Hitachi 50VS specs. Remote Control Type. Remote Control Technology. Second remote control type. Video Technology.

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Quick Links. See also: Service Manual. Table of Contents. Operating Guide for 50VS,. Partner, Hitachi, Ltd. This will enable HITACHI to notify you promptly in the improb- able event that a safety problem should be discovered in your product model. Page 4: First Time Use Check to make sure you have the following accessories before disposing of the packing material. To see this large screen at its best, test various locations in the room to find the optimum spot for viewing.

For best performance, video cables should use Ohm coaxial shielded wire. Below are illustrations and names of common connectors. Before purchasing any cables, be sure of the output and input connector types required by the various components and the length of each cable. Page 8 LAMP 3. Please make sure the Blue Power light indicator is not lit OFF when you are not watching for long lasting performance. Completely insert connection cord plugs when connecting to front panel jacks. If you do not, the played back picture may be abnormal.

ANT A can be displayed as a main picture or sub-picture. ANT B can only be displayed as a main picture. ANT B cannot be displayed as a sub-picture. Upgrade Card This card slot is for future software upgrades. Hitachi will notify you if a software upgrade is required for your TV. In order to receive written notification, please complete and return your warranty card.

Follow connections that pertain to your personal entertainment system. Inputs 1 and 2 can accomodate Composite and Component video signals.

Use these connections in place of the standard video connection if your device has this feature. See page 21 for instructions on how to set the remote control to TV mode. Depending on the input signal format received, the picture format ratio allows you to adjust the images through the following options.

Select Day for day time viewing with more brightness and contrast to compete with room light. Select Night for night time viewing with less brightness and contrast for a more detailed picture see page 44 for settings changes. Time interval selections can be set from 5, 10 and 30 seconds. This Two Tuner feature allows you to view antenna inputs on both the main picture and sub-picture simultaneously, with separate tuning control for each. ANT A input can be viewed as both the main picture and the sub-picture simultaneously.

ANT B can only be viewed as a main picture. This is convenient when trying to write down the address for a mail order company, recording statistics for a sporting event, etc. To return the picture to motion, press the EXIT button. This remote is designed to operate different types of cable boxes. You must first program the remote to match the remote system of your cable box refer to pages for pre-codes. Turn ON your cable box. This remote is designed to operate different types of DVD players.

You must first program the remote to match the remote system of your DVD player refer to pages for pre-codes. Page 36 After replacing the batteries repeat the entire programming procedure as stated above. Default device for this mode is Hitachi VCR. Page 37 After replacing the batteries repeat the entire programming procedure as stated above.

CD precode library is included in the AMP mode. Page 38 7. Page 39 Microsoft Page 40 Pace Page On-Screen Display 1. Press EXIT on the remote control to quickly exit from a menu. You can independently customize each of the Video Inputs to your preference to increase viewing performance and pleasure depending upon the video program being viewed. Press EXIT to quit menu. Page 47 This involves a process known as pulldown.

Page 48 Sound reproduction quality enhancement system. The sources received will be displayed at the top right edge of the TV. The source you select will be dis- played above the sources received. Video Audio Aspect Chan. Auto Aspect Automatically adjust the Aspect Ratio depending on the input signal to fill the screen. Page 52 Chan. Manager Locks Timers Setup Sel. Set The Antenna This feature will select Antenna options.

This feature will show the signal strength and peak values of the Antenna signal to help you adjust your antenna to optimize signal reception. Page 54 Locks This function will block out the picture and sound of the selected channel or video input. It can also be used to keep the TV from being viewed for a scheduled time period that you set. The code to enter the Locks feature is a four digit access code number.

The factory preset code is Use the number buttons to enter the access code. Please be advised that if the EAS channel is blocked using the Locks feature, you will not be able to tune to that channel. If the clock is not set, you can not use this function and the screen below will appear. The message on the screen will dis- appear after 3 seconds, then the screen automatically goes to the clock setup mode see page Setup Set Monitor Out Page 68 It shows software information and easy upgrade procedure.

If a future software upgrade is required for your TV, Hitachi will notify and provide you with a flash card. In order to receive written notification and the flash card, please complete and return the warranty card. Page Lamp Replacement minutes. Using other lamps may cause damage to the TV Set. Page 70 For lamp recycling and disposal information, go to www.

For product recycling and disposal information, contact your local government agency or the Electronic Industries Alliance at www. Remove the lamp cover. Page 72 For lamp recycling and disposal information, go to www. Clean the screen with a soft cloth moistened in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. A mild soap may be used if the screen is extremely dirty.

Please separate radio equipment from the TV set to a considerable distance. Usually caused by interference from automobile ignition systems, neon lamps, electrical drills, and other electrical appliances.

If there is still no power, unplug the power cord from the wall. Wait 30 seconds and plug the power cord back in. Press the power switch again. Picture blurred Page Input Chrominance C Page 77 Home Electronics Division Hitachi has made every effort to assure you hours of trouble free operation from your unit.

However, should you require service, a network of Hitachi Authorized Service Facilities has been established in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Each facility will provide you with convenient and expedient assistance. Digital Media Division Should you have any questions regarding warranty, service, operation, or technical assistance, please contact: Look for your French Manual on the outside of the box. If the manual is missing, call for a copy. Page 84 QR This manual is also suitable for: 60vs 70vs 50vsa 60vsa.

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