distributed free of cost. So, the management of news dailies is coming up with new types of promotions.

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