Very useful to all the students from primary to post-graduate level,home-makers,enthusiasts to learn and improve their skills in English grammar and usage. Thanks for the information I really love your blog posts Spoken English.

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Sujatha, Tirupathi He would have gone there - verb would A. Diaspora: The Q. Suryarao, Vizag his purchases were complete. I got this job opportunity only because of him. Vivek Satyanandam, Korukonda Q. Was any body injured in the accident?

The old man is too weak to walk. The old man is so weak that he can not walk. Which is correct, what is the difference A. It must be complete in with all particulars - between them. What do I call you? Very few kings of the 'complete with all par- world are as great as ticulars'.

Satyanarayana Murthy, Kakinada the world comparative degree. What a beautiful flower the rose is! What a pity! Books for phrasal verbs: Cambridge guide Ch. Venkata Ramana Reddy, Kareemnagar a teacher for the past two years sent perfect tense?

Doesn't used in ques- to phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs in use - by Q. This house belongs to me for a long time. Please explain. This house belongs to me for a longtime - - action mother never travelled by air? Konda Babu, Denduluru correct. So 'My Mother has A. Is it today's paper? Diaspora, Laureate, vast talent, exaggerat- Q. All these people are connected with him.

I have excellent command over joined this - no complete meaning for English. I have excellent command of was a student - English. This sentence, therefore is a complex Complex Which sentence is correct? I have an excellent command of English - A sentence with 2 or more clauses is a com- dent and then correct. He dropped discontinued a The day is hot- This clause has complete money - Simple lowed by to Engineering course.

This elder. Shankar, Kesavapatnam How to change one kind of sentence to walk - Compound. I saw the following line on a reputed pub- another? This is not so difficult. Professor N. She has a musical voice A.

Suresh, Varshakonda experts Just the same, we are sentence. So are, groups of he bought it - compound. Seminar, Congress. Depot, Emporium, Booth, Enterprise. A main clause has complete meaning. Narasimha Rao, Gogannamatham E. The mechanic was to have repaired the J. Open the door, will you? Don't' play chess, will you? It has all fallen in the cer in it, the staff saw him place. Swamy is to be meet at the airport. Nominative Objective Possessive A. Kalidasa is a Indian Shakespeare. Kalidasa is the Shakespeare of India.

Kalidasa is a Shakespeare of India. Kalidasa is the India Shakespeare. A, B and C are respectively the sons of D, E pleasure. You can also talk of any A. Adverbs 1 wrong. I could not help laughing. How lovely the gar den is! Before hand I wish you a happy married life. Past Q. I want to buy a car. I have to buy a car. What a lovely garden it is! How lovely the garden is! Shankar is timid student. That is, Shankar is V. The Professor spoke grimly to the student.

He is kind to his subjects. Why did you take ECE? Please clarify this in telugu. I hold a prospects than any other branch. No less a person than the C. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

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June('09)- 1to4 - Spoken English/Eenadu/Pratibha

Very useful to all the students from primary to post-graduate level,home-makers,enthusiasts to learn and improve their skills in English grammar and usage. Post a Comment. Subscribe in a reader. Ads x60px. Pages Home.





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