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A pesar de haber sido escrito en tan poco tiempo, la profundidad, claridad e integridad del mensaje de A. Tozer's bestseller, this book has been called "one of the all-time most inspirational books" by a panel of Christian magazine writers. Sometimes the voices that speak most clearly in the present are those that echo from the past. So it is in this Christian classic by the late pastor and evangelist A.

Tozer brings the mystics to bear on modern spirituality, grieving the hustle and bustle and calling for a slow, steady gaze upon God. He reminds us that life apart from God is really no life at all. Tozer writes from his knees, a posture fit for presenting the character of God in all its demanding grandeur. To pursue God is to know Him, and in our knowing be drawn in. Se dirige a las almas sedientas de Dios. Trata de las cosas profundas de Dios y las riquezas de su gracia.

Sobre todo, lleva el sello de la sinceridad y la humildad. Almas que desean conocer las realidades espirituales, y no se contentan con meras interpretaciones de la Palabra de Dios.

Los que tienen verdadera sed de Dios no se contentan hasta que no beben de la fuente de Agua Viva. Nuestros dirigentes religiosos deben reconocer este ardiente deseo. Pero gracias a Dios porque hay algunos que se preocupan por ello. Lo que desean, por sobre todas las cosas, es la presencia de Dios. Ejercen su ministerio entre creyentes espirituales, anhelantes de experiencias que ellos no pueden satisfacer. Nuestros tiempos son semejantes a los de Milton, que le hicieron exclamar, Las ovejas hambrientas miran interrogantes, pero nadie las alimenta.

Se pueden tener excelentes opiniones acerca de Dios sin que ello signifique que se lo ama o se desee servirle. Satanas es una prueba de ello. Sin embargo me pregunto si hubo alguna vez un tiempo en que la temperatura espiritual estuvo en un grado tan bajo.

Este libro es un modesto intento para ayudar a los hijos de Dios a encontrarle a El. Pero aunque mi fuego no es grande, no por eso deja de ser real y verdadero. Pueda ser que algunos logren encender sus velas con el fuego de mi lumbre. Junio 16 de Tu diestra me ha sostenido Salmos V. Upload Sign In Join. Create a List. Download to App. Length: pages 2 hours. Related Categories. Samuel M. Sigamos Ardorosamente en Pos de Dios Mi alma sigue ardorosa en pos de ti; tu diestra me ha sostenido.

Salmos V. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. I listened to the audio version narrated by Grover Gardner. There is an introduction that tells about A. It seems he was a mystic and I gathered that from some of what he says in the book. He writes from a Christian awareness of how to speak about God. He speaks only of Christians and Christianity. I could imagine today that he might be more like Merton having a dialog with the Dalai Lama, but that is not what is to be found in this book.

What I particularly liked was his emphasis on an experience of God and not a reliance on dogma, Bible, prayer, or ministry to others. He applauds those things, but he sees the basis of it all as an experience of God. He does not attempt to give us an idea of what his experience of God is. I got the impression that he leaves that to each person to find out and not just once, but to continually be open to that experience.

It sounds like Tozer's environment was one of a society where almost everyone was a professed Christian. He is speaking to them and trying to draw them into actually experiencing more. His way into that seems to be to truly desire it. I don't remember a lot of dos and don'ts in the book. One of the modern classics in Christian literature by a man who does not mince his words in condemnation of the state of the Christian church today. Tozer says,"Every age has its own characteristics. Right now we are in an age of religious complexity.

The simplicity which is in Christ is rarely found among us. In its stead are programs, methods, organizations and a world of nervous activities which occupy time and attention but can never satisfy the longing of the heart. The shallowness of our inner experience, the hollowness of our worship and that servile imitation of the world which marks our promotional methods all testify that we, in this day, know God only imperfectly, and the peace of God scarcely at all.

Tozer reaches out to the majority of American Christians today who are satisfied with a lukewarm brand of religion while experiencing none of the joy that comes from the pursuit of God. This was one of those books that makes me hunger and thirst for more of God. The content was outstanding and prayer provoking.

I would strongly recommend to a first time reader to acquire a printed version. The EBook allowed me the ability to save snippets and quotes and I have saved many. However, the source I acquired it from apparently made a dozen or more word errors in the OCR process. This at first appeared to me to be a manuscript error but as I reached the very last page it became obvious to me that it was a publication copy error.

How can I complain when it was offered to me at no charge by the publisher,However, it gets to you. I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to you through it as abundantly as he does to me. Author is self-taught, associated with Christian Missionary Alliance, with honorary degree from Wheaton, and 60 republications of articles and sermons into books. Tozer provided a thorough explanation about God's universal presence, and he stated that God offers His love to all His children.

The degree of our fellowship with God relies on us, which is why we cannot say that He is too preoccupied to give us His time. Instead, our Heavenly Father pursues us to be with Him. Yet, only a few respond to God's call to build a personal relationship with our Creator. Interestingly, in , Tozer documents the fact that few Americans were practicing Christianity.

Very few. I appreciate his self-taught voice from the study of a wide variety of "scriptural" sources not sectarian , preaching the idea that God is pursuing us--all of us--out of love, and in spite of our Sins. Tozer puts the trumpet to his lips warning against greed, selfishness, fraud and materialism. He is a prophet of "spiritual" richness, ecumenically drawing from all spiritual traditions. Tozer does not deal with theodicy or nature, and treats "God" as a metaphor Creator.

Another of the great Christian books. Read and pray. A excellent devotional. It realy touches the heart and brings you to your knees. The stark beauty of this author's words leave me breathless every time I sit down with this book. Each journey through it's pages shows me something new, some bit that helps me focus my own heart and mind just a little more sharply.

Not a book I'd ever loan out, but one I DO highly recommend. Notes for a longer review: - Underwhelming. Touchy-feely, big on the Heart and Personal Revelation, but not so much on rigorous thinking and epistemology. Opinions, subjective truths, tries to avoid saying things that can be pinned down and considered carefully. But not Tozer. He's Doing It Rite. Only valid if you agree with the presupposition that anything that doesn't serve god is ipso facto selfish and sinful.

If I agreed with that, I'd already be a christian- In favour of things that feel poetically true, can be formulated in rhetorically satisfactory ways echoing new testament verbiage , as opposed to things that can be demonstrated to be true. Perhaps the best book of its genre that I have ever read! If you are a Believer, Tozar cuts to the chase as to the what, why, and how of your relationship with God. This book is not a one-time read, but instead should be treated and read at least monthly as a foundational reminder and how-to of the beauty of a personal relationship with God.

Warning: This book will change your life! Tozer's call to a life drenched in Christ is one of the best there is. You can clearly see his passion and love in every line. It is a call back to pure Scripture and love, not tricks and power of will.

The book is worthwhile to new Christians for an idea of the promises of what is to come, and also old Christians who simply want to meditate on the wonders of God. God is in pursuit of you.


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