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Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Eaw la help needed. Thread starter Alan Sledzieski Start date Mar 18, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Alan Sledzieski Senior. Sep 11, 0 0 Hamburg, NY. Who on here is a eaw rep, or who knows anything about the eaw la ?

I just bought a set of used la 's. Opened them up to inspect them and found Eminence 15's in them. They are eaw speced 15's as eaw's sticker is on them. I'm looking to find specs on these speakers, the eminence 15's. Any info on the rcf or bc drivers would be helpfull also. Thanks, Alan. Silas Pradetto Graduate Student.

Jan 11, 2, 0 0 Land of Steady Habits www. Re: Eaw la help needed. If they work and they're the right drivers, what's the problem? Silas Pradetto said:. Tim McCulloch Graduate Student. They make a fascinating array of products that you've never seen with their name applied. Tim McCulloch said:. Does this look eaw factory solder job, all conections are loose and solder was never hot enough to stick to the post.

Last edited: Mar 19, Things change. Really, though, you're paying for the intellectual efforts that turned paper, some copper wire and cabinet making into a commercial product. In the end, all speakers are simply a collection of materials, so they should all be the same and sell at commodity prices, right? Jim King Freshman. Jan 13, 95 0 6 Los Angeles, CA ssrrentals.

EAW has changed the drivers in that box several times I didn't know they ever used Eminence, but its a pretty popular one, so I'm not surprised. You're paying for the crossover network, the design and the thought process that went into the box. Use your ears -- it DOES sound better. I owe a bunch of these, and a bunch of The JBLs sound a bit harsh, but throw further outdoors.

Great for rock-n-roll. The LA sound smooth and nice at all volumes, and in general are just a better sounding setup They produce about the same volume in my experience, and I they're my preferred speaker of the two for most stuff. But I try not to use them with large audiences outdoors, where I'll get deeper coverage with the JBLs sacrificing quality for volume really. Two things to know: 1 EAW will tell you that the standard formula of 1. Power them with exactly or around the spec.

I run mine with a XTi on the bottom and an XTi on top. Yeah, I know But for quick in and quick out setups they work great -- it makes for a nice and easy load-in and setup. You hear combs when you do it. So be careful about trying to double them up for volume. They're really intended to be used in pairs in a club setting.

A couple of times I've stacked them vertically in a tall tower, though, and they sounded fantastic. It looks visually a bit weird, but it works well. Jim, thanks for the info on the crossover, I have done some searching and others said the same thing.

I have my box's apart right know repairing some bad soldering. I answered my own question. Is the crossover totally bypassed on the 15's when running bi-amp?

The answer is yes. Now with eaw recomending only a w into the 15's tells me they do not handle much power. I gather this 15 is a low excursion maybe w transducer.

Then I look at the 's and they say to put w into the 15's, which I have come close to, and they don't have a issue. I did some calling around to some local companies that use las. Another has a choke that got hot and discolored the winding. Another place lost 3 of the eminence drivers. Blown 6''ers, Why does eaw want hz going into 6''? Another guy by amps the box, runs the x over at 90 and , said that solved all his problems of 6'' blowing and x overs cooking.

Yet eaw wants hz to the 6'' Really wish I can find the power handling of the eminence, and the x max. I talked to another place about eaw and eminence, I'm not going to say who it is, except that it sounds political buisiness bullpoop, and this company owns this one and this one,,, will use rcf exclusive for now. This place recomended staying away from eminence. I run 's also, I picked up a unloaded set of 's last year, they had the x over and horns in them.

I put faital pro in them, by someone who recomended the faitals. I never use the 's loaded with the 's anymore, the faitals sound better, smoother, less hz honk then the have. You bought these used. Are you claiming that EAW shipped these this way way back before the last owner bought them?

Jim King said:. Ivan Beaver Graduate Student. Jan 11, 2, 10 0 Atlanta GA area. Alan Sledzieski said:. Should have done what I thought of in the first place, get 2 eaw horns that were in a la and stick them in my 's.. Ivan Beaver said:. That is not such a good idea. Very often drivers and horns should be used as intended. Just sticking a different driver on a horn, may or may not result in a good combination. I have seen cases in which the exact same horn has different coverage patterns beaminess etc with different drivers.

Change the driver-and all bets are off regarding how well the crossover will work freq, slopes, eq etc. Just because the bolts line up does not mean that the parts will work well together. Brandon G Romanowski Sophomore. Jan 11, 0 0 Buffalo NY. Alan you should contact EAW's application support about all of this, if you are looking for solutions and answers. They can get you all the information you need without all the speculation.

Chris Davis Sophomore. Jan 12, 0 0. Nice speakers.


Eaw la 325 help needed.

ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. Are these comparable to the efp with the lsp or do they need subs to compete. I don't really understand the specs on them but it seems to me like it would be w full range or w biamped. At lbs they're more that I would want to handle, let alone a separate sub! Any help would be apreciated.


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