This camera, also colloquially described as simply Sony NX70, is a portable high-end consumer level camera that is also used by many professionals. This means the camera includes many automatic features for novices, as well as manual overrides that allows experienced photographer to control the look of the image with an high level of granularity. The battery for the Sony NX70 camera is inserted into a compartment that is behind the LCD screen on the left side of the camera. Open the LDC screen, then slide the battery compartment cover to the right and swing open the cover.

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Quick Links. Digital HD Video. Table of Contents. Notes on use Do not do any of the following. If the sealing gasket becomes scratched or deformed, consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.

Page 9 Advanced operations Useful functions for recording movies and photos Page 10 Saving images with an external device Selecting a method for saving images with an external device Page 11 Maintenance and precautions Page Getting Started Getting started Step 1: Attaching the supplied microphone and lens hood with lens cover You do not need to attach the XLR Adaptor or microphone when you use the internal microphone.

Hook the cable in the outer cable holder. See page 52 on the settings for the audio recording. Page 17 Attach the battery pack by sliding it in the direction of the arrow until it clicks. Fit the grooves of the battery pack into those of the camcorder, and slide the battery pack in. Charging time Approximate time min. Even if the battery pack is attached, the battery pack is not discharged. MODE lamp Press and hold the green button. Touch the button on the LCD screen Select the desired geographical area with Changing the language setting You can change the on-screen displays to show messages in a specified language.

If the indications in the viewfinder appear blurred, adjust the viewfinder lens adjustment lever located beneath the viewfinder. Page Step 5: Preparing The Recording Media Step 5: Preparing the recording media The recording media that can be used are displayed on the screen of your camcorder as following icons. Memory card Internal memory In the default setting, both movies and photos are recorded on this recording media.

You can perform recording, playback and editing operations on the selected medium. The [Preparing image database file. Please wait. Page 29 To eject the memory card Open the cover and lightly push the memory card in once. Movies are recorded with high definition image quality HD. Open the shutter of the lens hood with lens cover by sliding the lens cover lever to OPEN. The recording lamp lights up during recording p.

The LCD screen display switches for photo recording mode. Page Operating The Camcorder While Playing A Movie Operating the camcorder while playing a movie You can use the functions shown in the figure below while the camcorder is playing a movie.

Page Viewing Photos Viewing photos You can use the functions shown in the figure below while you are viewing photos. Delete Context Next When movies are recorded with standard image quality STD , they are played back in standard definition image quality STD.

You cannot record A photo is recorded automatically when photos while is displayed. Page Displaying The Histogram areas of the picture while the right area shows Displaying the histogram the brighter areas. Page Adjusting Manually Adjusting manually light decreases the more that you close the aperture increasing F value.

The current F value appears on the screen. The iris is adjusted automatically while the button is pressed. Page Adjusting White Balance Rate] is [24p]. Manual focusing with your camcorder attached to a tripod is Outdoor recommended.

Sound is not switched during recording. Page Setting The Image Quality And Recording Media Setting the image quality and recording media Selecting the frame rate You can select the frame rate to be used to Selecting high definition image record high definition image quality HD quality HD or standard image movies.

Using [60i] is recommended for quality STD standard recording. The recording time of the media recording media is changed depending on Memory card Page Performing The Format When the internal recording media is Performing the format selected on the [Format] screen, touch Formatting deletes all the movies and [Empty]. Page Making Good Use Of Your Camcorder Making good use of your camcorder Deleting movies and photos You can free media space by deleting movies and photos from recording media.

Page Protecting Recorded Movies And Photos Protect To undo the protection of movies and Protecting recorded movies and photos photos Protect Touch the movie or photo marked with Protect movies and photos to avoid deleting in step 4. Page 61 power during dubbing. You can completed.

If the movie was recorded with one of the following image quality levels, the image size will be set as shown below. High definition image quality HD : 2. Page Saving Images With An External Device Saving images with an external device Selecting a method for saving images with an external device You can save high definition image quality HD movies using an external device.

Select the method to be used according to the device. External devices Connecting cable Page External media device Page Customizing Your Camcorder Customizing your camcorder Using menus You can enjoy using your camcorder more by making good use of menu operations. The camcorder has various menu items under each of 6 menu categories. Shooting Mode Records movies. Movie Shoots photos. Photo Records fast moving subjects in slow-motion.

Smooth Slow Rec Divides two seconds of fast movement into frames Golf Shot which are then recorded as a movie and photos. Page 76 Face Detects a face. Face Detection Automatically takes a shot whenever a smile is detected. Smile Shutter 45, 85 Sets the smile detection sensitivity using the smile Smile Sensitivity shutter function.

Audio Switches the audio format. Audio Format Sets recording sensitivity of the internal microphone. TC Preset Sets the user bit. UB Preset Selects the frame mode of the time code.

TC Format Selects how the time code advances. TC Run Selects the recording type on the recording media. Selects the language to be used on the LCD screen. Language Setting Adjusts the touch panel. Calibration Displays the battery information. You can select this automatic exposure adjustment. Adjusts the exposure automatically.

When the camcorder detects the subject, the icons that correspond to the detected Self-Timer condition are displayed. You can compensate for camera shake.

Note that the image quality decreases when Set [ SteadyShot] to [Off] when you use the digital zoom. Page 84 Auto Back Light Color Bar Your camcorder adjusts the exposure for You can display or record color bars in the backlit subjects automatically. Page 86 Smile Sensitivity Int. Wind NR Sets the smile detection sensitivity for using You can record a movie with less wind the Smile Shutter function. Slight Smile Detects even a slight smile. Page 87 Histogram Peaking You can adjust the histogram p.

This function Does not display the histogram. The default setting is [Off]. See page See page , You can select the way to assign file number UB Preset of photos. You can select how the time code advances. Advances the time code only during recording. Select this setting to record the Protect time code continuous from the last time code of the previous recording.

Page 96 Battery Info Area Setting You can check the estimated remaining You can adjust a time difference without capacity of the battery. Select your local area when using the camcorder in other time zones. Refer to the world time difference information on page Does not compensates for time differences automatically.

However, outlet wall socket or remove the battery your Sony dealer will neither copy nor retain pack, then reconnect it after about 1 minute.

Page 99 camcorder and take it to a warm place. Page Set [Display Setting] to [On] p. The battery pack may be damaged. Page take it to a warm place.


Sony Nxcam HXR-NX70U Operating Manual








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