Services on Demand Journal. Other complications include accidental dural puncture, infection, intravascular placement, high block and epidural hematoma. The future of labor analgesia lies in the incorporation of ultrasound in identifying the epidural space helping in proper catheter placement. A double-blind comparison of 0. A comparison with intermittent top-ups of anesfesia. Baillieres Clin Obstet Gynaecol ; The adverse effects of labor pain are numerous and affect both the mother as well as the fetus.

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Key words: Anatomy; Gluteal region; Pudendal nerve. Autores como Kirici et al. Los datos fueron registrados y cada una de las muestras, esquematizada y fotografiada. Ligamento sacroespinoso; 3. Venas pudendas internas; 5.

Arteria pudenda internas; 6. Ligamento sacroespinoso. En la Figura 1 se aprecia al nervio pudendo medialmente a los vasos pudendos internos y en la figura 3 se observa al nervio lateralmente a estos vasos.

Un valor menor al observado en nuestro estudio fue informado por Pirro et al. Valores un poco mayores fueron descritos por O'Bichere et al. Por otra parte, medidas menores fueron reportadas por Gruber et al.

Frecuencias un poco mayores fueron relatadas por Gruber et al. En cambio, las investigaciones de Gruber et al. Sin embargo, la frecuencia informada por Pirro et al. Abrahams, P. Atlas colorido de anatomia humana de McMinn. Rio de Janeiro, Elsevier, Compendio di anatomia descrittiva umana. C-arm-guided pudendal nerve block: a new technique. Rio de Janeiro, Atheneu, Gray's anatomia para estudantes.

Anatomia: estudo regional do corpo humano. Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara Koogan, Gruber, H. New, simple, ultrasound-guided infiltration of the pudendal nerve: topographic basics. Colon Rectum, 44 9 , Rio de Janeiro, Interlivros, Clinical significance of sacral and pudendal nerve anatomy. The neurovascular and muscular anomalies of the gluteal region: an atypical pudendal nerve.

Anatomia humana. Anatomical and surgical considerations of the sacrotuberous ligament and its relevance in pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome. Anatomical study of the pudendal nerve adjacent to the sacrospinous ligament. New, simple approach for maximal pudendal nerve exposure: anomalies and prospects for functional reconstruction. Colon Rectum, 43 7 , Surgical anatomy of the extrapelvic part of the pudendal nerve and its applications for clinical practice.

Sobotta atlas de anatomia humana. Topographic anatomy of a new posterior approach to the pudendal nerve for stimulation. Anatomy of the pudendal nerve and its terminal branches: a cadaver study.

ANZ J. Surgical anatomy of the pudendal nerve and its clinical implications. Atlas de anatomia humana. Gray anatomia. Carla Gabrielli Depto. Email: cgabriel ufsc. Recibido : Aceptado: Servicios Personalizados Revista.

It has functional importance in the micturition, defecation, erection and labor. From the clinical point of view, anaesthetic blockade of the same one is realized in the obstetric practice, electroestimulation in cases of fecal or urinary incontinence, among other procedures.

Anatomical investigations have indicated that it can present variations in its conformation and topography. The objective of this study was complete knowledge about this nerve in its course through the gluteal region, its conformation, biometry and its relationship with the internal pudendal vessels and adjacent ligaments were studied.

The pudendal nerve appeared as a single trunk in In Its position was anterior to the sacrotuberous ligament in The pudendal nerve presents interesting variations in its conformation and topography which must be considered during the clinical and surgical procedures.

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Translation of "pudendal" in Portuguese

Key words: Anatomy; Gluteal region; Pudendal nerve. Autores como Kirici et al. Los datos fueron registrados y cada una de las muestras, esquematizada y fotografiada. Ligamento sacroespinoso; 3. Venas pudendas internas; 5.



BandyopadhyayMumtaz AfzalAmiya K. N-alkyl pyrolidine and N-alkyl peperidine carboxylic acid amides. Medicamentos para aliviar el dolor durante el trabajo de parto y el parto — ACOG El bloqueo epidural proporciona alivio continuo del dolor. Br J Anaesth ; A randomised controlled trial. Management of incoordinate uterine action under continuous epidural analgesia.





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