Eugenia V. Vinet Universidad de La Frontera, Chile. Correspondencia :. The high rate of anxiety disorders, depression and stress detected in Chilean university students requires a standardized instrument of diagnosis, enabling timely intervention for these disturbances.

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AutoevaluaciĆ³n de ansiedad de Zung

Correspondencia a :. Item analysis was performed, calculating the internal consistency and factor structure study by confirmatory factor analysis CFA. The cut-off points were found by ROC curves. Two-factor structure was replicated. HADS has optimal psychometric properties in FM and its useful as a screening tool to assess anxious-depressive symptoms in FM patients. Keywords: HADS, fibromyalgia, psychometric analysis, sensitivity, specificity.


Study of depressive symptoms according to Zung's self-rating scale on men deprived of freedom in a city of Colombia. Barrera-Valencia 2 , A. Benito-Devia 3 , M. Figueroa-Barrera 4 , S. Franco-Idarraga 5.



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