Jesus Christ Superstar. E7 G6 You'd have managed better if you'd had it planned. A7 E Why'd you choose such a backward time and such a strange land? E7 G6 If you'd come today you would have reached the whole nation.

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Professor Tiina Tasmuth Helsingis. Tiina Piisang sai preemia. XI Vilniuses. Gorgias's " Helen " Revisited. Argues that identifying Gorgias's " Helen " as an epideictic speech is misleading; the speech is not veiled defense of the "Art of Rhetoric"; Gorgias may have inaugurated the prose genre of encomia; and " Helen"'s most significant theoretical contribution is to offer a secular account of the workings of the logos that….

Kes on kaardikoguhoidja, mida kujutab endast kaardikogu ning mida arutati konverentsil - sellest vestlevad Tiina Kruup ja Katre Riisalu RR-i kunstide teabekeskusest. Tiina Siimets. Helene : A Plastic Model. Helene , the Saturnian L4 Trojan satellite co-orbiting Dionne and sitting within the E-ring, possesses an unusual morphology characteristic of broad km-scale basins and depressions and a generally smooth surface patterned with streaks and grooves which are indicative of non-typical mass transport.

Elevation angles do not appear to exceed 10o at most. The nature and origin of the surface materials forming these grooved patterns is unknown.

Given the low surface gravity plastic-like flow like a Bingham fluid, we setup and test a number of likely scenarios to explain the observations. The numerical results qualitatively indicate that treating the mass-wasting materials as a Bingham material reproduces many of the qualitative features observed.

We also find that in those simulations in which accretion is concomitant with Bingham mass-wasting, the long time-evolution of the surface flow shows intermittency in the total surface activity defined as total surface integral of the absolute magnitude of the mass-flux. Detailed analyses identify the locations where this activity is most pronounced and we will discuss these and its implications in further detail.

Mount St. Helens aerosol evolution. Stratospheric aerosol samples were collected using a wire impactor during the year following the eruption of Mount St.

Analysis of samples shows that aerosol volume increased for 6 months due to gas-to-particle conversion and then decreased to background levels in the following 6 months. Stratospheric aerosol samples were collected using a wire impactor during the year following the eruption of Mt. Analysis of samples show that aerosol volume increased for 6 months due to gas-to-particle conversion and then decreased to background levels in the following 6 months.

Sisearhitekt Tiina Mang, tema kommentaarid. Projekt Nikolai Hrustaljov. Kirjanduslikud ja ajaloolised motiivid Overviews the career of Helen Lewis as sociologist, social activist, teacher, writer, researcher, and mentor. Helen Lewis discusses growing up in segregated Georgia, her unorthodox approach to education, her fight for social and economic equality, her instrumental role in the development of Appalachian Studies programs, and how social activism….

James tegeleb maalimisega. Special report: Mt. Lava extrusion that probably began October 30 added a new lobe to the composite dome in the crater of Mt. After lava extrusion ended September 10 see September 22 Eos , rates of deformation in the crater remained low for several weeks, as they had after earlier extrusion episodes.

Sulfur dioxide emission ranged from 70 to tons per day between October 9 and 24, but showed no particular trends. Inflation of the dome has caused small thrust faults to form in the surrounding crater floor. In early October the most active thrust, south of the dome, was moving at about 1. By October 24 these rates had increased to Geological Survey USGS to issue an advisory prediction of renewed lava extrusion within the next two weeks.

Helens volcano. This eruption and blast blew off the top CERN Multimedia. For , the programme has assigned about 70 fellowships to be spent at CERN by Latin American students and young physicists. Inpatient management of borderline personality disorder at Helen Inpatient management of borderline personality disorder at Helen Joseph Hospital, Johannesburg. South African Journal of Psychiatry Tiina Randviir. Making sense of Mount St. The eruption of Mount St.

Helens in resulted in "a grand experiment that you could never have gotten anybody to fund," says Forest Service ecologist Charles Crisafulli. It's a new landform. Herodotus' discussion of the Trojan War in Histories 2.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Reputedly the most beautiful woman who has ever lived, Helen of Troy or Sparta is less well known for her elusive, ghost-like dimension. Homer wrote that the greatest war of Western classical antiquity started because of Helen 's adultery followed by her elopement to Troy. Satellite sar detection of hurricane helene First, the characteristics, e. All the results show the capability of hurricane monitoring by satellite SAR.

Kirjastuselt Avita ilmub Samadelt autoritelt, neljas kaasautor Kadri Maaste, ilmub Avitalt Kahevahel : Kui hajusad on kultuuriruumi piirid? Obituary: Helen Dodson Prince, Helen Dodson Prince, a pioneer in the observation of solar flares, a pioneer in women's rise in the profession of astronomy, and a respected and revered educator of future astronomers, died on 4 February in Arlington, Virginia.

