Schmitt trigger action in the clock input circuit provides pulse shaping that allows unlimited clock input pulse rise and fall times. Counter advanced via the clock line is inhibited. Use of the Johnson decade-counter configuration permits high speed operation, 2-input decimal decode gating and spike-free decoded outputs. Anti-lock gating is provided, thus assuring proper counting sequence. The decoded outputs are normally low and go high only at their respective decoded time slot. Each decoded output remains high for one full clock cycle.

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Latest Projects Education. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Ray Start date Jan 27, Search Forums New Posts. Thread Starter Ray Joined Jan 27, 2. I am currently working on an electronic dice project and am following this circuit. I am wondering whether this could be the potential problem in my circuit?

Should I change ICs or does it not matter? Scroll to continue with content. Welcome to AAC! Circuit in question: Can you clarify what you mean by "doesn't seem to be functioning as expected"?

Some CD have a schmitt inverter on the clock input which allows slower edges on the clock. I don't recall any other significant differences. The circuit you referenced has a couple of issues.

My experience has been that bipolar will drive CMOS with no problems, but it could be problematic if you had a part that was at the minimum spec. The second is that the circuit is trying to source more current than the CD is guaranteed to provide.

I checked two datasheets and minimum current was around 0. With a ohm current limit resistor, the circuit tries to get around 5mA. ElectricSpidey Joined Dec 2, 1, What version of the are you using? Circuit in question: View attachment Can you clarify what you mean by "doesn't seem to be functioning as expected"?

Ray said:. The pulse from the a stable circuit seems to be working fine as I have tested. I have attached an image of what I have done below.

I built the two different parts on two different breadboards to see if I could diagnose the problem sorry about the mess. One more note: For the A stable circuit, I have replaced the nF for a micro farad capacitor as earlier, a pulse was not being generated.

Hello, The leds are supposed to be on all, as long as you press the spin-button. When you release the spin-button, only one leds should remain on.

Hi I don't know if the wire colors mean anything but it looks like the leds are wired backwards. You must log in or register to reply here.

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CD4017 HCF4017



Are there any major differences between the IC CD4017 and HCF4017 ?



Hcf4017 Data Sheet


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