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Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Alexander Baburin - Winning Pawn Structures edited. Uploaded by Ballu Balu. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded May 16, Did you find this document useful?

Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. All rghts reserved. No part ofthis book may be reproduced, by any mean, without prior permission ofthe publisher. I would lke to thank. Michael Crowe. AN special thank you must zoo my parents. Yudovieh, B.

Mikhlehishin, Ya, Srokovaky, V. Dvoretsy, A. Beliavsky, A. So, our task sto define stand- ard pawn skeletons and learn where the pieces belong within them, what plansare availabe for both sides, etc. This isthe main aim ofthis work. Then it will be fensir fo choose an appropriate plan and to implement it. Perhaps, one day I shall continue this work. Dxes 15 axeS Da7 16 14 We7 17 Le?

Here is another example of an carly dS thrust In this game twas related to some interesting tacts. As itcamot be a preparation for. Webbeleve that had Back selected Here this well-timed pawn ad- vance wins White a pawn by force. Another line — 22 Bes Bxe6 23 Bxds dxds 24 Wad — is less convincing be- cause of 24,. As Black must now deal withthe deadly threat of xd followed by Daf6e, his next move is forced. This isone ofthe reasons behind Black's desire to simplify the position, when faced with sch 3 pain formation, aii ans lack has nothing beter than the text but now he loses control over the dS-square, After In reality, ite just impossible to avoid simpli- fation altogether and there are defi- nitely cases when certain exchanges should be initiated by the possessor of the isola.

We will discuss this strategic prob- lem in more detail later. In the meantime, White discour- ages Black ffom developing the c8- bishop tothe long diagonal, as now The text also solves by tac- tical means the problem of protet- ing the at-pawn, as Bf 16 Wed 96 17 B03 Det! Remember, one of the advantages conferred on the possessor of the isolaniis he command of more space. Re8 and Ae7-f8-g7. After 16 bxed Oxe5 17 Wres Black would have got unpleas- ant pressure against the hanging pas.

The text is moe inerestng snd inventive, 6 ante? Black should have Tet the knight on hS fora litle while longer. From there it covers the f-square, not lowing the e2-knight to advance there Instead ofthe txt Black could have played White doesnot achieve any: thing postive by playing 18 QxdS Brd5, as then afer 19 5 Ores 29 Bue probaly 20 dieS isa be. However, White has a terrific use sacrifice ahs disposal — 18 Dutt Ded 19 fe.

Black has to give a queen back immediately by playing Dxb7 Hxb2 22 Dxes Black Stoudtry Kingside attack: the Rook lift 47 , while Beliavsky wed hd8 Ba2 NOI? According to Vaisser, Black could obtain good play by After Ble8 White continued his attack wih 18 W3t, threatening 19 Dxf7!

Black id not find a suitable defence and fostafter Kingside attack: the Rook lift 2Zh3. Therefore Black must block the dangerous bi-bshop.

He the position isso tense that Black has no ime to waste on such indifferent moves Instead ofthe ext he should have put some pressure both onthe eS-knight and on the dt pawn by playing Two consecutive blows on 5 hhave completely destroyed the resi- dence ofthe black monarch Da Des, 21 dees Des 2 Q ret — oh7 B Dir xt 24 Bigs! Shs 2 Ge xg? The -ve will ei going o play an portant part in the game. Here White had choice berween 4.

The desire to develop the cook is understandable but Black could putup more resistance by playing This is hardly suprising, since all White Pieces are well placed and are taking art inthe attack, Mw. The al- ternative — Black has a ot of problems in this position, mainly because he lacks counterplay, but the text just loses. El8, sting tight. When managed successfully, the rook lift usually gives the possessor of the isolani a great advantage in force on the kingside and therefore often leads 10 crushing attack.

Typically uch a Kingside stack: the Rook lift 55 Tit canbe organised using the c,d, and e- files, hough sometimes the semi-open a- and f files can be em ployed for this purpose as wel. Natu- rally, exchanging pieces, particularly the rooks themselves, would be of great help in preventing this attack- ing idea. This sacrifice usually oc- curs when the side playing against the isolated d-pawn weakens hiskingsde by playing -. A7-h6 or h2-h3.

The sacrifice usually results in a great ex- posure of the opponent's monarch and often leads tothe defeat ofthe defender, whose pieces cannot take care ofthe exposed king. This motif is very typical for positions withthe isolated dpa, so knowledge ofthis tacking pate is very important for beter understanding of he analysed ven formation Here isan instructive example of such aserifs playedata vey high Kamsky - Beltavsky Linares 14 Bf6 Ded That move created a potential target for White's The Bishop sacrifice on B6 and the Queen shift 37 attack.

Yet Black could do wel, if ie managed 1o tak care ofthe b6- av by playing After the further Compared to the game continus- tion, 20 d5! Then the continuation could be 21 Ded!? Ye, as we will see, the fight is still not 4 Gres? However, there Black can play Then, if White has his light squared bishop on the bI-N7 diago- nal and the dirk-squared bishop on 5, where it attacks the 6-knight, Black may be forced to advance his bepawn, thus giving White an even better object for aac.

After s farther S. From h3 the queen also keeps an eye on the e6- pawn, which might be important in Some lines, s we shal see apie x32! Pethaps Black should have played Black just helps his opponent to move the dl-rook toa beter poston 7 Be Bes 1 Os hs After the more stbbor WrdS 15 Des 96 16 a2 Wes 17 dst.

This is how patter recognition works — it helps us to find a good plan in fairy standard situations. We can speak ofa patter here —often whea this bishop is limited on the b1-b7 diagonal by Black's move..

He could have played 19 Bxd5t, After The game ended: The move This thematic sacrifice, which we have already soen so many times in book, wins after DodS 22 hg shag? Now



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Out of print Winning Pawn Structures book



Winning Pawn Structures



Alexander Baburin - Winning Pawn Structures (edited).pdf


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