Fagor Automatic participation at the EMO exhibition in Hannover is starring the new CNC , designed in the user's machine to give you the best solution for machining centres and lathes, production and maximise them. The new CNC Fagor Automation displays at the international fair is the ideal model for labour to machine due to its innovative ergonomic design with touch screen, integrated mouse, USB connector, Adapting to the needs of the user offers up to four ways of set pieces, and can even combine them between them. It is usual to many parts to be machined to be generated in a Cad-Cam.

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Fagor believes in designing appliances that consistently perform when you need them to. We strive to offer appliances that are ultra reliable and energy efficient, giving you the freedom to spend less time worrying about your chores and more time living your life. We are a leader in home appliance manufacturing, using the most cutting edge technology and modern design innovations with an ever-constant focus on eco-friendly living.

New line, Hygienizer treatment and antibacterial Programs. As they keep food fresh longer, Fagors refrigerators are perfect for people who want to follow a healthy diet. With our dishwashers, a F program leaves your dishes and baby bottles perfectly clean and bacteria-free. And in our washing machines, a special antibacterial program eliminates all types of bacteria from your clothes.

Fagor dishwashers and hoods incorporate the super-silent system, and as a result the noise levels when the appliances are operating are the lowest in the market. Programs with ultra-efficient water consumption. Fagor washing machines and dishwashers that use only the necessary amount of water and have therefore earned an Energy Star rating.

Manufactured responsibly. Fagors full line of appliances are RoHs Complaint. They are designed and constructed with restriction on the use of Lead, Cadmuim, Mercury and several other known hazardous substances in order to achieve less environmental impact. Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star. Fagors line of appliances are energy efficiency rated. The secret is an intelligent electronic control system that allows for optimal consumption.

Innovative and efficient cooking technology: Induction. Fagors Induction cooktops are extremely efficient and incredibly fast. Cooktops induction cooktops p. Washers and dryers electronic LCD washing machines p. This function allows the oven to clean itself. All the food residue and grease will be converted into ashes, which can then be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. European Convection System. The genuine European convection system features a third heating element that surrounds the two-speed fan circulating pre-heated air around the oven for more even distribution of heat, and faster cooking.

Spacious interior. The interior of the 30 oven is spacious enough for you to roast up to a 32 lb. The 24 ovens can accommodate a turkey up to 20 lbs. Preheat Booster.

Reaches F in less than 5 minutes!! For dishes requiring a pre-heated oven, the Preheat Booster ensures the ideal cooking temperature is reached in less than 5 minutes, helping you reduce the overall cooking time. Available in right or left hinge options, these ovens will perfectly suit the layout and limitations of any kitchen space. Additionally, these ADA Compliant ovens allow individuals with limited mobility to perform cooking tasks comfortably. Total Interior Access.

Decorative Door. Conceal your microwave or storage space with this sleek decorative door. The face of the door is a perfect match to Fagor convection ovens. Convection defrosting. The defrosting function can be used to thaw any type of frozen food: meat, fish, or vegetables, in minimal time. It speeds up normal defrosting times.

This program is recommended for cooking the same foods as with the Mini-broil, but covering the entire tray surface. Recommended for all types of broiling: pasta, souffl, and bchamel sauce.

Convection Maxi-broil. Special program for cooking large roasts and also ideal for cooking and broiling at the same time: red meats, pot roast, poultry, etc. Recommended for broiling meats, chops, lamb, steaks, hamburgers, browning toast and in general, small-sized foods since only the central part of the broiler is used.

Turbo Plus. The oven is heated up by the central round heating element. The fan distributes the heat evenly within the oven. Multiple Programs. Fagor Convection ovens are equipped with a wide range of programs to accommodate your every baking need.

Dehydrate convection. The fan evenly distributes the heat that was generated at the base of the oven. This function is specially for paella cooking.

Convection Pizza two low heating elements. The intense heat that comes from the bottom, and the fan that distributes it evenly, give you a crusty pizza base. Not necessary to heat the oven prior to using this setting.

This program is recommended for baking bread, cakes and stuffed pastries. It is also recommended for roasting lean meats. Traditional vented cooking convection roast. This program allows you to cook any type of dish: meat, fish or desserts.

You can even cook more than one dish at the same time without mixing flavors. European convection oven. Non retractable controls. Stainless Steel finish. Digital display for temperature and time control.

Self Clean Pyro System. Cold safety door 4 glasses. Electronic control with temperature pre-selection. Fume filter. Can be installed below Fagors gas, radiant and induction cooktops. New retractable controls.

Display: time control. New easy to clean enamel. Cold safety door 3 glasses. Inner glass door. Total Access. Class A rating for energy efficiency. Flush to cabinetry installation. Child Safety Feature: Program Lock. Ventilated steam outlet. Special functions: Pizza. Decorative door neatly conceals a microwave or storage space.

Perfect match to Fagor convection ovens Sleek stainless steel trim. Enables the total removal of the tray, facilitating safe handling of food during the cooking process. Required quantity: 1. Induction, which has been available in Europe for decades, provides an ultimate cooking experience unlike any other. Long revered as the number one choice of culinary professionals and gourmet cooks, it compliments any kitchen design while providing a state of the art cooking experience.

How does induction work? An induction cooktop holds a series of burners called induction coils, which are based on magnetic principals. These coils generate magnetic fields that induct a warming reaction in steel and iron-based pots or pans; what is different is that the cookware itself heats the food, not the stove.

Rapid cooking precision at your fingertips. Fagor induction cooktops are equipped with sleek touch controls that are easy to operate. For precise cooking needs, you can select from 12 cooking settings. Setting 1 allows you to simply keep your food warm or melt delicate chocolate without the use of a double boiler.

Three quick launch commands allow you to select a low, medium or high temperature with a simple touch. Power varies from 50 to W, for a premium cooking performance. What are the Benefits of cooking with an induction cooktop? Induction recognizes the base of cookware, directly heating only the diameter of the pot, so very little energy is wasted.

Overflow safety stops. The cooktop stops if food is spilled over the touch controls.


Fagor Appliances Catalog 2011

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