I don't call him, Ted Cruz-ader fer nothin'! He is, the sociopath's, sociopath. And he's what I always feared the most: Someone like Nixon - who was highly intelligent, but is much more of an ideologue and demagogue, than the Ol' Trickster. Who, fortunately, was patriot enough not to be a total sociopath - no matter how much he hated Communism. Ted Cruz-ader cares about nothing, but Ted Cruz-ader - and proving his superiority over all others. I was '90 at Princeton and while I do not remember Cruz, there were many off the deep end Birchers there at the time.

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Embed Size px x x x x Because his story is about a Christian who sufferedfor his faith, and because of a letter he later wrote toour General Conference, we will here tell part of theRichard Wurmbrand story. His book, Tortured for Christ,is well-known and you may already have read it.

Butfew know the following story:. Richard Wurmbrand died on February 17, inWhittier, California, at the age of A Romanian Jew, heand his wife converted to Christianity in He also printed and organized the dis-tribution of a million Russian Gospels to the Russian troopsthat occupied Romania. He was fluent in nine languages,including English. In , two years after the war ended, Wurmbrandwas arrested and imprisoned for 14 years for leading anunderground Christian church and smuggling Bibles intoRussia.

His wife, also a Christian, was imprisoned for threeyears. While in prision he converted several high-ranking se-cret police officers who helped provide his eventual release. In December , the Wurmbrands arrived in Oslo,Norway. Impressedby the freedom of worship, they both cried uncontrollablyduring the entire service. The Lutheran pastor opened hishome to the refugee family while he was checking throughthe U.

Peoplein the West did not know what was happening behind thenewly formed Iron Curtain. Wurmbrands contacts answered, fully reliable, andso he was invited to speak at the largest NATO base chapelmeeting in Oslo.

When the meeting was opened forquesetions, Colonel-Chaplain Cassius Study asked PastorWurmbrand why the West should or should not try to coex-ist with communism. Wurmbrand, always dramatic in hisbehavior, quickly stepped off the podium, snatched thecolonels wallet from his pocket and replied, I took yourmoney, your money is in my pocket.

Lets co-exist! Communism has taken over half the world, and now itwants coexistence. There might be no solution to cancer, headded, but no one has decided to coexist with cancer. Ev-ery thief would like to coexist with the police, but this isunacceptable, Wurmbrand said heatedly. Colonel Sturdy stood up immediately; and, turning tothe audience, he said, Gentlemen, lets send this man toAmerica to snatch the wallets from all the leftists and opentheir eyes.

A collection was taken right then to payWurmbrand to go to the U. An initial itinerary of several speaking engagements wasprepared for him in the Eastern states. But, upon arriving. But, prior to his planned departure, he went to Phila-delphia to visit the only friend he knew, a Jewish-Christianminister. His friend discouraged him from trying to stay inthe United States, declaring that, after years of imprison-ment and torture, Wurmbrand was too feeble to pastor achurch.

You will not be able to raise a salary, were hisfinal words. Before his departure for New York, to board a ship toNorway, Wurmbrand asked his friend to show him a littlebit of Philadelphia.

As they were walking down the street,they came upon a large anti-Vietnam rally. Out of curiosity,the two entered the large building where it was being held. A Presbyterian minister was the main speaker, and hewas telling the people that communist leaders, although athe-ists, were our friends and we should not oppose them.

Wurmbrand went straight for the microphone, shout-ing, You know nothing of communism. I am a doctor [ex-pert] in communism! You should be on the side ofcommunisms victims, instead of defending their torturers. How could you be a doctor in communism, was thesarcastic reply. Here are my credentials, answeredWurmbrand, as he took off his shirt to show deep torturescars on his trunk. The police led Wurmbrand off the stage and told him toput his shirt back on.

But not before newspaper reporterstook dramatic photographs and asked him for interviews. The next day, on page one of nearly all major newspa-pers in America and some overseas, were pictures of historture scars. Requests for interviews and speaking engage-ments poured in. Wurmbrand had to postpone his return to Norway forseveral months while he spoke in various parts of the na-tion.

More speaking engagements followed afterward, andhe had to return once again to America. In May , hetestified before the U. Senates Internal Security sub-com-mittee.

His testimony became the U. Governments mostsold publication during the next three years. In November , Wurmbrand immigrated with hisfamily to the United States.

Immediately, he started theChristan Missions to the Communist World presently calledThe Voice of the Martyrs , a worldwide organization tryingto help Christians persecuted by communist regimes.

