Mota e L Hegenberg. Rio de Janeiro: Francisco Alves. Enid Abreu Dobransky. Campinas, SP: Papirus, KANT, I. Lisboa: Ed.

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Universities Students Professors. That essay briefly considers the following kinds of resources:. The focus is on translation, but translating Kant also involves understanding the philosophical world in which the text was written, and that involves some basic historical research. Thus, most of these links extend beyond the relatively narrow confines of simple translation issues.

Thirty-nine languages are represented so far, and each entry is color-coded and tagged with an abbreviation of the language to facilitate searching. This bibliography aims to include the first edition of each translation, as well as significant revisions and cross-referencing these in a note following the entries.

When reviews of the translation have been found, they are collected in their own list as well as indicated with the translation reviewed. Many helpful discussions of translation issues occur in the published reviews of translations , of which there is also a working list.

Several other bibliographies are also being compiled alongside that of the translations, namely: Bibliographies of … bibliographies of translations , … reviews of translations , … books and articles on translating Kant , … articles on specific Kant translation projects , … books and articles on Kant studies, or the reception of Kant, in a particular language or country. The site also includes online versions of various other texts, including five textbooks used by Kant:.

A PDF available for download indicates all the variations between the and editions of the Tugendlehre. The website offers facsimiles of the original documents, and metadata that links the new transcription with the corresponding text as printed in the Academy edition volumes 21 and Separate from the website linking transcriptions with facsimiles, one also has available a complete set of facsimiles grouped by the thirteen fascicles as well as a list of the facsimiles arranged chronologically.

Prepared by Werner Stark. Included in the website are corresponding images of the manuscripts transcribed, explanatory and textual notes, and introductory materials. Prepared by Steve Naragon. DDB Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek : This is a national portal to access digitized versions of cultural artifacts: books, images, sculptures, music, films, scores.

The materials presented have all been curated by the member institutions over and growing. Its fully developed version went online in Search results occur in a common window; clicking on a hit will open a page with basic data on the item, and the opportunity, for instance, to click-through to the appropriate page of the instutition holding the item.

The browsing platform is especially well designed, and available in German, English, French, and Italian. Materials can be viewed online or downloaded. It has been online, in some form, since Books free of copyright protection may be downloaded; others have a "Preview" or "Snippet View", where limited word searches within the text are still possible.

HathiTrust : Founded in by a group of North American universities, now with institutional members, the majority in North America. Over 60 of these members have contributed data to the collection, resulting in a total of almost 17 million items, one-half of which are book titles. The interface to the manuscripts allows for easy online use of the texts. Individual pages may be downloaded as PDF files; downloading entire volumes requires the individual to hold an account through a subscribing institution.

The majority of holdings are in the English language, although languages are represented. Internet Archive : A non-profit library of digitized books, movies, software, music, and websites.

It currently archives billion web pages, but now also includes books and texts 11 million , audio recordings 4 million videos 3 million , images 1 million , and software programs , — all free for downloading. Library of Congress, in collaboration with a long list of institutions around the world, representing countries and languages.

The number of available titles as of November 29, is 1,, Volumes can be found by title, author, publisher, place of publication, publication date or a range of dates. The texts may be read in a DFG-Viewer or downloaded. Journals of the German Enlightenment : This is one of a number of collections that make up the Retrospektive Digitalisierungwissenschaftlicher Rezensionsorgane und Literaturzeitschriften des This collection of journals includes:.

Biester and F. Gedike Berlin, Lessing, M. Mendelssohn, and F. Kaestner and J. Unzer Hamburg, Engel Leipzig, Wieland Weimar, It appears as though digiPress is not digitizing any titles already available in the Journals of the German Enlightenment collection above. One especially important journal for Kant studies that digiPress has made available is the Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung.

A calendar interface allows the user to quickly move through different issues. Daily except Sunday. As a sample, here is their access page to the Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung. Total records: over 15 million items. Total records: 40 million, representing languages DNB : The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek maintains a complete catalog of all German and German-language publications after , including translations of these publications.

Total records: GVK : The Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog brings together the records of about libraries to allow a search across The online database includes translations from UNESCO member states published between and ; earlier works are recorded in print editions of the Index Translationum. As of March , the website appears to be under construction, with many pages available only in archive format.

Total records: over 17 million. Total records: over million. Total records: over 2 billion. This includes 1. The website also includes features for language training. Linguee : Linguee is another popular multilingual dictionary, available with either English or German as the base language, and then translating between that and a variety of other languages: French, Spanish, Portguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Japanese.

Unlike Leo , it offers translation examples from literature. Thankfully there are no advertisements with either translator. DeepL , which is commercially affiliated with the Linguee suite of dictionaries, has both a free version as well as DeepL Pro available for a monthly subscription. GoogleTranslate comes to us from the Silicon Valley behemoth now known as Alphabet, while DeepL was developed in Germany; both are commercial ventures.

GoogleTranslate supports over languages, at varying levels of accuracy. Both programs allow for translating either passages of text that is either typed or copied into the web-browser window or entire documents uploaded from a file directory in GoogleTranslate or with drag-and-drop in DeepL. Of the two, with my limited checking of German-to-English translation, DeepL offers a more natural output.

Braunschweig: Schulbuchhandlung, — Reprint: Hildesheim, Olms, Halle: Schimmelpfennig und Compagnie, Leipzig: S. Hirzel, , , Leipzig: Brietkopf and Haertel, English-German and German-English. Third edition. Leipzig: A. Liebeskind, Leipzig: Schwickertschen Verlag, Subject index pp. Latin technical terms pp. French technical terms pp.

Authors and artists pp. Berlin: Pauli, Leipzig, Three volumes. New York-Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, Not available online yet? A one-volume student edition has also been released De Gruyter Berlin: E. Mittler, Available online. Presburg: Philip Ulrich Mahler, Schmid publicly complained of this plagiarism in the Intelligenzblatt of the Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung , No. Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink, Reprint: Brussels, Aetas Kantiana, Jena-Leipzig, Friedrich Frommann,


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