I inherited a Dell Powervault T a number of years ago with no documentation. Last night my backup didn't finish. This morning I came in to find the tape ejected and the front panel of the drive displaying a letter "A". Can anyone either tell me what the "A" means, or point me in the direction of a document that lists the panel error codes? I've Googled but not been able to find what I'm looking for.

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Page Count: Dell PowerV ault T ape Sy stems. Notes, Cautions, and W arnings. Information in this publication is subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. Reproduction of these materials in any manner whatsoever w ithout the written permission of Dell Inc. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this publication to refer to either the entities claiming. Dell Inc. March Rev. Contents 3.

Drives and Media. Media Color Schemes. Invalid Media Symptoms. Cartridge Memory. Migrating L TO Media. WORM Media. Cleaning Media. Stuck T apes. Media Handling. Media Description. Perform a Thorough Inspection.

Handle the Cartridge Carefully. T apes. Cartridge Storage Conditions. Cartridge Life. L TO Media Handbook 5. This document describes m edia compatibility , handling, and usage for all Dell. T able 1. Primary Media Ultrium-1 Ultrium-1 Ultrium P o werV ault 11 0T. L TO-1 table top and. P owerV ault T. L TO Media Handbook 7. T able 2. L TOL T andberg. Primary Media Ultrium-2 Ultrium-2 Ultrium T able 3. Primary Media Ultrium-3 Ultrium-3 Ultrium F or a list of supported tape devices, firmwar e, and driver versions, see.

L TO Media Handbook 9. T able 4. PowerVault L TO PowerV ault L TO PowerV ault L T O Primary Media Ultrium-4 Ultrium-4 Ultrium F or a list of supported tape devices, firmwar e, and driver versions, s ee. T able 5. Part No. L TO Media Handbook Depending on the vintage of. T o determine the correct. T able 6. Black Purple Blue-.

Green Red Blue-Gray. Label Ultrium. P owerV ault L TO tape drive wit h in valid media displays the following. T ape drives requir e information about the tape cartridge being used.

CM is a nonvolatile memory. The CM holds the foll owing information:. Y ou experience difficulties with th e cartridge if the CM is damaged or. The drive stores enough information on ta pe to be able to recognize the tape. However , the data directory is lost. Henc e, the drive can only search from the. A F ast Search to the correct loc ation is not possible. NOTE: Recovery of data from a full tape could take up to 3 hours.

Known issues for media migr ation fr om one manufacturer to another ar e. Use the latest available firmwar e for the.

This ensures optimal perf ormance for mi grating tape between different drive. Migrating media from one. This means once data is. WORM medi a can be appended to if data is already pr esent. The media als o stor es unique identifier s which allow the drive to. WORM media offers a me thod of data r e tention for compliance laws such as.

Specific WORM media ba rcode labels end. P rior to the universal or for use with all. If a tape is not labeled universal or for use with all , then it is. T able 7. Characteristics For Cleaning Drives.

Part Number Drive T yp e No. Not Supported 15 Cleaning cartridge. Status light on. Not Supported 50 C on seven segment. See T able 8 50 C on seven segment. T able 8. Cleaning Interval Characteristics. TB equiv. MM xe6 Motion Meters. FFP equiv. The approximate amount of full file passes worth of data that is. The approximate da ta processed i n TB if streaming data with low space. It refers to the.

Drive T y pe No. The cleaning light on an L TO drive turns on for the following r easons:. This can happen due to the following:. NOTE: If you perform a backup with verificati on, you see a cleaning request twice. V erification doubles the number of passes the tape makes over the head. If the tape drive requests. T able 9.


Dell PowerVault 114T Features

Call a Specialist Today! The benefits of using a high-capacity, removable disk drive and accompanying cartridge like the Dell PowerVault RD are evident when compared to alternative backup media. Rugged, removable disk media offers increased portability and durability over standard USB-based hard drive storage. The PowerVault RD cartridges are built to withstand a fall from nearly one meter so they are very durable, plus the removable disk cartridges are small and lightweight and can be stored offsite for better disaster recovery protection. Plus the PowerVault RD includes Symantec Backup Exec Quickstart software that provides data protection for faster data restores and reduced downtime. The RD removable disk cartridges are all interchangeable and preformatted. Symantec Backup Exec Quickstart included with the PowerVault RD provides easy-to-use, backup and disaster recovery capabilities to protect files, as well as all user data to help provide faster restores and reduced downtime.


PowerVault 114X Tape Rack Enclosure

Quick Links. Download this manual. Plus, it can be. When configured with LTO. LTO enable two drives to run in parallel, which can help.


Dell PowerVault 114T Datasheet

Page Count: Dell PowerV ault T ape Sy stems. Notes, Cautions, and W arnings. Information in this publication is subject to change without notice.




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