The gallery links show the front and back sides of the tiles. For more information on this system, see my complete guide to using Dungeon Tiles. Thanks for doing this! I was too excited each time I got a new tile set and never took pictures before breaking them out. It took me about a solid 12 hours, but thanks to your photos I was able sort out all 26 tile sets that I have. Now that I have all my tiles sorted into sets, I plan to mark them as I use them.

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Dungeon Tiles DT1. Thread starter Thanee Start date Jun 22, Thanee First Post. The 1st set of Dungeon Tiles is long OOP and somewhat expensive not at a ridiculous level, but still many times more expensive than a new set of Dungeon Tiles.

So my question is Assuming I have all the other sets which I don't at this point, but I can get all of them for the standard price still Is there a place where you can see the full content of all the sets? Last edited: Jul 5, The Little Raven First Post.

It's just a standard dungeon tile set. Nothing too special. If you're an OCD collector, get it, otherwise, you'll find plenty of use from the ones that are still in print. It's no doubt the most generic of the set, which in my opinion is a good thing if you don't want a lot of preprinted stuff in your rooms. So it's pretty good for that use, populating your own rooms. That's pretty much what I thought, that it might have most of the really generic pieces, which tend to be rather useful. Guess I'll just get one of those for times standard price Hopefully you don't need more than one Bye Thanee.

Last edited: Jun 22, Olaf the Stout Adventurer. I bought 2 copies of them when they first came out. Like other posters have said, they are pretty generic.

I think that you can get by without them if you have copies of most of the other sets. Olaf the Stout. Rechan Adventurer. I sure hope the first one of the second set has a lot of the above. SSquirrel Explorer. I've recently picked up all but 1 and 3, they both seem reasonably rare. With the miniature-centric 4th edition, I am surprised that these are not on the immediate reprint list. I can't see why any of these sets are allowed to go out of print as long as they make money.

Enough people ask for these sets, you would think they would listen. Most of it you can achieve by buying "x" quanities of more recent sets. However they do have rooms that can not be gotten otherwise. Maybe search for one then concentrate on newer stuff. I have no idea if the WoTC site still has it but it used to have a section that showed all the sets and in theory if you said you have 2 of 1 and 4 of 4 you could assembly a mock maze on the site to see what it would look like first.

Gleemax and the 4e switch may not have carried this tool over however. WhatGravitas First Post. Also: I suppose that the next set, DU1 Halls of the Giant Kings will be more generic, more for the starter, since it looks like a re-boot of the line for 4E well, it starts at DU1 again, instead of continuing the old line.

So if you want to get the first set because of it's "starterness" or "genericness", waiting for the next set is perhaps similarly good. Cheers, LT. They have a dungeon planner on that WotC site that has the contents of the first 4 DT sets.

Obviously, it hasn't been updated in awhile. SSquirrel said:. Holy Bovine First Post. DT1 doesn't have anything super special in it. IT is pretty bland actually. WHich might be good if that is what you want. Personally I wished I'd kept a couple of sets intact so i could cash in on the eBay frenzy over them. Got all seven sets of the Dungeon Tiles now and they look quite useful. It cost me thrice as much as the others, but that's still within reason, I guess.

Asmor First Post. I almost wonder if you couldn't have just gotten 3 more sets of in-print tiles and gotten as many generic ones.

After all, even the themed sets have a good number of generic tiles. That would be pretty nice. Henry Autoexreginated.

I noticed that in the Video Podcast Dave Noonan had marked on his. Is there a marking pen that would work well and rub off of these? I tried standard Vis-a-Vis water markers, with a small test mark, and it did mostly wipe off but left an after-effect on the surface.

So I won't be marking on mine any time soon but if there is a brand that doesn't stay on these I'd love to know about it. Asmor said:. Malkov First Post. Tiles for KoS My first post! My hope was that the new line of tiles will be useful for my games, but since DU1: Against the giants, as the name indicate, is suited for big creatures, it will be not too helpful. Would you people recommend me the name of a Dungeon Tiles that will be useful in my first game with those adventures?

Thanks in advance! And sorry for any ortographical error, i'm from the south part of the world. Welcome to the board, Malkov. I'd recommend you get a map before you get tiles. Steel Sqwire has some great ones called flip-mats which are cheap, rugged, and eminently portable they fold flat, compared to more traditional vinyl mats which must be rolled up.

Oh, and did I mention they're cheap? A good map will serve you well for many, many encounters. Dungeon tiles are nice, but they really only suit a particular kind of encounter i. Jeff Wilder First Post. I'm actually pretty surprised DT1 wasn't reprinted for the release of 4E. I dunno if a reprinting can be slotted in to WotC's release schedule, but if so they'd sell a ton of them. My issue with Dungeon Tiles and it can't be that huge of one, since I have two of each set is that it really takes quite a bit of planning to use them effectively, at least in all but the simplest layouts.

There's a minor issue with storage, once you hit a critical mass, which is semi-related. You must log in or register to reply here. Most Liked Threads. Forum list Post thread….


Tile Downloads

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DT1 Dungeon Tiles

Your tabletop never looked better! Easy to set up and infinitely expandable, this pack allows you to create the dungeons and adventures you want to play. Pick up additional packs to create larger, more elaborate dungeons! Dungeon Tiles Average Rating: 6.

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