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Steps to follow 1. After the payment you hve to pay for the Statement for Modifications and Replacements as follows:. Go to a Tax Agency or Tax Office with the requirements and payments made.

After the procedure, enter your Virtual Agency to reproduce your electronic badges. If you do not have the Circulation Card, you must pay for the process for the replacement thereof at the Authorized Banks, the amount of Q Saltar al contenido. NIT Rectification. Individual Person. Legal Person. After the payment you hve to pay for the Statement for Modifications and Replacements as follows: Enter Declaraguate and look for the Form Search option.

Enter the form number and the access. The button of the document of the Procedure will be generated at the bottom of the page, which you must print it and attach to the requirements.

The plates will be delivered to the Tax Agency or Office where you made the procedure. When appropriate. If you do not have Virtual Agency, click here to request it. If by theft or robbery: attach the original of the complaint filed before the Public Ministry.

If by loss or misplacement: attach the notice filed with the National Civil Police or the document issued by the Public Ministry, showing the original seal. Offices or Agencies for perform the procedure. Submit SAT Form payment slip issued by the bank. Before you go to the Tax Administration you must perform the expert or physical inspection of the vehicle at the DEIC-PNC authorized headquarters and complete the process at the Vehicles Tax Registry in a term of 6 working day from the day of the inspection.

To make the NIT Rectification of rental or urban use plates, submit the authorization for the concession of the line issued by the Municipality where the service will be provided. Appointment of the Legal Representative and photocopy or certified copy by an Authorized Notary.


Vehicle Registration

The bank will give you the Password to pay the Tax on Vehicle Circulation, which you must cancel at the bank. After the procedure, enter your Virtual Agency to reproduce your electronic badges. If you do not have the Virtual Agency, click here to request it. In addition to the established requirements, you must attach the original and a copy of the authorization issued by the Traffic Department of the National Civil Police, in accordance with Article 21 of Governmental Agreement Number , Regulation of the Traffic Law. Saltar al contenido. Vehicle Registration. Individual Person.


NIT Rectification

Consequently, any of the exceptions and limitations in Sections 8 and 9 of the Terms do not apply to you if you are a consumer living in a country in the European Union. In such cases, you and Eid agree to submit to the courts in New York, New York or the southern district of New York and refrain from any objection to the jurisdiction over the parties of such courts to the jurisdiction of such courts. In some cases, we may continue to pay a payment method after the expiration date at your sole discretion, subject to the approval of the payment processor or issuing bank. Additionally, all features may not be available if the user you communicate uses a different version of the services using third party software.



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