Our mature students or teachers have a history in their field of hermetics and are fully committed to ensuring that each and every student under them gains the abilities their course offers. Be aware of yourself at all times, be conscious and awake throughout your daily life. Imagine discipline of thoughts controlling your own mind taking control and having the rains for once and for all. Become able to empty your mind at any moment and fill it with positive thoughts and emotions, taking over from the uncontrolled subvocalization of uncontrolled thoughts rather transmute them into positive habits. So many benefits to head standing, not only can you give your organs a rest from gravities pull , you also refresh the brain with oxygen-rich blood and strengthen the nerves and much much more. We have more than one body, in that we have the physical, mental and emotional parts, to our whole selves which need to be trained at the same time to achieve equilibrium.

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Many thanks for taking part in this interview. Welcome to StudentsofFranzBardon. Clint Sabom:Thanks so much for having me here. And I host a podcast, too, which can be found on our webpage. I discovered Bardon through the work of Lee Irwin, a religious scholar with whom I briefly corresponded.

This was in or so, and it seemed like no one I knew had heard of Bardon. Now he seems to be getting more attention with the internet. VOM: Franz Bardon said he expected step 1 to be completed inside of 2 weeks. Do you think this was realistic or the first of many tests of the students 'Will'.

And the people that do these perfectly are probably few and far between on the planet. Did you follow the method from IIH or come up with your own approach? I did this step and every step following the method in IIH.

Overtime, I think I took lots of the breathing exercises and adjusted them some, but it all started from the foundation of the instructions in IIH. I went through all the exercises without feeling like I had perfected any of them.

But my ultimate take-away was the degree to which one can master these exercises is proportional to their own overall spiritual evolution, regardless of path. So my advice would be to get stronger in body, mind, and soul, with whatever path or method works best, and your capacity to get results from Bardon exercises will increase.

Also seeing that you are a person who likes to use weights etc for your physical health, have you found ways to integrate the two? Clint Sabom: I think movement, exercise, weights, yoga, and things like that are good to increase kinesthetic awareness and vitality. Condensed heat and condensed water counterbalances that. Whenever Carlos Castenada began to dissociate, the shaman Don Juan threw him in water. I think the capacity to accumulate vital force is something that comes as the sum total of everything you do and are.

Bardon mentions it early in the text, and he mentions many abilities as if they are a singular thing. And it could have been something as simple as practicing more regularly, rearranging furniture, being less stressed with work projects, or getting more sleep.

But once I did start feeling it, I knew I was doing something right, that my energy had found a sort of optimal center. Like finding a sweet spot. And then being sure to stay there. ELEMENTS: Getting in contact with what Rawn Clark called the principle of the element can be difficult as at that point the student has no real idea of what this and when it is make believe and when this goal is finally achieved.

What are your thoughts here? I think you can associate different elements with different emotions and start there. It can extend from work on the soul mirror. I also think some people are predisposed to certain elements in the same way people are predisposed to certain emotional temperaments.

So if you can get in touch with just one element then that is good. The book presupposes years of experience in meditation prior to starting it, I think. Some people just may not be sensitive enough yet for this work, just like some may be too sensitive. Can you comment on the significance of this exercise? We come here through ourselves.

And we find the depth point like we remember childhood summers. What if the entire universe was a projection of your own mind? Would you have any trouble finding the depth point of a tree? Would it even matter? SOFB: Also can you comment on the difference between the spatial center of a thing and the depth point of a thing. Spatial center could be verified empirically.

Or, in this case, your experience becomes the object. The depth point is like the heart of the object, the core, the fundamental essence. But it can be experienced visually, as if there is some magnet inside or soul inside through which to play with it. Has this been a useful part of your training and if so how have you applied these rituals in your training and daily life.

And I made this entire condensed ritual by placing my tongue a certain way in my mouth. And then I stopped the practice altogether, forgot what the ritual was, but now I sometimes find myself placing my tongue in my mouth that way automatically.

I wonder if this explains half of my life since?! Suffice to say I am not the best one to ask advice about this. SOFB: Thank you for the background. I think this is a great question to ask as for myself everything inside the book is something for me to test and validate through my practice so nothing is taken on faith. You did this video several years ago where you state you think everything is real, has your opinion on this, the book, exercises or indeed Franz Bardon changed since this time?

