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Your Name required. Business Email required. Your Message required. Email address required. Your Question? The Datum Electronics Series Naval Shaft Power Meter System accurately measures the on-shaft torque kNm , the speed of the shaft rotation rpm and the power kW that is going through the shaft.

The data is transmitted from the shaft in a digital format that can be processed and scaled off-shaft. The data transmitted contains the torque level, the shaft speed and diagnostics data such as the on shaft voltage and power.

The System provides actual data on the power delivered that can be compared with the expected design performance, together with ongoing data, that will indicate any changes to this expected performance level. Condition monitoring of a system of this type is important to any modern day vessel.

Contact Team. Our naval ship monitoring system assesses and monitors propeller shafts on ships, by measuring shaft speed, power and torque. The ship propeller shaft power meters have been through rigorous UK MOD and USA MIL testing programmes for the harshest of environments, and are therefore verified in a number of marine conditions, including:.

Request Price. The Series Naval Shaft Power Meter System includes a shaft Unit which is fitted to the ship shaft to measure torsional strain and rotational speed. The shaft installation comprises a standard stator unit that provides power to the on-shaft electronics and conditions the output signals.

The stator housings are manufactured to cater for a range of shaft sizes. The Naval Shaft Power Meter System has a shaft installation supplied as a rotor sub-assembly and a stator sub-assembly. The installation onto each shaft comprises a dual bridge strain gauge installation. The installation of the rotor is followed by the installation of the stator. The rotor sub assembly is split into two halves and bolted over the strain gauge installation.

The rotor houses the rotor electronics module, acts as a carrier for the rotor coil and physical protection for the strain gauges. The Control Unit is supplied as a complete assembly; it requires four physical mounting points for easy installation and connection to the shaft units, ships control systems, logging equipment and remote displays.

The optional Remote Display Units are supplied as a complete assembly, with four physical mounting points. Please fill below details to download the PDF. EMAIL required. Your Question required. Naval Shaft Power Meter Systems. Series Naval Shaft Power Meter System has passed rigorous MOD and MIL testing programmes and is able to provide an accurate tool to monitor propeller shafts on ships by measuring shaft speed, torque and power.

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Naval Shaft Power Meter Systems

From Knowledge Services. We also develop management and control plans. We have expert knowledge of the latest standards for EMC and Environmental compliance testing. We produce test plans and compliance statements that minimise the amount of testing required, while ensuring that the testing is justified and that all risks are managed. Global Market Access GMA is the process of determining applicable regulations and managing product compliance to those regulations with respect to accessing global markets. Every year we perform testing and screening checks on thousands of electrical products intended for consumers and many of them fail the requirements of the applicable test standards.


Def Stan 02-123

Manual zz. If any difficulty arises which prevents application of the Defence Standard, DStan shall be informed so that a remedy may be sought. To the extent permitted by law, the MOD hereby excludes all liability whatsoever and howsoever arising including, but without limitation, liability resulting from negligence for any loss or damage however caused when the standard is used for any other purpose. Many Defence Standards set out processes and procedures that could be injurious to health if adequate precautions are not taken. Adherence to those processes and procedures in no way absolves users from complying with legal requirements relating to Health and Safety at Work.

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