The work is in rondeau form, employing a variant of the traditional romanesca in the bass in quadruple time rather than the usual triple time. The effect is shimmering, kaleidoscopic and seductive, a sonic trompe l'oeil that seem to have presaged images of fractal mathematics, centuries before they existed. The piece was voted at 76 in the Australian Classic music of France countdown. All four possible spelling combinations have since been used with "double r" and a "y" being the most common.

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Last winter I heard a piece of music I had never heard before and, like so many before me, I became obsessed. Couperin was born in to one of the most famous musical families in all of Europe. Thanks to his family reputation, Couperin was pretty much set for life where musical employment was concerned, which may have given him more confidence and freedom musically. And he really is great. So remember how those other titles were pretty obvious and match up nicely with the tone painting in the music?

This one haunts peoples dreams. There are so so so many people trying to solve the enigma of this title. Okay the last one is maybe my own theory but I think the two above it are pretty plausible theories since they also have a fun visual component on the page the bar lines look like little fences the notes are hopping over.

This creates an awesome texture that seems to constantly be moving and almost existing out of the realm of earthly things like bar lines and measures. Even though Couperin has the entirety of the keyboard to work with, he chooses to restrict this work to a pretty limited selection, which helps to keep this perpetual music machine going without any big changes to catch your ear.

I have many listening options available for you on this one friends! So congratulations, you have now received a full conservatory composition education! This is such a helpful post for understanding the piece, and a great blog in general.

Congratulations and lots of luck to you. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Last winter I heard a piece of music I had never heard before and, like so many before me, I became obsessed. Who is she??? Historical performance is magical and you can close your eyes and time travel to hear the exact same sounds you would have heard when this piece was composed.

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Couperin - Les Barricades Mystérieuses



Les Barricades mystérieuses (Couperin, François)


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