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It is the romantic tale of the Fossils, three girls who mysteriously arrive at the doorstep of Sylvia and the unflappable Nannie, sent from the eccentric G.

M or Great Uncle Matthew. The book charts the girls from babyhood until they finally fly the nest, detailing with precision the hurdles and successes that mark their incredible lives. I think what made this book so attractive to me was the girls themselves. Perhaps it is because their lives are so holistically narrated that by the end of the book, you consider them almost your own sisters. They are all chalk and cheese to each other, yet they have all at some stage been my favourite.

Then Petrova, who, in her disdain for all things theatrical and her two left feet, is probably my most likely contemporary.

And Posy, the precocious, hilarious baby dancer. But for me, what really brings these girls alive is, for all their fantastic talents, their imperfections. Hers is a moral fable that all girls could do with remembering. Petrova, forever ostracised in the world of dance, offers hope to any girl who has ever felt unremarkable or talentless. This is real life. But eventually even Winifred has her day. For if there is one thing this book is, it is hopeful.

Yes, we might not all have a GUM to save us at the end of the day from financial woes, yet the ingenuity and sheer grit of Nannie and Garnie when it comes to money-making make them, in my opinion, two of the most powerful and admirable women in literature.

Overall, I would say this is one of my favourite books of all time and I think is the perfect read for girls for almost any age. Topics Children's books. Children and teenagers Children's books: years Teen books Friendship books for children and teens Ballet children's user reviews. Reuse this content. Most popular.


Ballet Shoes (A Puffin Book) [Paperback]

It was her first book for children, and was illustrated by the author's sister, Ruth Gervis. Ballet Shoes was a commended runner up for the inaugural Carnegie Medal from the Library Association , recognising the year's best British children's book by a British subject. The book concerns three adopted sisters, Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil. Each of the girls is discovered as a baby by Matthew Brown Great-Uncle-Matthew, known as "Gum" , an elderly, absentminded palaeontologist and professor, during his world travels, and sent home to his great-niece, Sylvia and her childhood nanny, Nana.


Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild - review

Look Inside. Nov 23, Minutes Middle Grade Buy. Nov 23, Minutes Middle Grade Three orphan girls.

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