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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Meet Johnny Trunley and his rotund rivals We are, apparently, the second fattest nation in Europe - Hungary leads the pack - and face a sort of obesity time bomb that will eventually do for us all as an explosion of blubber overwhelms the already hard-pressed NHS. How should we deal with this crisis? On the one hand, the suggestion was made last year that being overweight should be classed as a disability; panicked employers had visions of being forced to install expensive cranes to get their wobbling workforce into their reinforced steel office chairs.

Then, in recent weeks, obesity reared its jowly head again, but now, rather than a disability, it had become part of a discourse around the civic, rather than personal, good: the well-upholstered among us were not so much disabled as immoral, and if being prevented from doing a useful job by their mountainous girth they should have their benefits removed until they demonstrate the ability to step away from the trough.

Fat, it seems, is the latest moral panic to exercise the pencil-thin guardians of middle class morality and the advocates of restraint. As Jan Bondeson shows, Johnny was neither victim nor villain in his own remarkable story: he assiduously avoided the efforts of the moral improvers, dodged the outsized school desk they had made for him, and carved out a career for himself as a prodigy in the music halls and sideshows of the country, earning not opprobrium but admiration - not to mention hard cash - with his corpulent frame.

The evidence suggests Johnny Trunley would have fallen into the latter category, his moral failings literally made flesh as he tipped the scales at 33 stone kg , becoming the heaviest person in Britain.

But rather than relying on hand-outs, Johnny monetised his mass; and when he Anally slimmed down in later life he took a normal job and remained a well-liked member of the local community. Turn to page 36 as SD Tucker reveals the full, and very strange, story of Dali and the overweight phantoms. Cannock Chase in Staffordshire must now be the high strangeness hotspot of Britain if coverage in the tabloids is to be believed.

Is Slender Man becoming a catch- all term for all sorts of spooky entities? People:Power is at the heart of what we do - the more people who join us, the more sources of green energy we can build. Call us free on quoting bigd or visit www. By the time the Icelandic Eddas were written down in the 13th century, an active belief in the pantheon of historic gods they describe was already archaic.

For centuries, however, the Viking world from Iceland to the Black Sea had been shaped by the belief in the central world tree of Yggdrasil, the hammer-wielding god Thor, the one-eyed, raven-attended Odin, the fertility goddess Freyja, and a host of elves, trolls and nature spirits.

These stories are alive. The Asatrii Association was founded in and officially recognised as a religion the following year, allowing it to conduct legally binding ceremonies blot and collect a Belief in eives and troiis is widespread in the country share of the church tax.

It is about to build its first temple or hof, where celebrants can worship Thor, Odin and Freyja aka Frigg. It will be the first pagan temple to be built in the country since the Viking age, 1, years ago. It should accommodate people at a time. The temple will host ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. The group will also conduct naming ceremonies and coming of age rituals.

The faithful will gather for weekly study and for the five main feasts of the year, when they will recite poems round a central fire, make sacrificial drink offerings to the gods and feast on sacred horsemeat. Unlike some pagan groups, they do not practise animal sacrifice, and have severed all ties with groups espousing far-right ideology. About a third of Asatru members are women. The terrible death of Alexander Litvinenko in London in see FT; made the front pages all over the world.

Litvinenko, an ex-FSB operative who had made his own contribution to conspiracy literature, was poisoned with the deadly Polonium , apparently delivered via that most genteel of English institutions, a cup of tea.

Strong rumours in the intelligence community suggested at the time that Iran was behind the attack, and that Hezbollah - a Lebanese organisation that has been in conflict with Israel for more than 25 years - carried it out. The circumstances of his death are markedly suspicious, and fertile ground for the conspiratorial imagination. Did his bodyguards abandon him?

Was he about to spill the beans on a government cover-up? Why did he borrow a gun from a friend the weapon that killed him only days before his death?

Both these cases have to be seen against a background of renewed conflict. Behind Lugovoi and Kovtun, according to this rendition, stands the figure of Vladimir Putin, the strongman busy, and equally pruriently fascinated; they are feeding off each other as they feed off the tragedies. The death of federal prosecutor Alberto www.

