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Toggle navigation. Have you forgotten your login? Discrete-time quantum walks and gauge theories. Pablo Arnault 1 Details. Pablo Arnault 1 AuthorId : Author. Hide details. Abstract : A quantum Q computer QC , i. A simulation using such resources is called a Q simulation QS.

The advantage of QSs over classical ones is well established at the theoretical, i. Their practical benefit requires their implementation on a Q hardware. The QC, i.

Also, QS has already been illustrated by numerous experimental proofs of principle, thanks too small-size and specific-task Q computers or simulators. Q walks QWs are particularly-studied QS schemes, being elementary bricks to conceive any Q algorithm, i.

Indeed, it is shown, in certain cases, how DTQWs can simulate, in the continuum, the action of Yang-Mills gauge fields on fermionic matter, and the retroaction of the latter on the gauge-field dynamics. The suggested schemes preserve gauge invariance on the spacetime lattice, i. Moreover, it is shown how this fermionic matter based on DTQWs can be coupled to relativistic gravitational fields of the continuum, i.

Leur avantage pratique requiert un hardware Q. Keywords : Quantum walks Lattice gauge theories Synthetic gauge fields. Identifiers HAL Id : tel, version 1. Citation Pablo Arnault. Physics [physics]. Metrics Record views. Contact support.


The Bargmann-Wigner equations in spherical space

This website uses cookies OK. Back to old DBpedia. Le teorie di gauge teorie di scala, dette anche teorie G-invarianti sono una classe di teorie fisiche di campo basate sull'idea che alcune trasformazioni che lasciano invariata la lagrangiana del sistema simmetrie siano possibili anche localmente e non solo globalmente. Esistono particolari simmetrie globali, che non dipendono dal punto, che sono ancora simmetrie se agiscono localmente, ossia in un punto qualsiasi del sistema, a patto che le azioni da un punto all'altro siano indipendenti secondo le teorie di Yang - Mills.


Introduction to gauge theory

A gauge theory is a type of theory in physics. The word gauge means a measurement , a thickness, an in-between distance as in railroad tracks , or a resulting number of units per certain parameter a number of loops in an inch of fabric or a number of lead balls in a pound of ammunition. A general feature of these field theories is that the fundamental fields cannot be directly measured; however, some associated quantities can be measured, such as charges, energies, and velocities. For example, say you cannot measure the diameter of a lead ball, but you can determine how many lead balls, which are equal in every way, are required to make a pound. Using the number of balls, the elemental mass of lead, and the formula for calculating the volume of a sphere from its diameter, one could indirectly determine the diameter of a single lead ball. In field theories, different configurations of the unobservable fields can result in identical observable quantities.

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