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De Bertolt Brecht. Rafael Cruz. This play only is performed on Saturdays and Sundays. Theatre investigation: Rafael Cruz. Direction assistant: Virginia Soprano. Literary adviser: Virginia Soprano. Stage and Wardrobe design: Luis Crespo. Natela Abashrili his wife : Maria Mayeukszbeki.

Grushe Vajnadze, fregona: Empar Alardren. Simon Jajava, soldier: Jairo Mas. Ladys: Rosana Martinez, Irene Moya. Laurenti Vajnadze, brother of Grushe: Julio Santandreu. Aniko, his wife: Andrea Climent. Priest: Miguel Avalos.

Countrywoman: Maria Mateu. Invalid: Irene Moya. Lame: Andrea Climent. Sandrooboladze, lawyer: Irene Moya. This play tells one Chinese legend. Really, it tells two stories: the story of the boy, and the story of the judge. The story of the boy narrates the story of one baby, who is the son of the Governor of a country. He is very rich, and he has a lot of friends, servants, lands… But one day, there is a revolt, and the Governor dies.

His wife must run away, and she leaves her son in the palace when she flees. One servant, called Grushe, finds the baby, and she runs away with him.

She looks after the baby. He made it for help her sister, and Grushe accepted for the baby. Grushe loves Simon, a soldier. At the end, he returns to the war looking for Grushe. And is in this part where the story of the judge starts. But the real mother wants to recover her son, because he is the unique value thing that she has. They go to see the judge, who favours the poor people. At the end, he says that the two mothers are going to stretch the baby and the winner will be the real mother.

But Grushe could not do it. And the judge says that she will be the mother. In this play there are a lot of characters, but I am going to talk about some of them. She only loves the baby at the end, because the baby is male and he is the descendant of the Governor, her husband. She is a servant. She loves a soldier, Simon. She saves the baby from the death, from the soldiers and at the end from his cruel mother.

She gives her life for save the baby. But he is funny because he talks in an odd form, very funny. He heard the cases and then he favoured the poor people, although they were culprits. At the end, he gives the baby to Grushe, using an old form: they should stretch the baby and the winner would be the mother based on Salomon story.

They have a special manner of walk. In this play, the stage is different: it is a central square surrounded with the rows on each side.

When the characters go out to the scene, they are in he corners of the room. But this type of stage makes that the play involves you more, because the action happens in front of you, but also behind of you, and besides you. The stage has a poor illumination, in the sense that in the play there are only around 5 to 10 focus. The majority of female characters appear at the beginning of the play wearing one brown overall.

Then they wear these trousers under the skirt that they wear in the play. Other example can be the clothes of the judge who wears the typical tunic that judges wear. In this play we can emphasize a lot of things that are used in it. For example in each corner of the stage there are a bicycle that has something things behind, representing a cart.

Moreover in the play we can see chairs, blankets, trunks with clothes, two maps at the beginning, bread, a wheelchair… and a lot of different things. In this play there are not many people, because the room is small and only there are rows for these people.

But when I went to see the play, all the seats were taken. The people applaud a lot when the play ended, and they enjoyed a lot with the play, because all of us laugh in some moments, and were in strain where the play was being performed. In my opinion, this play is very good. I think that the story is interesting and funny, and the actors are very good. They perform very well the characters, and they made us enjoy and suffer in the play.

Their representation was well done, and the characters were credible. Moreover, other part that I want to emphasize is the special effects that appear in the play. For example, they use a bicycle for doing a special sound, or for represent the baby they use one boy doll without head, and when they represent the scene where Michell plays with other children, they use this type of boy doll as marionettes.

It seems to me very interesting, different and original. From my point of view, it is a very good play and I enjoyed a lot with it. I recommend it. SPACE In this play, the stage is different: it is a central square surrounded with the rows on each side.


El Círculo de Tiza Caucasiano - Bertolt Brecht



Schweyk en la Segunda Guerra Mundial / El circulo de tiza caucasiano (Teatro Completo, #10)






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