Nisman was whats-behind-the-buenos-aires-cover-up. Standard, 8 May Many fires for chair to put out Toronto Star, 19 June FT 5 www. The festivities appear to have been too much for one exhausted participant. Asked on a religious website if fathers could build snowmen for their children.

The four-year-old has been thrilling audiences nationwide with her owner, Krystyna Lennon. She has been signed up to perform in Dubai and Australia. Metro, 11 Nov She found the animal when he was a baby, abandoned in the swamps of Louisiana. He was so defenceless, lying next to the mud and water, curled, crying like a baby. His parents were either dead or they had abandoned him.

He accepted me as a friend right away. I took him home only for three nights to nurse him back to health. He particularly liked tomatoes. After releasing him back into the wilderness, he kept coming back to her small house.

Eventually, she says, the beast grew up, and one night she had a pleasant surprise. At first the other guy was shy, hiding behind the bushes, but little by little, he began to trust me too. So there we were, sitting on my porch, two Bigfoots and I, having dinner under the moon. Then I had to move out because of my age, but I know they are still there, a big group of Bigfoots. I taught them about hunters and other people that might hurt them and not to trust any humans.

She plans to publish her secret journal someday, she said. Cryptozoology News, 12 Jan Hearing that there had been a possible sighting in a small wooded nature reserve in Eriskney, Lincolnshire, he and some colleagues went to investigate. They heard some strange noises and photographed suspiciously large footprints. It shows something dark, a different colour against all that greenery. Telmatobius coleus, a critically endangered water frog from Lake Titicaca, is killed, peeled, and put in a blender with carrots, Peruvian maca root and honey.

There is no scientific evidence confirm- ing any medicinal benefits. Is something lurking in the woods in a Lincolnshire nature reserve? His group have allegedly collected reports of the creatures across Britain, including 50 in Scotland. His interest was piqued while on holiday in Florida at the age of 15 when he spotted a large orangutan-like creature with reddish-brown hair crouching in bushes.

In one of his videos, taken in June at Yellowham Hill, in Puddletown Forest, Dorset, he recorded a clamour of eerie howls. One of his pictures, also taken at Yellowham Hill, shows what appears to be the ungainly footprint of a large human- like creature. She described it as having an ape- like physique, a mouth the same as ours, a huge jaw and dark, tanned, weathered skin covered in dark brown hair, mirror.

Charmaine, originally from Monikie but now living in Edinburgh, has a degree in psychology from St Andrews University. Just before I got onto the track, the dog stopped suddenly and started to growl, whine and bare her teeth. I looked up to see a large black figure further along the track standing with its back to me. It was reaching up to a branch on a tree at the side of the track and was tall, of thick build with no neck and wide shoulders.

I remember standing in shock for a second or two before screaming and turning to run back to the house. Needless to say, my reports of seeing a monster were not taken seriously and dismissed as probably being a neighbour. Charmaine, a mother of one, has recently found out about other possible Bigfoot sightings north-east of Carmyllie.

She has joined the British Bigfoot Research team as they look to gather evidence. The man, who asked not to be named, said the encounter happened in August around 3. As I approached, the figure stepped out in front of my car and I naturally brought it to a halt.

Its eyes gave out a shine which was very noticeable and it crossed the road in about three large strides. There was an unpleasant odour in the air and suddenly I got a feeling I was being watched as everything went very quiet.

I then continued home. Thinking back, this individual was well over seven feet [2m] tall and a dark brown colour. Its hair was of reasonable length.

I have never seen this again anywhere in Scotland and only confided in my partner. I know unequivocally what I saw and it is still clear in my mind as if it had happened yesterday. Its future profitability depends, to some extent, on the discovery of an actual manimal, dead or alive. Biscardi claims to have encountered manimals seven times, but in two men in Georgia sold him a furry carcase, 7ft 7in 2. It turned out to be a rubber gorilla costume stuffed with animal parts and outfitted with a set of teeth that might have been bovine.

Oh well, better luck next time! Times, 24 Jan BBC News, 8 Jan Sunday People, 30 Nov Metro, 15 Jon Queensland Courier-Mail, 29 Nov First identified in Britain in in Gloucestershire, a colony invaded a house in Hendon, north-west London, last year and more have been found in Buckinghamshire.


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