One, I think the people on the planet who are able to do all IIH exercises would not write this book. Nor do I think their own path set out to do these things. I think Bardon was someone else. I subscribe to the theory that some entity entered him around age 14 or whatever happened.

I think The Hermetic Hour gives a description of this theory in an episode on Bardon. But here I am, saying yes, I think something supernatural and bizarre happened with Bardon, and we may never know the details. But, yes, I think the metaphysics of the Cosmos are generally set up as he describes and the exercises are possible for humans. Could you expound upon your thoughts on PME? Do you think Bardon expected many to get to this stage?

Can you share any of your experiences with the beings of PME? Also you mentioned in one of your comments on youtube that you felt PME was not a responsible book to write.

Can you explain what you mean? But my concern would be that people would use Bardon and it would make their mental illness worse. I tell anyone with a history of psychosis to stop Bardon immediately, practice Buddhist mindfulness, get a gym membership, and try to get on a regular schedule of eating, sleeping, and psychotropic meds if necessary. Of course, no one likes to hear this, which just goes to show valid my concern really is.

At a certain point in PME, I had the thought that maybe Bardon himself had been possessed by one of the kinds of entities he talks about.

But even if it was Bardon and he just had the intention to teach - why let this knowledge loose upon anyone? This could drive people to depths of insanity and inner torment beyond comprehension, if they fall prey to some sort of succubus-like force. The forces could come through another person, a random occurrence, any number of things. Some believe it is truly groundbreaking and represents a very high level of accomplishment while others feel it is not useful or even not Kabbalah.

What are your thoughts upon this and what has been your experience of using the Cosmic Letters. How dumb can a species be! That never happened and probably never will. So I put it away. SOFB: Rigor in our practice. I often ask about the subject of delusions and deluding ourselves as I feel it is important to stay alert to the tricks of the mind.

So I ask how can we remain viglant in our practice to ensure that a standard really has been achieved. What would you advise to students to ensure they make timely progress while not deluding themselves. Although I suppose you could love the task of trying to master something.

But the point is to do this because you enjoy it rather than be concerned about how hard or easy it is or how good or bad you think you are doing. And if you love it, you will do it regularly. And if you do it regularly over the years, your own practice and life itself will keep you plenty honest. They need others to think that they are advanced.

Which is also a stage. Based upon what you know now? Before this interview I was all set to be dismissive of Bardon. But in answering the questions I started looking through IIH for the first time in over a year. Should I have never put it down? Should I have made it more central? But thanks for bringing me back to it!

However our paths unfold, IIH is a fountain perpetually overflowing. Can you tell us more about it and how if at all your work with IIH fits into this project? Clint Sabom: Contemplative Light grew out of our experience in contemplative Christianity.

More interestingly, though, we have a lot of material at Contemplative Light about Integral Theory, which I think is an extension of Hermetic alchemy that provides missing pieces as well as reframes many concepts found in Bardon.

Real paranormal abilities are rare. Superstition and mystification are drugs.


Step 3 Bardon’s IIH

Many thanks for taking part in this interview. Welcome to StudentsofFranzBardon. Clint Sabom:Thanks so much for having me here. And I host a podcast, too, which can be found on our webpage. I discovered Bardon through the work of Lee Irwin, a religious scholar with whom I briefly corresponded. This was in or so, and it seemed like no one I knew had heard of Bardon. Now he seems to be getting more attention with the internet.


Franz Bardon - Initiation into Hermetics

Neutralwire and Thelerner are the two Bardonists around here. I haven't seen Newt here in awhile, so you might pm them. Part of the system is to never, ever talk about results I started on step 1 just recently. Will be working on step two maybe in a week or two I've got a lot of stuff going on in life right now, so I'm just practicing what I can.


Franz Bardon

Franz Bardon 1 December — 10 July was a Czech occultist and student and teacher of Hermetics. He was born in Troppau Opava , Austrian Silesia. Bardon was rescued by Soviet soldiers who raided the camp. Bardon continued his work in the fields of Hermetics until when he was arrested and imprisoned in Brno , Czechoslovakia.

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