This study evaluating Chenopodium ambrosioides paico as an antiparasitic agent was conducted in two villages near Tarapoto, San Martin. Extracts from leaves of "paico" were given to 72 patients children and adults with intestinal parasitic infections. Their stools were analized before and 8 days after the intake. We didn't observe any significant difference relative to age or sex. A review of other popular methods used in this region is done. Se utilizo zumo de las hojas de paico en la forma tradicional en la zona: el estracto obtenido triturando y experimentando las hojas sin adicionar agua.

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Universidad de Sevilla. Facultad de Farmacia. La giardiasis, a diferencia de las restantes protozoosis, mantiene una prevalencia relativamente alta. Parasitismo intestinal. Valle del Guadalquivir. Background : Intestinal parasitisms represents a public health problem that should be periodically assessed in each region.

In the present paper, a study about prevalence of intestinal parasites, has been carried out in children from the natural region of the Guadalquivir Valley. Methods : During the period , 1. Conclusions : The overall prevalence of intestinal parasites is similar to that found in other spanish region, if only a little bit more favourable probably due to the long lasting drought and the improvements in health resourses, no geohelmints have been detected unlike other protozoosis, giardiasis mantains a relatively high prevalence.

Key words : Epidemiology. Intestinal parasitism. Guadalquivir Valley. Sin embargo, por lo que se refiere al Valle del Guadalquivir, los datos sobre enteroparasitosis son escasos Tabla 1 Prevalencia de las diferentes parasitosis detectadas en los municipios estudiados del Valle del Guadalquivir. En cuanto al sexo, del total de la muestra estudiada 1. Entre las protozoosis encontradas merece destacarse la giardiasis, cuya prevalencia ha sido superior a la de las restantes especies de protozoos diagnosticadas.

Para G. En cualquier caso, los resultados obtenidos por otros autores que consideran este aspecto en sus trabajos, son diversos. Este cambio en la prevalencia de la giardiasis es interpretado en algunos casos 7,19,31,32 como consecuencia de un cierto grado de inmunidad adquirida. Vasallo Matilla F. An Esp Pediatr, ; 19 4 : Parasitosis intestinal en preescolares valencianos. An Esp Pediatr ; 22 Supl. Incidencia de las parasitosis intestinales en la provincia de Salamanca.

Rev Esp Microbiol ; 2 6 : Extraordinario Enero : Prevalencia de algunas protozoosis intestinales humanas en la provincia de Granada. Enf Infec y Microbiol Clin ; 7 4 : Rev Esp Pediatr ; 45 4 : Enf Infec y Microbiol Clin ; 8 4 : Estudio de portadores familiares en casos parasitados por Giardia lamblia.

Aten Primaria ; 7 6 : Rev Esp Microbiol Clin ; Pediatrika ; 14 6 : Datos preliminares sobre Enterobius vermicularis en la costa de Granada. Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin ; 13 8 : Rev Iber Parasitol ; Vol. Parasitismo intestinal infantil. An Esp Pediatr ; 27 supl.

Parasitosis intestinales en nuestro medio. Rev de la Soc And de Pat Digest ; 9 1 : Enf Infecc Microbiol Clin ; 7 9 : Aten Primaria, ; 7 7 : Sevilla: Universidad de Sevilla; Parasitismo intestinal humano por helmintos en la provincia de Granada de a Rev Iber Parasitol ; 29 4 : An Esp Pediatr ; 23 8 : Juan de Aznalfarache 3.

Juan 5. Test: "Rangos signados de Wilcoxon". Test de Krustal-Wallis. Giardia lamblia. Entamoeba coli. Endolimax nana. Enterobius vermicularis.


Oxiuriasis tubárica como causa de dolor abdominal en estudio. Reporte de un caso.

Important User Information: Remote access to EBSCO's databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. However, remote access to EBSCO's databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution. Author s : Norris S. In Chile, there are an underestimated prevalence due to its low notification, however, it causes many clinical entities as sleep disorder, nasal mucosal damage, vulvovaginitis, salpingitis, oophoritis, pelvic inflammatory disease and even peritonitis due to rupture of infested intestinal loop. Appendectomy was performed, operative findings suggested an ill-defined tumor in fallopian tube,interpreted as ectopic pregnancy. Then underwent unilateral salpingectomy after pathological examination fallopian tube salpingeal was diagnosed.


Parasitosis and irritable bowel syndrome. Correspondencia a:. Entre los factores ambientales se incluye la presencia de alguna parasitosis intestinal. Irritable bowel syndrome IBS is a functional disorder of the gastrointestinal tract characterised by multi-factorial aetiology. In IBS physiopathology are involved diverse factors between them biological, psychosocial, and environmental components which affect the immune activation status of gut mucosa. Among these factors is recognized the intestinal parasitosis. Post-infection IBS PI-IBS is recognised as a subgroup of functional disorders whose symptoms onset appear after a symptomatic intestinal infection caused by microbial agents.


Also, a greater intensity of the infection number of eggs per slide was detected using GM compared to PT. We recommend using Graham method rather than pin tape method, since the first one is more practical, it has greater sensibility, and it is capable of detecting more parasite eggs per slide. Los huevos o gusanos de E. Resultaron con E. Prevalence and risk factors for enterobiasis among preschool children in a metropolitan city in Korea. Parasitol Res ; 91 1 Common intestinal parasites.



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