Hemorragia Subconjuntival. No olho com retinoblastoma, a pupila, muitas vezes, tem o aspecto branco ou rosa. Tema: Conjutivute. Tratamento e Cuidados.

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Not Now. Visitor Posts. Decano G. Quando um osso Em seis semanas, a fissura desaparece. See More. Information about Page Insights Data. Continue Reading. This hormone is mainly in the development of male breeding tissues, such as testicles and prostate. In addition, it is related to the production of muscle mass, bone health and hair growth and hair hair.

Testosterone is considered a hormone that is related to well-being and health. Learn to follow how this important male body hormone acts in the body. Motivation: Testosterone acts in the nervous system, contributing to the production of energy, concentration capacity and mood. Loss of bone mass: because it is related to the growth and development of the bones, testosterone can influence bone density.

Growth of the hair: the production of testosterone begins in the age of 12, representing male puberty, which stimulates the growth of the body. Sexual desire: This is a behavior that is most related to the performance of testosterone in the body, as it influences sexual desire.

Muscle development: as well as in the growth of the hair, it is in puberty that the muscles develop in men, since it is the beginning of the production of this hormone.

However, it is between 20 and 30 that the testosterone spike in the blood. They are released by the pituitary and together they are in the testicle level, where LH acts in Leydig cells stimulating the production of testosterone. Cholesterol is the precursor of most sexual hormones, because in the hormone-producing glands it suffers reactions until it turns into testosterone.

The production of testosterone in the body is not limited to man, the woman also produces this hormone, but in smaller quantities, presenting the same benefits and effects that occurs in men.

To maintain testosterone production, it is recommended to practice physical exercises often, sleep well and keep body weight balanced. Foods rich in zinc: The main sources of zinc are of animal origin, oysters, shrimp, beef, chicken, fish and liver. Can also be found in vegetables, tubers. Foods rich in Vitamin D: The main sources of vitamin D are the meats, fish and seafood, especially salmon, sardines and seafood, and shellfish, and mushrooms.

Foods rich in vitamin A: The main sources of vitamin A are egg yolk, fish and liver, but can also be found in vegetables and fruits, such as carrot, spinach, sleeve and paya. Deficiency of testosterone in the body The deficiency of testosterone in the body can present different backgrounds causing some reactions in the human body.

The need to complement this hormone should be done by medical indication from the completion of blood test. Several factors may be related to the low testosterone in the body, the most common ones are: 1. Lack of sexual interest; 2. Mood changes; 4. Accumulation of fat; 5. Difficulty in defining muscles; 6. Little amount of hair by the body; 7. Lack of sleep and night hustle; 8. Thus, it is important that the dosage of this hormone is regularly, because the low dosage may indicate some health problems.

Overall, the level of testosterone ranges from to nanograms per decidylitre of blood. The excessive testosterone is a practice that causes serious damage to health, mainly caused by the use of anabolic. Testosterone is one of the main anabolizers used, the use above the body is harmful. The testosterone should be carried out by medical prescription and has controlled use. Nutrition Dr. E pronto! By: Elias Adolfo Visellas.

The ideal thing is to use your fingers. The G-point or the inner wall of the clitoris is an area located around 5 cm above the entrance to the vagina, on the front wall, with a size of a coin. Your texture is a little more rough than the fabric around it. Here's an illustration to better understand the location: How to stimulate the area? It's simple. With two index and medium, inside the vagina, fold it to yourself, as if you were going to make a "come here" move, and repeat that gesture in a continuous pace.

To make you even more excited, you can do this stimulus to the same as you play with the clitoris with the mouth, while practicing oral sex, or using the toe. The chance of your partner to hit orgasm is very high like this. And that's it! Now you know everything you need to turn on the G Point or the inner part of the clitoris depending on the research you believe and the name you prefer.

But remember the importance of dialogue. What works for one woman is not always the best for another. Never be ashamed to ask and ask your partner for instructions. By: Elias Adolfo Visellas Translated. ATT: You need to read this DRGE CID K21 a digestive disease in which the acids present inside the stomach return through the esophagus instead of following the normal flow of digestion. This movement is known as reflux and irritates the tissues that coated the esophagus, causing typical symptoms such as synonitis, heartburn, cough and often dry, stomach pain, sore throat and chest pain.

Those who already suffer from reflux and abuse the consumption of lemon can irritate the mucous of the esophagus and stomach, making the symptoms of the disease. Be careful with the westerners they recommend something to kill us, lemon consumption has to be done only 1 time a week or for two weeks. This is one thing not every woman knows.

The Vagina is constituted by 7 parts and each with its functions. They cover a bunch of fat that protects the delicate bone of the pubis. He stays hidden under the foreskin most of the time, but can appear when the woman gets excited. A lot of people think urine comes out of the vagina, but they don ' t They are the outermost layer of the vagina. Made of fat and covered in hair, they help to push bacteria away from the vagina and act like a "pillow" during sex.

The feminine "pleasure button" is at the top opening of the vagina, where the little lips meet. The organ has up to 8 nerve endings and is supersensitive. The same is only for excite the woman. They stand between the big lips and the vaginal canal. The main function of these organs is to create an output path for pee and menstruation, directing the flow of these liquids.. Vaginal channel That tube is about 9 centimeters deep. At the time of sex, your flexible muscles stretch and glands at the entrance produce lubricants to help when the time of the sex.

Did you enjoy class? Write down: consumption should be five servings per day, three of fruits and two vegetables. Next, check out the best foods for your immunity and be sure to include them on your plate: 1. Citrus Fruits Citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, acerola, kiwi, tomato, plus broccoli, cabbage and green and red peppers are rich in vitamin C, antioxidant that increases body resistance. Dark green vegetables Foods like broccoli, cabbage, spinach are rich in folic acid. Nutrient assists in the formation of white blood cells, responsible for the body's defense, and can also be found in beans, mushrooms such as shimeji and shiitake and liver meat.

Zinc rich foods Meat, full cereals, chestnuts, seeds and legumes beans, lentil, pea, chickpeas , are rich in zinc, nutrient that fights colds, flu and other immune system diseases 4. Oilseeds In addition to zinc, nuts, chestnuts, almonds and vegetable oils sunflower, wheat germ, corn and canola are rich in vitamin E. It is beneficial, especially for the elderly, acting to combat decreased immune activity due to age 5.



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