Choose Advantages. Choose Fun. Choose Cannondale. When Cannondale pioneered use of aluminum bicycles, others soon joined us.

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Et ils ne cessent de diminuer. The Bicycle Advocacy Ode: Ride a bike. Ride a good one. Pick your route to work, to school, or to the grocery store. Skim quietly past the bored multitudes stuck inside tin coffins on the expressway during rush hour.

Ride along the street, waving to pedestrians and grinning wildly with the pleasure of riding a bicycle. Remember that Einstein thought of the theory of relativity while riding his bicycle. Get on a bike instead of sitting on a sofa at home, stuffing your face with fried foods and farting while watching soul-killing shows about amateurs singing badly. Ride your bicycle for the good of the planet, using it for transportation and recreation.

Ride your way to freedom from high oil prices. Ride for self-reliance. Ride your bike. En una buena bicicleta. Elige tu camino al trabajo, a la escuela o al supermercado. Circula por las calles saludando a los peatones y sonriendo por el placer de conducir una bicicleta.

Monta en bicicleta para cuidar el planeta, para desplazarte y para divertirte. Monta en bicicleta para relajarte. Monta en tu bicicleta. We shave weight, improve stiffness, and use fewer moving parts than our competitors.

With proven integration and mm of travel, Cannondale can lay claim to the lightest long-travel forks in the industry. Lefty technology is stiffer and lighter than traditional forks. Rebajamos el peso, mejoramos la rigidez y utilizamos menos piezas que nuestros competidores. Less maintenance. Improved steering. Se acabaron las pesadas cazoletas. Menos mantenimiento. Mejor control. Add to that the Hollowgram Si SL crankset, and the combo is the lightest and stiffest production system in the world.

A one-piece stem-and-steerer combination uses fewer parts and reduces weight — all while boosting stiffness and steering precision. VTT - SI. Stiffness and strength are improved as well.

As part of the Cannondale product-creation process, frame design engineer Curtis Detwiler fine tunes the spring rates using our state-of-the-art chassis dyno. From our first full-suspension bike to the maverick design of the Lefty, Cannondale draws upon its suspension heritage to offer integrated suspension platforms that are only possible when you develop the frame and fork as a single system.

Our engineers start each project planning bikes as a single unit — not as a collection of parts. This air-spring system uses a Schrader valve to fill both positive and negative air chambers, simplifying setup while giving riders a lightweight and plush ride. RLC dials Integrated Rebound, Lockout, and low-speed Compression RLC dials offer easy access and unmatched on-the-fly tuning options to meet the needs of any rider covering any terrain.

The wide adjustment range offers a subtle platform, a firm lockout, and all points in between. El amplio rango de ajuste puede ofrecer una plataforma sensible, un firme bloqueo y cualquier paso intermedio. Qui dit moins dit plus! Less is more! The suspension response changes with the shock-stroke travel, intuitively gobbling up baby-head rocks and big hits alike.

Una vez en marcha, los corredores de descenso no tienen tiempo para pensar. Los corredores necesitan bicicletas aguerridas con un control estable y un trazado preciso con las que evitar los peligros del recorrido.

Just remove a bolt, slide the linkage, flip the shock and replace the bolt. Both and mm setups provide progressive suspension with a stable pedaling platform. La PERP permite al ciclista elegir entre y mm de recorrido de la rueda trasera.

Desenrosca un tornillo, desliza el anclaje, gira el amortiguador y vuelva a enroscar. The truncated stays also improve pedaling power transfer for quick sprints to the next ramp. Warning: FreeRiding is inherently dangerous. Why call it the Hatchet Drive?

The links look just like a hatchet. Go check it out. Carbon fiber is already resistant to torsional forces. Stiffer, lighter and stronger: Cannondale introduced to the bicycle industry new metalforming technology on the Rize. The Backbone combines the BB30 shell, lower pivot, and double-butted seat tube into a single 3D forged part. Example: The parts of the frame that receive compressive loads use aluminum. But where light weight and lateral stiffness count, carbon fiber is called to duty.

Extras Cannondale Morse Grip. Dirt, Sweat, and Gears 12 hour challenge in Tennessee. Carbon fiber is like a piano. Better performance from a lighter frame that uses less material?

La fibra de carbono es como un piano. Si no la afinas correctamente, no sirve de nada. La fibre de carbone est comme un piano. Esa es la belleza de las estructuras monocasco de Cannondale. Hand-finished for stress-free welds. A craftsman in our Bedford, PA, factory buffs a frame before painting.

Impressive performance comes from shaped tubing that is designed and manufactured right here in America. No bushings or hardware to wear out. No energy-sapping flex in a multi-link set-up. Plus mm of pivot-less travel. Integrating components into the frame design shaves weight and boosts performance. Sin casquillos o piezas que se desgasten. Anybody can lay-up carbon fiber. The Taurine Hi-MOD tubeset is optimized for the ride characteristics, strength, and light weight that hardtail riders require.

Proven vibration-damping technology in the chain stays increases rider comfort for those long Sunday rides. The chain stay bridge is inclined for better mud-shedding clearance when running tires up to 2.

Tout le monde peut superposer des couches de fibre de carbone. Bike mechanic sean cavanaugh, blazing a trail through huntington state park, redding, ct. On the CO2 SL, this is done in part with an externally butted head tube that gives ultraprecise steering and reduces weight.

Exigimos continuamente a nuestros ingenieros que rebajen el peso y mejoren el rendimiento. En la CO2 SL se consigue con una pipa rebajada externamente que garantiza un control superpreciso y reduce el peso.

Extras Cannondale V-Tech Grip. It offers the most accurate chain tension adjustment to maximize pedaling efficiency and your peace of mind. The stiffness needed for sprint-winning power transfer is vital on frames designed for the Pro Tour.

On the SuperSix, integrated frame design is achieved via an ultra-stiff oversized one-piece bottom bracket and chain stay unit. Stay in the saddle all day on the SuperSix, courtesy of the Thinline carbon hourglass seat stays. The shaped stays provide vertical compliance without sacrificing optimal lateral rigidity. A full-carbon fork with matching tapered steerer and oversized crown mates with the head tube shape to give incredibly precise tracking. The 30 mm aluminum spindle and ceramic bearings offer far less resistance than traditional systems.

The proprietary lay-up process for our high-modulus Hi-MOD fullcarbon frames use tuned, shaped tubes, giving the exact performance racers require. The frameset is carbon — down to the dropouts — for the quickest-sprinting frame in the peloton. Because when you strive to build the perfect bike, Everything Matters. La rigidez es un factor fundamental para que los cuadros utilizados en el Pro Tour aprovechen toda la potencia del pedaleo durante los esprints.

Engineered tube shapes and lower frame weight combined with an oversized tapered head tube give excellent steering control. Full carbon, down to the dropouts. Better performance, lighter weight comes from an all-carbon frame, including a lack of hardware at the dropouts. Asymmetrical chain stays are tuned to provide maximum power transfer and resist flexing.

The large drive-side chain stay is integrated with the BB30 system for explosive acceleration.


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