One of the biggest problems with IP cameras is that you invariably have to buy an expensive weatherproof dome in which to house them. This ingress protection rating means it's protected against dust and can withstand low-pressure jets of water from all directions. The M12 uses separate lenses and sensors for day and night viewing. The day lens is 3-megapixel colour, while the night lens is 1-megapixel mono, and the camera swaps between them depending on the light levels. The front of the camera has the lenses mounted near the top, with an infrared motion detector in the centre. Two-way audio is supported, with an internal loudspeaker and microphone.

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Graybar chose the MOBOTIX system for its ability to reduce camera counts with panoramic views, as well as its low costs and reduced bandwidth requirements. The Q24 camera allows for a degree, panoramic field of view with just a single lens, which enabled the equipment supplier to limit the cost of the system by deploying significantly fewer cameras.

This enables the company to quickly and easily grant access to camera feeds for any employee who might need it. We are excited that they have found tremendous value in our unique products. Panasonic and WolfVision collaborate for first integrated display and wireless presentation solution.

Spread of the novel coronavirus has jolted awareness of hygiene as it relates to touching surfaces such as keypads. No longer in favour are contact-based modalities including use of personal identification numbers PINs and keypads, and the shift has been sudden and long-term. Immediate impact of the change includes suspension of time and attendance systems that are touch-based.

Touchless biometric systems in demand The trend has translated into a sharp decline in purchase of touch modality and a sharp increase in the demand for touchless systems, says Alex Zarrabi, President of Touchless Biometrics Systems TBS.

Biometrics solutions are being affected unequally, depending on whether they involve touch sensing, he says. We have projects being accelerated for touchless demand and have closed a number of large contracts very fast. Contactless and hygienic, the 2D Eye system is a hybrid system that combines the convenience of facial technology with the higher security of iris recognition.

The system recognises the face and then detects the iris from the face image and zeros in to scan the iris. The user experiences the system as any other face recognition system. The facial aspect quickens the process, and the iris scan heightens accuracy.

TBS also offers the 2D Eye Thermo system that combines face, iris and temperature measurement using a thermal sensor module. TBS's 2D Eye Thermo system combines face, iris and temperature measurement using a thermal sensor module Another TBS system is a 3D Touchless Fingerscan system that provides accuracy and tolerance, anti-spoofing, and is resilient to water, oil, dust and dirt. The system fills the market gap for consent-based true on-the-fly systems, says Zarrabi.

The higher accuracy and security ratings are suitable for critical infrastructure applications, and there is no contact; the system is fully hygienic. Integration with access control systems Integration of TBS biometrics with a variety of third-party access control systems is easy. Readers are connected to the subsystem and also to the corporate access control system. An interface with the TBS subsystem coordinates with the access control system. For example, a thermal camera used as part of the biometric reader can override the green light of the access control system if a high temperature suggesting COVID infection, for example is detected.

The enrollment process is convenient and flexible and can occur at an enrollment station or at an administration desk. Remote enrollment can also be accomplished using images from a CCTV camera. All templates are encrypted. Remotely enrolled employees can have access to any location they need within minutes. There are many companies jumping into selling temperature detection systems to the state, local governments, hospitals, airports and local businesses, but do they know how to drive one?

Anyone can get behind a car and drive it into a wall by accident. The same can happen with a temperature detection system. If not, the firm are at risk of getting a low quality system that is being resold to make quick cash.

Businesses that are doing this do not know how to operate it properly. NDAA compliance means that your temperature detection equipment is protected by U. Does your system have a HSRP device blackbody? Even if the room temperature does change throughout the day, treat it as a reference point for the camera to know the temperature at that distance.

Can your system scan mutliple people at once? This is a bad question but often asked since most systems will say yes. For ease, everyone wants to scan many people at once, but the best practice according to FDA and CDC guidelines is to run one person at a time for best accuracy. The HSRP blackbody device tells the camera what the correct temperature is at a given distance away from the camera. Every foot you are away from the HSRP device will be off by 0.

If you are in a room full of people, let's say 6, in view of the camera, every person that is not next to the HSRP device 5 will be given an inaccurate reading. Hence why it is so important to run the system correctly with just one person at a time.

You will also need to follow the 6 feet rule. If you take that into consideration, one at a time at 6 feet apart, the device should tell you how you need to run the system.

When looking for a system, make sure it is better than what they recommend. Another thing to look at is how many pixels it can determine the temperature from. Some cameras can only tell the temperature of 6 points on the screen, whilst others can take a temperature reading from each pixel. Take a x camera, for example, which would be over , points of temperature taking on a single image. For example, the system cannot see through glasses or hats.

On the below image you can see a person with the visual camera on the right, whilst on the left side is through a thermal camera. Both are pointing at the same area. Demonstrating the sensitivity of thermal imaging If you are a company who wants to detect the temperature of customers or employees though the front door, window or a car window, the answer would be no. You need a clear line of sight without any interference to scan for temperatures.

Other things you need to look out for is wind and distance away from the HSRP blackbody device. Air and distance away from the HSRP device will make the system less and less accurate the more space between the device. The answer is yes. Reflective materials such as metal can interfere with your temperature readings.

Reflective materials are easily picked up from the thermal side so pointing at a medal, glass or anything reflective can cause inaccuracies within the system. Organisations must get a system in place to help scan for high temperatures in order to reduce the spread of the virus. Protecting the oil and gas market is key to a thriving economy.

The list of security challenges for oil and gas requires the best technology solutions our industry has to offer, from physical barriers to video systems to cybersecurity. Hybrid hyperconverged systems benefit growing storage and retention needs. Mobotix Q24 and D14 dual dome cameras enhance Valley Health hospital security. Home News Case studies. Download PDF version. Surveillance systems Security systems Perimeter security Surveillance cameras Video management software. Related videos.

In case you missed it. COVID worries boost prospects of touchless biometric systems. How to maximise your body temperature detection systems. What are the security challenges of the oil and gas market? Featured white papers. Wireless security: Cut costs without cutting corners Download. Hybrid hyperconverged systems benefit growing storage and retention needs Download.

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