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Conjunct action of gamma radiation and casiopeinas in two cellular types ; Accion conjunta de radiacion gamma y casiopeinas en dos tipos celulares. In Mexico the cancer occupies the second place in the causes of death and although already there are diverse useful treatments to attack this suffering, the search of new pharmaceuticals that present positive effect in the treatment of the cancer there is taken to the development of a group of substances called Casiopeinas.

Its present different cytotoxicity levels, as well as in vitro antineoplastic activity in diverse tissues derived of tumors. Even its ignore the mechanisms of it action, but one of them, it could be by generation of reactive species of oxygen ERO , mediated by the metallic center that contain.

Thinking of this possibility was carried out in vitro experiments, exposing lymphocytes or HeLa cells, to ionizing radiation, at two casiopeinas Casiopeina llgly and the Casiopeina Ill-e-a or the combination of both agents, in order to determine if the antineoplastic capacity of both types of treatments increase in conjunct action. To determine it its were carried out cytotoxicity tests by means of the differential dyeing of fluorescein diacetate and etidio bromide, in these the cells alive fluorescein in green color while the dead ones only the nucleus of red tinged.

The genotoxicity was evaluated by means of the comet essay. The results hurtled that as much the casiopeinas as the radiation by separate don't present difference among both cellular types , probably due to the used method that only quantifies the damages at the moment and not to long term.

And according to those treatments on the whole only to the concentrations and the doses more high it favors the additive effect due to an overproduction of free radicals that not can be neutralized.

According to the genotoxicity, only proven for the radiation indicates that the HeLa cells presents a major number of. According to the genotoxicity, only proven for the radiation indicates that the HeLa cells presents a major number of cells. Cellular networks have been engineered and optimized to carrying ever-increasing amounts of mobile data, but over the last few years, a new class of applications based on machine-centric communications has begun to emerge.

Automated devices such as sensors, tracking devices, and meters - often referred to as machine-to-machine M2M or machine- type communications MTC - introduce an attractive revenue stream for mobile network operators, if a massive number of them can be efficiently support Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Pathogenic mycobacteria achieve cellular persistence by inhibiting the Niemann-Pick Type C disease cellular pathway. Tuberculosis remains a major global health concern.

The ability to prevent phagosome-lysosome fusion is a key mechanism by which intracellular mycobacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis , achieve long-term persistence within host cells. The mechanisms underpinning this key intracellular pro-survival strategy remain incompletely understood. Host macrophages infected with persistent mycobacteria share phenotypic similarities with cells taken from patients suffering from Niemann-Pick Disease Type C NPC , a rare lysosomal storage disease in which endocytic trafficking defects and lipid accumulation within the lysosome lead to cell dysfunction and cell death.

We investigated whether these shared phenotypes reflected an underlying mechanistic connection between mycobacterial intracellular persistence and the host cell pathway dysfunctional in NPC. The induction of NPC phenotypes in macrophages from wild- type mice or obtained from healthy human donors was assessed via infection with mycobacteria and subsequent measurement of lipid levels and intracellular calcium homeostasis.

The effect of NPC therapeutics on intracellular mycobacterial load was also assessed. Reduced lysosomal calcium levels may provide a mechanistic explanation for the reduced levels of phagosome-lysosome fusion in mycobacterial infection. Treatments capable of correcting defects in NPC mutant cells via modulation of host cell calcium were of benefit in promoting clearance of mycobacteria. Differing types of cellular phone conversations and dangerous driving.

This study sought to investigate the relationship between cell phone conversation type and dangerous driving behaviors. It was hypothesized that more emotional phone conversations engaged in while driving would produce greater frequencies of dangerous driving behaviors in a simulated environment than more mundane conversation or no phone conversation at all. Participants were semi-randomly assigned to one of three conditions: 1 no call, 2 mundane call, and, 3 emotional call.

While driving in a simulated environment, participants in the experimental groups received a phone call from a research confederate who either engaged them in innocuous conversation mundane call or arguing the opposite position of a deeply held belief of the participant emotional call. Participants in the no call and mundane call groups differed significantly only on percent time spent speeding and center line crossings, though the mundane call group consistently engaged in more of all dangerous driving behaviors than did the no call participants.