Helen Dodson was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on 31 December Helen went to Goucher College in nearby Towson with a full scholarship in mathematics. She turned to astronomy under the influence of a legendary teacher, Professor Florence P. Lewis, and she graduated in Funded by grants and private charity, she earned the Ph. She returned to Goucher after the war as professor of astronomy and mathematics, and in she came back to Michigan both as professor of astronomy and staff member of the McMath-Hulbert Observatory, of which she became associate director.

In she retired from Michigan and spent her later years in Alexandria, Virginia. She published over articles, mostly on her research specialty, solar flares. Dodson's interest in the Sun began at Michigan, although her dissertation was, like so many Michigan dissertations of the era, on stellar spectroscopy, "A Study of the Spectrum of 25 Orionis. Heber Curtis fostered the growth of the McMath-Hulbert enterprise and brought it into the University.

Dodson's solar activity grew as a. The opsis of Helen : Performative Intertextuality in Euripides. The thesis analyses various design decisions of the implementation of NUMA support -- introducing the hardware topology into the kernel data structures, propagating this information to user space, thread affinity to Pikemalt Helen Sirbist. Redox pioneer:Professor Christine Helen Foyer. Christine Foyer B. During her Ph.

Foyer discovered that ascorbate and glutathione and enzymes linking NADPH, glutathione, and ascorbate are localized in isolated chloroplast preparations. These observations pioneered the discovery of the ascorbate-glutathione cycle, now known as Foyer-Halliwell-Asada pathway after the names of the three major contributors, a crucial mechanism for H 2 O 2 metabolism in both animals and plants. Foyer has made a very significant contribution to our current understanding of the crucial roles of ascorbate and glutathione in redox biology, particularly in relation to photosynthesis, respiration, and chloroplast and mitochondrial redox signaling networks.

Being passionate about science is what carries you through the hard times so that it isn't so much work, as a hobby that you do for a living.

It is the thrill of achieving a better understanding and finding real pleasure in putting new ideas together, explaining data and passing on knowledge that keeps you going no matter what! Christine Helen Foyer. Mineral dust transport toward Hurricane Helene This study investigates the transport of mineral dust from its source regions in West Africa toward the developing tropical cyclone Helene and diagnoses the resulting properties of the air influencing the tropical cyclonegenesis.

The emission of mineral dust between 9 and 14 September occurred in association with the relatively strong monsoon flow and northeasterly trade winds, with gust fronts of convective systems over land, and with the Atlantic inflow. Additionally, increased surface wind speed was linked to orographical effects at the Algerian Mountains, Atlas Mountains, and the Hoggar.

The dust, as part of the Saharan air layer, is transported at low levels by the monsoon flow, the Harmattan, the northeasterly trade winds, and the monsoon trough, and is transported upward in the convergence zone between Harmattan and monsoon flow, in the baroclinic zone along the West African coastline, and by convection. At around hPa the dust is transported by the African easterly jet. Dry and dust-free air is found to the north-northwest of the developing tropical depression due to descent in an anticyclone.

Based on the model data, it was possible to distinguish between dry from the anticyclone , dry and dusty from the Harmattan and northeasterly trade winds , and dusty and moist air from the monsoon flow and in the tropical depression due to convection. Helen M. Walker: Influential in and Still Cited Today. Walker contributed to the field of educational research and statistics during a year career.

Born in Iowa in , Walker earned a bachelor's degree from Iowa Wesleyan College and taught high school mathematics for nine years.

She then taught at the University of Kansas while doing graduate work. One source noted that she was the first…. Tarbekunstimuuseumi vaibakavandite konkursil "Kootud pildid" valiti teostamiseks tekstiilikunstnik Helen Lehismetsa vaibakavand "Aed". Volcano ecology: flourishing on the flanks of Mount St.


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And the only thing a gambler needs Is a suitcase and a trunk And the only time his satisfied Is when he's on a drunk. Oh, mother tell your children Not to do what I have done Spend your life sincere in misery In the house of the Rising Sun One foot on the platform The other foot's on the train I'm going back to New Orleans To wear the ball and chain. I'm through with romance I'm through with love I'm through with counting The stars above And here's the reason That I'm so free My loving baby Is through with me Bye bye love Asking only workman's wages I come looking for a job, But I get no offers, Just a come-on from the whores On Seventh Avenue I do declare, There were times when I was so lonesome I took some comfort there. Lie la lie In the clearing stands a boxer, And a fighter by his trade And he carries the reminders Of ev'ry glove that laid him down Or cut him till he cried out In his anger and his shame, "I am leaving, I am leaving.


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