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Mes pour "Origin and evolution of the Macaronesian Sempervivoideae Crassulaceae. Asphodelaceae en el Mediterraneo occidental. Raffaelli et Dr. Baldoin pour "Il complesso di Biscutella laevigata L.

Cruciferae in Italia. Prenez quelques minutes pour le remplir SVP! Stephen L. Des contacts sont actuellement en cours pour la France, les Balkans et l'Afrique du Nord.

Pour plus d'informations, prendre contact avec le Pr. E-mail: uzi vms. Silvano Onofri; Tuscia University, via S.

Je souhaite acheter un exemplaire de Bocconea vol. The meetings held by the OPTIMA Commissions at the beginning of the congress were highly productive and significant advances are envisioned in their programs in the near future. On these pages, a short update of their activities is presented. If you wish to have further information or to actively collaborate in the activities of a certain commission please contact the corresponding secretary.

A list with the members and secretaries of each commission is provided at the end of this section. Special treatment is given to the amazing world of Mediterranean lichens in this issue. Send us your comments on this and other topics and we will dedicate some space in our next newsletter to publish your opinions.

In , the Board members approved the annual report and the financial report for , submitted by the Secretary on behalf of the President and the Executive Council. The Board also elected the auditors, S. Mes for "Origin and evolution of the Macaronesian Sempervivoideae Crassulaceae. Raffaelli and Dr. Baldoin for "Il complesso di Biscutella laevigata L. The Third Register will include not only current research projects but also research interest and the expertise of botanists.

Please take a few minutes to fill it out. The information will be gathered and put in a database format. From this database, a published printout and its implementation on the Internet is envisioned. If you are interested in a more active participation in this project, please contact: Dr. A sample chapter has been completed, revised by the members of the Commission, and distributed among Commission members and contributors. Moreover, authors of chapters on general introductions, Israel and Jordan, Italy, Spain, Syria and Lebanon and Turkey are working and a first draft of these chapters is expected to be completed by 15 September Contacts are now under way to find authors for France, the Balkans and North Africa.

For further information, please contact Prof. At the last meeting of the Commission for Floristic Investigation, it was decided that the Itinera Mediterranea for the next two years would take place in Bulgaria and France. It was also determined that from now on two Itinera Mediterranea would be organized every three years in such a way that they do not coincide with the OPTIMA Meetings that are held once every three years.

Thus, the following Iter will tentatively take place in Armenia in the year The length of the expeditions will be two or three weeks depending on the destination. The minimum number of members for the expeditions was set at 10 and the maximum at If the number of participants is less than 10, the expedition will only take place if the organizers want to cover the extra expenses.

For further information please contact: Prof. The collected data will be structured into a database and made available on the Internet. It was decided that the Commission would start working on the compilation of a checklist of Mediterranean fungal species in Italy, France, Spain and Greece. A proposal will be submitted to the European Union for funding a project on fungal biodiversity in Mediterranean habitats. For this purpose a working group with regional coordinators has been established.

The Herbarium Mediterraneum at Palermo is working hard in several areas and consolidating itself as a key institution in the study of Mediterranean Botany.

Here is some of the latest news:. A fourth volume of Bocconea will be published with external funding. Volume 8 of Flora Mediterranea will also be published by the end of this year. This offer will be available to botanists from Circummediterranean countries. At a later date the exhibit could be taken to botanical institutions in other countries for display. A publication on this subject is also envisioned. A total of four volumes of Bocconea are planned to be published in In these volumes the Flora of Morocco, the threatened plants of Morocco, the genus Anthemis and the results of the Iter Mediterraneum to Sicilia and Cyprus will be covered.

As mentioned before, volume 8 of Flora Mediterranea will also be published by the end of this year. Check the "Publications Offer" section at the beginning of the newsletter for further details. The importance of data acquisition and dissemination in electronic form is now commonly recognized. The ITN Commission is ready to help in such efforts by:. The data will be presented in the form of maps in a UTM grid with information on morphology, iconography, protection status and general biology.

This offer will be in effect from now on and will be regulated as follows:. Form to be included with the delivery of herbarium specimens. One form per participant. I wish to purchase a copy of Bocconea vol. The progress and the prospects of this initiative were reviewed at the last meeting held in Paris on 12 May At the same meeting, the preparation of a programme on Mediterranean island flora to be submitted to the IUCN Office for the Mediterranean was also discussed.

Email: biolconseils access. During its meeting in Paris, the OPTIMA Commission for Information Transfer and Networking recognised the paramount importance of compatible database designs for future networking of databases in the Mediterranean area.

As a first step, the Commission decided to provide a selection of standards and available standard data that can be used in the design of new databases. For geographical areas, the schemes brought forward for Med-Checklist and Flora Europaea have been omitted, because they will be replaced by the results from a working group within the Euro-Med Plant Base Project. Likewise, differing standards or updates are currently being developed for economic botany, authors and literature citations.

The web pages will constantly be updated to keep you informed of the latest developments. Conn, B. Version 3. Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. Plant Taxonomic Database Standards No.

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh. Wyse Jackson, D. Botanic Gardens Conservation International, Richmond. Bisby, F. Dallwitz, M. Brummit, R. Powell Authors of plant names. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Bridson, G. To be used in conjunction with Lawrence Lawrence et al. Stafleu, F. Part of the standard vegetation classification system for use by U. Federal Agencies and their cooperators. Hollis, S. ISO : Codes for the representation of names of countries. Third edition; ISO Aug 15; 53 p.

Leon, C. Takhtajan, A. Floristic regions of the world. University of California Press. Bishen Singh, Dehra Dun. Cook, E. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Heywood, C.





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