Participants in the emotional call group engaged in significantly more dangerous driving behaviors than participants in both the no call and mundane call groups, with the exception of traffic light infractions, where there were no significant group differences.

Though there is need for replication, the authors concluded that whereas talking on a cell phone while driving is risky to begin with, having emotionally intense conversations is considerably more dangerous.

All rights reserved. Cellular protein quality control and the evolution of aggregates in spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 SCA3. Seidel, K. Seidel, M. Meister, G.

Dugbartey, M. Zijlstra, J. Vinet, E. Brunt, F. Rub, H. Kampinga and W. Hipnoticos corticales y basilares y acciones anticonvulsivantes. Los resultados son los siguientes: 1. Existen significativas diferencias cualitativas y cuantitativas entre las convulsiones del animal no anestesiado y las convulsiones del animal durante la narcosis por cloralosa.

Se discute la posibilidad de que el sistema internuncial sea el que principalmente se estimula. Almost periodic cellular neural networks with neutral- type proportional delays.

This paper presents a new result on the existence, uniqueness and generalised exponential stability of almost periodic solutions for cellular neural networks with neutral- type proportional delays and D operator. Based on some novel differential inequality techniques, a testable condition is derived to ensure that all the state trajectories of the system converge to an almost periodic solution with a positive exponential convergence rate.

The effectiveness of the obtained result is illustrated by a numerical example. Underlay of low-rate machine- type D2D links on downlink cellular links. MTC devices MTDs pose new challenges to the cellular network, such as low transmission power and massive access that can lead to overload The results show that SIC is an important enabler of low-power underlay D2D transmission for low-rate machine- type traffic; however, it may incur a significant rate penalty for the cellular users when trying to meet the outage requirements of the MTC link The low-rate requirement for this D2D Effects of type I collagen coating on titanium osseointegration: histomorphometric, cellular and molecular analyses.

The investigation of titanium Ti surface modifications aiming to increase implant osseointegration is one of the most active research areas in dental implantology.

This study was carried out to evaluate the benefits of coating Ti with type I collagen on the osseointegration of dental implants. Acid etched Ti implants AETi , either untreated or coated with type I collagen ColTi , were placed in dog mandibles for three and eight weeks for histomorphometric, cellular and molecular evaluations of bone tissue response. While the histological aspects were essentially the same with both implants being surrounded by lamellar bone trabeculae, histomorphometric analysis showed more abundant bone formation in ColTi, mainly at three weeks.

Cellular evaluation showed that cells harvested from bone fragments in close contact with ColTi display lower proliferative capacity and higher alkaline phosphatase activity, phenotypic features associated with more differentiated osteoblasts. Confirming these findings, molecular analyses showed that ColTi implants up-regulates the expression of a panel of genes well known as osteoblast markers. Our results present a set of evidences that coating AETi with collagen fastens the osseointegration by stimulating bone formation at the cellular and molecular levels, making this combination of morphological and biochemical modification a promising approach to treat Ti surfaces.

Expression weighted cell type enrichments reveal genetic and cellular nature of major brain disorders. Full Text Available The cell types that trigger the primary pathology in many brain diseases remain largely unknown.

One route to understanding the primary pathological cell type for a particular disease is to identify the cells expressing susceptibility genes. Although this is straightforward for monogenic conditions where the causative mutation may alter expression of a cell type specific marker, methods are required for the common polygenic disorders. We developed the Expression Weighted Cell Type Enrichment EWCE method that uses single cell transcriptomes to generate the probability distribution associated with a gene list having an average level of expression within a cell type.

We hypothesised that the primary cell type pathology could trigger secondary changes in other cell types and these could be detected by applying EWCE to transcriptome data from diseased tissue.

These findings give novel insight into the cellular origins and progression in common brain disorders. The methods can be applied to any tissue and disorder and have applications in validating mouse models. Niemann-pick type C1 NPC1 overexpression alters cellular cholesterol homeostasis. The Niemann-Pick type C1 NPC1 protein is a key participant in intracellular trafficking of low density lipoprotein cholesterol, but its role in regulation of sterol homeostasis is not well understood.

