Green St. I am the luckiest man in the world. I planned it this way. I practice as much as I can, talk on the phone, sell DVDs, treat patients, see clients, talk on my cell phone, and live the life that most Tai Chi students and instructors can only dream of. I love what I do and love helping people improve their personal and professional lives.

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Green St. I just decided to record video clips of each lesson. Long, hard, and slow…. Clygar gmail. Or call me at or I practiced hours a day for the first 10 years. I have no peers or contemporaries. I carry the vibration and use it to help people. I look forward to helping you. I am the most direct path to cultivating JING. Private lessons are also available. Nights can be arranged! I do House Parties which makes it easy to you to care for your fiends and family.

These practices are the most important practices in all internal kung fu. Learning Tai Chi without these practices is a false start. If you want in, let me know A. Request the PPT Brochure. I will do everything I can to make you better… Things that nobody else can or will. Call me to discuss your specifics. They lied and broke all their promises.

Cicero seems like a dream come true! Make direct contact with me to make your appointments at: Clygar gmail. The Bill Campbell Show, Chicagoing Youth is wasted on the young, but energy cultivation is never lost! Chi circulations, Jing cultivation, and anti-aging nutrition can create the fountain of youth inside your body! These practices combined with anti-aging supplements will dramatically improve your energy and aliveness levels. It only takes three hours to learn my Chi Kung system done one time.

When you learn these practices, you will yangize everything about you. You will change your constitution, get healthy, become vibrant, and have more vitality then ever before. This also means having more energy surging through your body. I am the only teacher in America that focuses on creating your internal vacuum as The Starting Point, but it is the main theme during all the subsequent practices.

Make direct contact with me at: Clygar gmail. Stop wasting your time, money, and hope. This program is designed to bring out The Alpha Male you were always meant to be. This involves attitude, sexual energy, perfect projection skills, more condensing then ever before, diet, etc. My Chi Kung method is unique and powerful.

Call me to discuss your perfect option. Study with me and you can become the bright light too. Power-up your personal practice regardless of who your teacher was. Become a Warrior! Contact me to discuss your specifics. Most of the other Tai Chi and Qigong teachers teach basically the same generic material.

What I do is completely different. My system is completely organized and prioritized. Call to get in. Thanks to Frank. Visit and go see www. What will be your favorite element? Any interest? Email me. Request the outline. Since I practice all day long, you can meet with me.

Call and Skype me to make your arrangements right now! Schedule your sessions today. Practice with me on Skype: Clygar. Comments are good, even from bitchy assholes. Call me to talk! Register NOW! Register today, get the DVD today.

Practice and get cleaned up in the workshop. Eight Brochades and Silk Reeling can be learned in many books. Hell, I even learned this from a book before I was ever exposed to Tai Chi. Wake up and reach your potential.

Learn Condensing Breathing, Part 1 and Part 2, from the videos below. Cultivating your JING can start today. These practices are unique, powerful, and completely organized. All you have to do is follow directions. You can manage your moods with these practices.

These practices will help you adapt to the season changes. Cultivate your micro currents and human energy waves. My system is completely organized for that purpose. Order here! This is for serious practitioners only. Every time I touch somebody, their life changes. Other health practitioners rarely send me referrals because my rate of healing improvement is too fast.

It makes THEM look lazy, incapable, and dishonest. The reason people get better so quickly from my treatments is about intention. I use my Jing internal power on everybody I treat. What others talk about, I actually do. My goal is to get you better as fast as possible. This is what everybody is seeking… Patient centered care, Personal Energy Medicine. Control your mood swings. Stabilize your energy levels. Stimulate your inspiration. Develop self-excitement! Nothing beats the human healing vibration.

When you increase your human vibration everything speeds up… Your thinking processes. Your healing speed. Your decision making ability and more… I have it and I use it!!! Yes there are requirements. Start NOW! We must adapt our practice internal environment to our external environment. Contact me to make the switch. You really can treat yourself. I am offering 5-Element Nei Kung instruction on Skype. Call me about it! I am not just a repeater. I am an innovator.

This innovation comes in the form of organizing, compressing, and the creation of sub-sets.


Gary J. Clyman L.Ac.






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