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My colleague, Paul Nicholls, has added another option to Decaf theme to hide navigation block. Moodle awesome bar will have both navigation and settings block options display on top of the page, having this option available for users will add some flexibilty for people who might used to default Moodle 2. I'll update my Moodle theme contrib on moodle. Thanks, Ganesh. I updated file link but forgot to clear the cache on my website.

It should works now. Hi Lei, this theme looks fantastic - exactly what I'm looking for. There are just a couple of problems that are appearing on my test site - I'm not sure if it's a problem with my configuration or something else The menu also displays in the wrong place on some of the pages, as in the attached screenshot. This appears to happen on all pages that don't have a block on the right hand side e.

I am going to release an update soon with a fix for this style issue and along with other changes. I have just approved the theme, Decaf, but could you, when you have time, please take out the MAC type files from the zip as they are not needed and may cause some Moodlers to upload them to their server and end up with problems. Thanks Mary for your advice, I've removed the Mac hidden files from the zip file, I'll try to remember that next time when I release new updates.

I have just released a new version that fixed both issues, please give it another go. Now that problem is fixed the theme looks fantastic! I would love to know how to adapt the menu in a theme I'm creating. The fact you have managed to style them custommenu and use the same content but not rely on the YUI js is facinating! How is it done? I noticed a lot of stuff to do with the menus in renderers. I've approved the theme again by the way Hi Mary, As you suspected, the theme makes use of custom renderers to achieve the dropdown menu and hiding the Settings and Navigation blocks, if you choose to do so.

It shouldn't be too hard to work it into your own theme - in fact, Lei and I have built two themes with the dropdown menu Decaf plus a branded theme for use here at the University of Canterbury. Let us know how you get on - we'd love to see more themes employing this kind of menu. As for the message you're getting, do you have any custom i.

Let us know if you still get this error after that, and we'll take it from there Like Paul mentioned you might have some of old theme cached in your moodle installation, the other alternative way of prevent this happened again is insert the following line into your config file,. Again, sorry about the Mac hidden files in the theme package. My download link on my blog has a cache system to speed page loading up, I have disabled it to prevent it happen again.

You might download the file before I had it turn off, just try download it again, let me know if you still having trouble. With some limited testing, that is fixed and looks great. We run moodle with the actual weekly-build from the CVS repos.

So the actual "weekly" is not enough? Is it wise to update a production site to anything newer? Or will the necessary updates be included in the next weekly update? If I read your initial post correctly, Thomas, and you did download Moodle via CVS, you can update this every day just by right clicking on the Moodle folder and selecting CVS Update, that's if you are using Tortoise , and of course only if I understood you correctly in the first place!

But if it's on a production site it might be different, but either way you will, more than probable, be aware of this page which explains all. If I were you I would delete decaf theme from your Moodle 2. Does anyone have a decaf install I could look at, preferably pretty much out of the box, but anything will do. Give a few minutes if it does not show first time. One question, though: Is there a way to show hidden objects e. I've been looking around the CSS files of the theme but wasn't able to find any definition for.

The setting does not work on the front page of moodle. Love the way the 'awesomebar' takes the settings and admin menus etc into a horizontal drop down. I'm on a learning curve with the moodle2 themes - I'm only just starting to look at the renderers etc. Think I have managed to achieve this - I have used your awesomebar in a reworking of Mary's Aardvark for Moodle2 for a theme I'm trying to create.

The custom menu item with a submenu Moodle development does not left align as all the other items do. I have tried using Firebug to isolate the css required, and have made sure theme designer mode is on and have cleared all caches but am obviously missing something somewhere. Thanks for your comments.

When I original designed Decaf theme, I thought about having custom menus next to other menus. I like to keep things simple and clean, but it's very hard to control how user use your theme, in particular with custom menu, they might put extremely long text in the menu, it's hard to define the width of the menu in your stylesheet unless you know what exactly they will have in the custom menu field.

Back to your css problem, if you could send me a copy of your theme lei. HTH ,. The image is x77 and i want it to float from left maybe 50px or something like that. You will need to make the same changes to both frontpage. That done the next stage is adding the CSS. At the end of core. Be sure to use a text editor like Notepad as a word processor wont work. Oh, nearly forgot! Please accept my apologies if you have had problems with this! Do you think this will work out ok or do you recommend I change the CSS and do it the way as you described?

I went back and redid it the way you described, adding it to the css, and everything is working great. I have attempted to follow the CSS route as commended above but I have been unsuccessful. My solution was to include core. Hi, this didn't work exactly for me for some reason - the CSS and PHP changes were recognised but it didn't seem to recognise the image location [[pix:theme logo]]. The image definitely was there, the pix folder is the default one and the CSS appeared correctly in firebug but it wouldn't show the logo.

Moodle 2. Could you help me please? Lastly, what are you trying to achieve? Do you want the image and the text? Or do you want the image and no text? Where do you want the image to sit to the left, middle, right?

I would like put image after the text OR under the text When I made the tuto the text is erased and the image is not posted. I have just noticed 2 typos in the CSS for the logo in the discussion thread you refer to, it should read Previously I had added a : by mistake! I have corrected it now! Further to another post by Jean-Marc on the French-speaking forum, I confirm that favicon does not work in the decaf them in Firefox Actually, Firefox does not display any favicon, not even the default Moodle icon.

See attached example. For me it seems like I need to not only put the favicon. After copying the favicon. Hi Lei, I've been using your theme now for a bit now and it's great. This didn't matter too much until I started adding a header image - but it seems that the grader report doesn't use the general. I had the same problem with one of my themes krystle until I realised that the config.

On mine I needed to change it to default. Is there an updated list of layouts somewhere else? There is a report. I don't recall anything being mentioned about this in the forums. I was only aware that this report. I am trying to replace the H1 text on the header with a png image logo. Can this be done via the custom css? If not - can someone help with the required code changes in the theme files? I explained how to do this HERE. Sorry I missed it. I wonder if anyone knows where to download this theme from since the link from the Themes section is broken and so is Lei's blog.

Lei's blog is working OK, but all downloads links are broken. I've added 2 downloads here for the time being, for Decaf and Decaf-v2 until I can find out what the problem is, and get the links working again. To me it looks like a page layout setting which is incorrect, but could also be the Quiz which is forcing a wrong layout.

I even set up a Quiz to check out the layout and the page works fine.


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Caffe is a deep learning framework made with expression, speed, and modularity in mind. Caffe is released under the BSD 2-Clause license. Expressive architecture encourages application and innovation. Models and optimization are defined by configuration without hard-coding.


Play and Listen quick simple tutorial on how to download decaf bass music. Play and Listen quick simple tutorial on how to download decaf bass music How to download Decaf Bass Music. Go ahead and create a note. BASS is an audio library for use in Windows software. We are proud to breathe new life back into fjletype oldest Italian restaurant in Doncaster. The FileProvider coordinates all of the reading and writing during the file operations. Tons of songs to listen online or download directly.


Play and Listen quick simple tutorial on how to download decaf bass music. Any created notes should show up right there. Free download Downtown Decaf Mp3. BASS is an audio library for use in Windows software. Conveniently, there is a static method on the Note class that provides this information. The reason the file list shows up inside the Pages app is that Pages is looking to import a file into secaf own list of files.



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