Af-ter the fall of the Soviet Union, it switched its activities tohelping persecuted Christians in Arab countries. His book,Tortured for Christ, became one of the first books to alertthe West as to what was taking place in Communist prisons.

In the years following, Wurmbrand spoke all over theworld and helped many people. On one occasion, he was inthe audience when Madalyn Murray OHair, the outspokenatheist, was speaking on a television broadcast. He roseand said, I have traveled throughout the world and haveseen many charitble works such as Christian hospitals and. Jewish orphanages. Could you give me an example of oneatheistic charitable establishment?

OHair was struck dumband could not speak for three minutes. Whereupon, AllanBurke, the moderator, invited Wurmbrand into the debate. He continued to travel and speak past his 85th birth-day; but, during the last five years of his life, he was con-. Now you can better understand why he wrote thefollowing letter to our church leaders.

Wurmbrandknew a lot about our friendly relations with the com-munists. Since he had been a persecuted Christian, hewrites to the General Conference of Seventh-dayAdventists describing the persecution he sawAdventists were receiving and his astonishment atthe attitude of the General Conference to the Com-munist authorities in Russia notwithstanding thispersecution.

In this letter, Mr. Wurmbrand com-ments about an article he saw in an official Sev-enth-day Adventist magazine:. Almostour entire family perished in the Holocaust.

After Ibecame a Christian and a pastor, I was in Nazi pris-ons, and then in Communist jails for 14 years. Now in America, I lead a mission which helpsthe Christians persecuted in Communist countries. Everyday I read reports about Christians who areimprisoned, tortured, and killed there.

This doesnot depress me. What weighs upon me is the un-loving attitude of American Christians toward theirpersecuted brethren. Your magazine is an example of this. In yourarticle about Russia, you find "similarity betweenMarx and God's promises. How can one be a Christian teacher if he doesnot distinguish between what one says and whatone does? I send you my book "Was Karl Marx aSatanist?

Hesays verbatimly that he wishes to ruin the world. To success in this and to catch naives, they speakabout beautiful plans for the world. Are you not aware that the language of criminalseduction and that of love are the same? If I wish agirl for one night, to throw her away afterwards likea dirty rag, I will tell her, "I love you. Before finding "similarity between Marxism andGod's promises," you should have studied Marx andLenin. The latter wrote in a letter to Gorki: "Thou-sands of natural catastrophes and epidemics arepreferable to the slightest notion of God.

Marxism and Christianity in morality, standardsand values, again you show complete ignorance ofMarxism. They glorify violence, murder, lying.

Mybook "The Answer to Moscow's Bible" which I en-close, too, will show that we are at opposite poles. It is true they have no pornography in Russia. They wish their people strong, but they supportpornography in the whole world to weaken theirenemy.

I wonder if you know Russian. If not, as I as-sume, how many of their novels and poetry haveyou read? What radio of theirs have you heard, togive such a preposterous appreciation of what youdo not know? You wrote, "their standards relativeto literature and art resemble what most WesternChristian churches attempt to teach. Richard Wurmbrand and His? View Download 0 Category Documents.

Butfew know the following story: Richard Wurmbrand died on February 17, inWhittier, California, at the age of But, upon arriving alone in New York, most of the meetings were small mili-tary chapel gatherings; and, believing them to be unsuccess-ful, Wurmbrand scheduled an immediate return to Norway.

He roseand said, I have traveled throughout the world and haveseen many charitble works such as Christian hospitals and Jewish orphanages. He continued to travel and speak past his 85th birth-day; but, during the last five years of his life, he was con- fined to his bed.

I am a Jewish Christian pastor who have been persecuted since childhood for being a Jew. This is the major difference between us and Marxists: love toward God and hatred toward Him.

When you write about the parallel between Marxism and Christianity in morality, standardsand values, again you show complete ignorance ofMarxism.


Richard Wurmbrand

Embed Size px x x x x JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. This content downloaded from This phrase is often interpreted in the light of twentieth-century dictator- ships, and particularly Soviet Russia. But to understand what Marx himself may have had in mind the model must be sought else- where. Engels declared: "Look at the Paris Commune.


Karl Marx: Satanista assumido

Di conseguenza, fu imprigionato e torturato del regime comunista rumeno per le sue convinzioni. Dopo aver scontato un totale di quattordici anni di carcere, fu riscattato per 10 dollari. Dopo aver passato del tempo in Norvegia e in Inghilterra , lui e sua moglie Sabina, che pure era stata imprigionata, emigrarono in America e dedicarono il resto della loro vita a pubblicizzare e aiutare i cristiani perseguitati per le loro convinzioni. Visse a Istanbul per un breve periodo.

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