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Quick Links. Download this manual. Digital control and display of time and temperature. Please read this manual before operating the Hakko Keep this manual readily accessible for reference. Table of Contents. This unit features: Digital control and display of time and temperature Display of air-flow rate Manual and automatic modes Built-in vacuum pickup Please read this manual before operating the Hakko A large Hakko station Page 3: Safety Instructions Advise those in the work area that the unit can reach very high temperatures and should be considered potentially dangerous.

Turn the power OFF when no longer using the Hakko or when leaving it unattended. Before replacing parts or storing the unit, allow the unit to cool and then turn the power OFF. Use this section for displaying and setting the temperature. Use these buttons to increase and decrease the temperature. Station Assembly Attach the handpiece holder. Remove the handpiece holder mounting screw from the side of the station.

Attach the handpiece holder to the station. Figure 1 The handpiece holder can be installed on either the left or right side. Figure 1 B. Page 7 Using vacuum function inoperative nozzle see page Attach the nozzle. Retract the vacuum pipe to the shortest length using the vacuum pipe control knob. Figure 5 b. Loosen the nozzle mounting screw. Figure 4 c. Tighten the nozzle mounting screw. In this mode, air-blow start and vacuum pump operation are handled entirely by manual operation.

Use this mode when Reenter a correct value. Retract the vacuum pipe to its shortest length. Remove the three screws holding the handpiece together. Move the tube downward. Heater connector 4. Remove the pipe from the protruding portion of the handle. Sensor Error This error occurs when there is the possibility of a sensor failure or a failure in the sensor circuit. A Bent Single 1. These nozzles do not have space to blow hot air, using them with the may result in danger.

Screws must be ordered separately. Item No. Part No. Part Name Description B P. Print page 1 Print document 23 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.

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Hakko Electronics 852 Instruction Manual

Just curious, outside of SMD applications, is there sufficient value in a hot air station to justify it's purchase? I'm looking at the Hakko It seems like it would be handy around the bench. I have owned one in my workshop for many years. So I went off and bought a used Hakko with a digital temperature control.


852 SMD Hot Air Rework Station




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