Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Instruction and Installation Manual. DA - Worldwide — Version 55 — December 13, Table of Contents.

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The ML Gen9 is the 2P premium server which delivers a class-leading combination of performance, availability, expandability, manageability, reliability and serviceability making it the choice for remote offices, growing businesses and data centers. Tower shown with 16 LFF Optional drives. Quick removal access panel. Media Drive Cage Bays - Rack supports two half height or one full height device; Tower supports one half height device.

Two 2 USB 2. Health LED. Serial label pull tab. Rear View Tower Model. Power supply Power LED. Power supply Power connection. Customers will need to source from other 3rd party vendors to get this Hardware security feature enabled. Kensington Security Lock.

Dedicated iLO Connector. Video Connector. USB 3. Embedded 4 x 1GbE Network Adapter. Serial Connector. Internal View Rack Model. Two 2 processors and heatsinks Second Processor is Optional. What's New. One of the following depending on model. CPU frequency. L3 Cache.

DDR4 Hz. On System Management Chipset. Read and learn more in the iLO QuickSpecs. HPE SmartMemory. Memory Protection. Advanced ECC. Advanced ECC uses single device data correction to detect and correct single and all multibit error that occurs within a single DRAM chip. Online spare. Memory online spare mode detects a rank that is degrading and switches operation to the spare rank.

Network Controller. Expansion Slots. Bus Width. Connector Width. Bus Number. Form Factor. PCIe 3. Full-height, full-length slot. For processor 2. PCIe 2. Full-height, half-length slot. For processor 1. Inserting cards with PCI bridges may alter the actual bus assignment number. NOTE: Nine total expansion slots. Three PCIe 3. Storage Controller. Entry Models. Embedded SATA controller. Base Models. Performance Models. Internal Storage Devices.

Optical Drive. Optional SATA 9. Hard Drive Bays. These part numbers for single HDD blanks below are also provided should the customer require replacement HDD blanks for their server. Hard Drives. None ship standard. Maximum Internal Storage.

Power Supply. Flex Slot power supplies are certified for high-efficiency operation and offer multiple power output options, allowing users to "right-size" a power supply for specific server configurations. This flexibility helps to reduce power waste, lower overall energy costs, and avoid "trapped" power capacity in the data center.

System Fans. Network RJ Ethernet. SD Slot. USB 2. Microsoft Windows Server. Canonical Ubuntu. Citrix XenServer. For more information on ClearOS, please visit. Upgradeable to 2 processors up to 22 cores. Redundant Fan. Optional optical drive up to 1.

NOTE: Support of 9. Tower to rack conversion. Optional System Insight Display. Industry Standard Compliance. ACPI 2. PXE Support. WOL Support. Novell Certified. IPMI 2. Energy Star. Integrated Matrox G video standard. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface UEFI is an industry standard that provides better manageability and more secured configuration than the legacy ROM while interacting with your server at boot time. For more information, please visit.

Tower or Rack 5U. Embedded Management. Monitor your servers for ongoing management, service alerting, reporting and remote management with HPE iLO. Learn more at. Intelligent Provisioning. Hassle free server and OS provisioning for 1 or few servers with Intelligent Provisioning. Embedded Remote Support. Server utilities. Smart Update. Learn more at or. Enables the ability to access, deploy, and manage your server anytime from anywhere from select smartphones and mobile devices.

HPE Insight Online.


HP ProLiant ML350 G3 Quickspecs




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