NPC1 overexpression increases the rate of trafficking of low density lipoprotein cholesterol to the endoplasmic reticulum and the rate of delivery of endosomal cholesterol to the plasma membrane PM. This increase in PM cholesterol is closely paralleled by a 3-fold increase in de novo cholesterol synthesis. Inhibition of cholesterol synthesis results in marked redistribution of PM cholesterol to intracellular sites, suggesting an unsuspected role for NPC1 in internalization of PM cholesterol.

Taken together, these studies provide important new insights into the role of NPC1 in the determination of the levels and distribution of cellular cholesterol. In this paper, we derive the distribution of the channel-holding time when both cell-residence and call-holding times are phase- type distributed.

Furthermore, the distribution of the number of handovers, the conditional channel-holding time distributions, and the channel-holding time when cell re All distributions are of phase type , making them very general and flexible. The channel-holding times are of importance in performance evaluation and simulation of cellular mobile communication systems Furthermore, the distribution of the number of handovers, the conditional channel-holding time distributions, and the channel-holding time when cell Full Text Available The immuno-regulatory mechanisms of ILproducing type 1 regulatory T Tr1 cells have been widely studied over the years.

However, several recent discoveries have shed new light on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that human Tr1 cells use to control immune responses and induce tolerance. We also highlight the role that Tr1 cells play in promoting and maintaining tolerance in autoimmunity, allergy, and transplantation.

Estos errores que, basados en el Informe del Bureau Securitas y Secotec, realizado sobre 2. Formation of cellular films consisting of wurtzite- type zinc oxide nanosheets by mediation of phosphate anions. We successfully prepared a wide variety of wurtzite- type zinc oxide films exhibiting columnar, cellular and densely packed morphologies in a simple aqueous solution system containing phosphate anions.

As the phosphate concentration increased, the shape of crystalline units composing the films varied from hexagonal needles into seaweed-like sheets. A novel type of open cellular structures was obtained by assembly of nanoscale zinc oxide sheets covered with phosphate. Specific adsorption of phosphate anions on of the wurtzite- type crystal flattened the crystal grains, and then induced the structural evolution into a cellular form. A blue shift of the absorption edge suggested that the quantum size effect occurred in the nanoscale platy crystals composing the cellular films.

Phase transitions in pancreatic islet cellular networks and implications for type -1 diabetes. In many aspects the onset of a chronic disease resembles a phase transition in a complex dynamic system: Quantitative changes accumulate largely unnoticed until a critical threshold is reached, which causes abrupt qualitative changes of the system. Using percolation theory we show how normal islet function is intrinsically linked to network connectivity. Furthermore, the interplay between site percolation and bond strength predicts the existence of a transient phase of islet functional recovery after onset of T1D and introduction of treatment, potentially explaining the honeymoon phenomenon.

An extinction-survival- type phase transition in the probabilistic cellular automaton pq We investigate the critical behaviour of a probabilistic mixture of cellular automata CA rules and in Wolfram's enumeration scheme by mean-field analysis and Monte Carlo simulations. We found that as we switch off one CA and switch on the other by the variation of the single parameter of the model, the probabilistic CA PCA goes through an extinction-survival- type phase transition, and the numerical data indicate that it belongs to the directed percolation universality class of critical behaviour.


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Zafra , C. Pathophysiology of the glutamate and the glycine transporters: new therapeutic targets Introduction. The first one is ubiquitous and is involved in excitatory pathways of the neocortex, the retina and the cerebellum, and the second is involved in inhibitory pathways of brain caudal areas. However, both share their way of acting by integrating into the functioning of glutamate receptors of the NMDA type fundamentals in the regulation of motor, sensory and cognitive systems.


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Monofluoroacetate poisoning in animals. Monofluoroacetate MF or monofluoroacetic acid is used in Australia and New Zealand for control of native or exotic mammals. The compounds are prohibited in Brazil, as they remain stable for decades and as risk for poisoning of animals and men exists. Cases of criminal and accidental poisonings have been reported in the country. MF was identified in several poisonous plants, the ingestion of which causes "sudden death"; in cattle in South Africa, Australia and Brazil.

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