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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Aztaka Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Aztaka. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Aztaka. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This guide to Aztaka is rough and basic. Spoiler warning. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Guide Index. The Waterfalls. The Great Temple. The Hurbutli Jungle.

The Underground Passage. The Swamp and The City. The Hualahci Mountains. The Calpollalpan Crossroads. The Calpollalpan Mountians. The Calpallalpan Temple. New Area. Loose ends. Kill the vines by walking close to them and using your spear.

Stand him on the round plinth at the waterfall and take teaching from the sun god. Jump to the lower branch. Repeat and you get the hint about picking up items. Now is the time to go to the temple, but before going there look at the next tree, another branch hole will sprout with some green energy.

For your trouble you can now jump to get 5AGP note: the purse Huitzilo is carrying only holds APG, you get a larger one later in the game. Go through the burning fort and across the bridge. Go further to the left and you meet a witch who sets fire to the tree stump.

Use more green energy from the vines to get the nearby trees to help you over it. Further along the path the bridge is on fire, again the nearby trees can help you. Grow branches and jump from the steps. Across the ravine is another useful tree. By now you should be level 2 use the allocation bar in the top left.

Moving the hand cursor over them will give you some information. I like doing endurance first as this gives an extra health point to each block, effectively doubling his health points, but he also needs agility to get to places high up and strength that adds to the damage he can cause. You also need to click on the hand lower left or press y, to add to the skills there, note: there is a skill in the tree a bit further along the path to the left. Go to the end of the path and the map will load up.

Click on the great temple on the map and then at the top. The Great Temple of Tenochtitlan The place is like a war zone. Notice the guards are lying down with green energy nearby. Go further left, up the steps and you have to kill a bat and what looks like a rat.

You may have to swat down to kill the rat. Killing the bat is about timing and being in the right position. Now you can heal Huitzilo, and you get your first guest. Click the two pages lower right or press q to read about the guards. Pick it up and collect some vital green energy to bring back and heal Xipe. You now get a companion Ayohpa and a spell bottom centre try it now.

Left click on spell then Huitzilo, then each of the shields as they appear. Close the window and seek out the guards that need healing. This gets you money and experience. Heal the guards and click on them if they have a speech sign next to them to learn some of the back story. Go back to the doorway in the wall outside the throne room and click on the foot that appears when Huitzilo is in front of it.

Then go to the right till you come out of a doorway. Go left. Drive another bat a way. Now go right and talk to the merchant. I like buying something here as the next area will give more gold than the purse will hold.

Go right till the map loads. The Hurbutli Jungle More vines and also monkeys to kill. When you get to the tree stump use vital energy on the trees, so you can jump up later. Go in to the nearby cave. Drop to the lower floor then jump up the steps. Pick it up and continue right. Take the next pathway it looks like a cave , go left and through another pathway to the sage hideout.

Use two green energy on the sage head as instructed. Which tells you to heal the green monkeys. Go back through the cave path and do that you have to kill them first. Continue right. Note; I usually gather as much vital energy as possible. Back tracking helps as the vines and monkeys respawn quickly. Enter the cave to go to the map. Go right killing bats, egg sacks and spiders as you descend deeper. My way to killing the spiders, is to use the spear on them until they raise their front legs to attack then to jump Huitzilo back then attack again.

Enter the next cave. Once through the cave go right and down kill the four spiders and the eggs, get the divine energy container from the statue. Go left and up continue till you get to the lit stone. Transform vital green energy into at least 6 divine energy. Continue left and use one divine energy on the patterned stone, it lights up a platform, jump to the platform and the next, and use another divine energy on the patterned stone just visible at the end.

Jump across and you find a door with a patterned stone each side. Use some more divine energy to open it. Go through the door, and kill more spiders large and small. Squatting down works best on the small spiders. Make your way left past rocks and downwards. Then you come to another cave. Note the automatic save Enter to battle a monster beetle. So head back left to the doorway and go through it and turn left. Just a bit further there are two floating platforms.

The first is a normal jump the second you have to use the fast run and jump to get a solar naguall. Go back right, past the doorway, across the platforms and the lit rock, go through the web covered cave and turn right. Use some divine energy on the patterned rock and use fast jump for this crossing if you miss and fall you end up where you picked up the divine energy container , continue right and up. The Atlan Miquih Swamp Go right. Jump from island to island.


Aztaka – Guides and FAQs

JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! Click here for more information. Being born to a destiny is not all that great. Where everyone else gets to grow up and hang around the jungle, get a job as a canoe maker and maybe even get a nice place next to the Piranha pond, you are stuck being trained in the mystic arts of the local Aztec temple. Not only that, but just as your training is done, your evil half-sister turns up and steals a very sacred artifact.


Aztaka Ativador

But Aztaka , a new, independently-developed game from Citeremis, shows that when a developer has reverence for both the history behind their game as well as while crafting it, great things will likely result. And result they have. Set in Mexico in, Aztaka follows the story of an Aztec named Huitzilo, a young man with a big destiny. His task is to find the seven keys to the Path of Gods and bring balance back to his people and his land. The two warriors must stop the evil Snake Woman, Chihuac, who murdered your mother. Part role-playing game, part exploration, part platformer and part puzzle game, Aztaka will keep you on your toes.

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