Hello Guys! This is TheGreatCK! This instructable is about how to solve a megaminx. A megaminx is basically a dodecahedron having 12 sides.

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It has a total of 50 separate pieces. Start the Megaminx simulator. The Megaminx is an official WCA competition event. On the image above a white and a black-body Megaminx is accompanied by their smaller brother, the 2x2 Kilominx Flowerminx , a dodecahedron-shaped Rubik's Cube shape mod and a 3x3 cube. The bigger dodecahedrons are called Gigaminx, Teraminx, Petaminx, Zettaminx, all the way up to the record-breaking Yottaminx image below.

To solve the Megaminx first you need to know how to solve the Rubik's Cube because the methods of the two puzzles are very similar. There are a few steps where you might get stuck but the algorithms below will help you go through the difficulties. Each letter means a clockwise rotation of the face, while apostrophes mark the anticlockwise turns.

The start is similar to solving the white cross on a Rubik's Cube. Fill the gaps between the white and side centers with the matching colors. In this case we're not building a white cross, but a white star on the top. This step is really intuitive and it shouldn't be a problem, try to do it without checking the links.

Turn the cube with the solved face down and use the same F2L algorithms that you already know from the 3x3 to solve the next set of edges. When they're are all done, locate the corners above each completed edge and turn them where they belong to.

This is the first step where you might need a little help, even if you know the 3x3 solution. Use the left or right algorightms below to insert the marked pieces from the top layer:.

When the edges are in place go ahead and solve the corners. Use the same method that you used for solving the white corners. We've reached a point where we have to perform another set of "first layer corners" and "second layers", but we already know how to do these.

This step is similar to swapping the yellow edges on the Rubik's Cube. The algorithm is the same with a small tweak: instead of making U2 we have to make U3 in the clockwise algorithm. We can cycle three edges on the front face of the Megaminx in the desired direction with the algorithms below. The two algorithms are the inverse of each other. Positioning the last layer corners is the penultimate step before completing the puzzle.

There are two algorithms that cycle the corners as shown on the image below. However the algorithm is simple, orienting the last layer corners is the most confusing part of the Beginner's Method.

Repeat the R' D' R D algorithm for each piece until they are all positioned correctly. Online Megaminx Simulator.


How To Solve a Megaminx: So Easy a… Beginner Method. Step by Step Tutorial



Solving the Megaminx (Faster and Simpler)


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