Quick Links. This product can be set up. You must have at least the following:. These are the items included with your purchase:.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 3: Contents Of Package If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller. Note: Using a power supply with a different voltage than the one included with the DCSG will cause damage and void the warranty for this product.

Minimum System Requirements: Internet Explorer 5. Surveillance Software The surveillance software allows you to view up to 16 cameras simultaneously. However, you have the option of using an external microphone by plugging it into the microphone connector.

Antennas Microphone Connector If you are connecting the DCSG to a If the CD does not start up automatically this function may be disabled in the Windows operating system , simply access the CD from Windows and click on the autorun.

Click Next. To install into a different folder, click Browse and select another folder. Select the Program folder that Setup will add program icons to. You may type a new folder name, or select one from the existing folders list.

Page 13 Wizard Icon on your desktop. If you have The camera is now automatically configured with an IP address consistent to the device it is connected to. Page Installation Wizard Screen Root password for the camera. Automatically, the option to reset IP address at boot selected.

Selected Package - This displays the file name of the firmware selected for upload. Click Finish Click No to exit the installation. Click Next Enter your name and company information and click Next.

Click Next Select the program folder the software will be installed into. Click Next You should now see a video image and hear the audio over your computer speakers from the DCSG. If you are having problems please consult the FAQ section of this manual page Page Security Security At this point it is highly recommended that you click on the Configuration button on the Home screen, and then the Tools tab to bring you to the Admin screen.

Enter a password for security purposes. To ensure the highest security and prevent unauthorized use of the Internet Camera, the Administrator has the exclusive privilege to access the System Administration settings to allow users entry and authorize privileges for all users. The camera will be assigned a local IP Address that allows it to be recognized by the router. Write down this IP Address for future reference.

Page 29 Run your Internet Explorer Web browser. Page 30 The following steps generally apply to any router that you have on your network. The router connects to the Internet over a series of numbered ports. Enter a different name for each entry. Page Viewing Your Camera Web server port To access from a computer on your local home network, simply enter the local IP Address of the Camera followed by a colon and the port number e.

You also have installed the IP surveillance software from the CD. This section To the right of the image are controls that allow you to pan and tilt the camera. Pan and tilt can also be controlled within the image. Clicking on any part of the image will cause the camera to reposition itself so that the point will be the center of the image.

Click on the Connection Type button to change settings related to the connection. If the network environment is Page 38 Configuration There are 5 tabs across the top of the Configuration screen. From each tab, different elements of the DCSG can be configured. The Advanced tab is the default screen in Configuration and Network is the default screen under Advanced. Change the configuration settings only if necessary. Consult with your network administrator or your Internet Service Provider ISP if you do not have the necessary information.

If you cannot connect to the camera, refer to page for camera reset and restore factory settings procedures. Page 45 dynamic IP address. With most Cable and DSL connections, you are assigned a dynamic IP address and that address is used only for the duration of that specific connection. Page 46 UPnP is short for Universal Plug and Play, which is a networking architecture that provides compatibility among networking equipment, software, and peripherals.

If your operating system is UPnP enabled, the device will be easier to configure. Page 47 Text will be displayed in the black bar above the video window with the timestamp. The timestamp is captured from the date and time of the DCSG and is maintained by a built-in real-time clock. Select the option for color or monochrome video display. Page 48 Vertically rotate the video. Horizontally rotate the video. Check both flip and mirror if the DCSG is to be installed upside down.

Choose the suitable option for the best color temperature. Page 50 Using the DCSG with an Internet browser continued Recommendations for setting video for the best performance continued : Recording settings to compromise between real-time and clear images If you have a broadband network, set Fix quality to Good image quality, or higher, instead of setting the Bit rate.

Page 52 note: remember that you can have up to 3 windows selected for motion detection. You can return to the DCSG Home Page and the monitored window will not be visible, but the red frame will show on the home page when motion is detected. Click Camera Control Click Add to add the new preset position to the Preset Locations list. Using the pull down menu, you can delete a preset position by selecting it and clicking Delete.

The default screen in Tools is the Admin screen. The DCSG is manufactured without any passwords by default. Camera Name Click System Camera name Page 57 Notice the format in the related field while typing.

It will fail if the assigned time server cannot be reached. Assign the IP address or domain name of the time server. The Device Info is the default screen when you click on the Status tab. Page 63 Click on the Log button to access a system log of system activity from the Status menu. The content of the log file reveals useful information about the current configuration and connection logged after the DCSG boots up. Click the Motion Detection button under the Advanced tab from the Configuration screen to access settings that affect how the DCSG Internet Camera can serve as a security device by recording only when motion is detected.

Click the apply button when finished. Specify the user name to access the external FTP server e. Click Applications In this window, follow the steps below to set the application settings for The minimum system requirements recommended for this application are as follows: Browser: Internet Explorer 5. Please read the following license agreement carefully. This window will prompt you to enter the user name and company name.

The program is now installed on your computer. The system tray signifies that the IP surveillance Software is currently active on the system. Page User Interface Using IP surveillance Software continued Launcher continued When Launcher is locked, the unlock window will appear, prompting for the user password in order to unlock.

The input area of the dialog will be grayed disabled for 60 seconds after 3 consecutive failures. Currently only change password is implemented. The change password dialog looks like this: Autorun at Startup Users can select whether or not to autorun Launcher when Window boots up. Monitor Starts up the Monitor program.

Page Monitor Program Using IP surveillance Software continued Monitor Program Features of the Monitor Program Traditional Surveillance Features: Real-time monitoring Pan and Tilt control Recording Special Features: The digital surveillance system supports not only the features listed above, but also the following features, which make the system more powerful and convenient.

The components of the monitor tool will be introduced in detail in the following sections. There are six kinds of layouts: 1, 4, 6, 9, 13, or 16 video display windows in the video area. Hard disk status In this area, you can get the status of the hard disk in which the video database resides.

Page 80 This section discusses the local settings for the connection and the functional configuration of each camera.

It removes the selected network camera from the camera list. History —


Manual for Dlink DCS-5300G Router



D-Link DCS-5300G Quick Installation Manual


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