This is a legally non-binding Translation of the Dutch "Jaarverslag ". For convenience only. Financial Statements Balance sheet Profit and loss account Statement of comprehensive income Statement of changes in equity Cash flow statement Notes to the financial statements Other information profit appropriation; audit report. For one, we attracted several new shareholders in the Residential and Retail sectoral funds. It has also been an especially dynamic year, with portfolio returns for having improved significantly over the returns for the financial year, which were likewise very good.

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Beter Bed N. Through its subsidiaries Beter Bed Holding N. In this line of business Beter Bed N. V is market leader in the Netherlands and was, until the sale of its subsidiary "Matratzen Concord", also market leader in Germany.

On 24 September it was reported that Beter Bed N. The corporate headquarters is in Uden , in the Dutch province of North Brabant. Beter Bed Holding N. These companies operate in various market segments , from cash and carry products to exclusive bedroom furniture, each chain maintaining a unique retail concept.

The development and production of, amongst others, orthopaedic mattresses is directed by the subsidiary DBC. As of 31 December Beter Bed N. They raised capital from their father, Jan Diks, co-owner of Dico , managed to secure a modest bank loan and opened their first store in Uden. At that time stores specialising in bedroom furniture and accompanying products were a new and unfamiliar phenomenon in the Netherlands since this market segment was dominated by large department stores and specialists concentrating on general interiors.

The concept of providing high-quality goods and a wide range of products at a low price proved to be successful and was a blueprint for all future activities of Beter Bed. During the second half of the s the company began to grow. In Bedden en Bedden B. The flotation of Beter Bed Holding N. Shares of Beter Bed Holding N. At the same time Beter Bed N.

In the second half of the s the subsidiary Bedden Dump was founded to sell items taken from the Beter Bed range via temporary stores. It was decided in to expand this format into a discount chain for bedroom furniture according to a cash and carry concept, targeting the lower market segment.

In the company expanded into Germany by opening the first two stores in Essen and Dortmund. Also in Beter Bed N. At the same time Matratzen Concord began its expansion into Austria and Switzerland , as well as the Netherlands , France and Italy The holding's structure began to change in One of the founding brothers, Pieter Diks, sold his remaining shares and retired from the management.

Mark Diks again reduced his share in the company in May but remained in the management team for the time being. Following a management buyout Beter Baby was sold off. Mark Diks resigned as CEO and became a member of the supervisory board of the holding in January DBC International is active in the development, marketing and selling of mattresses developed under its own direction. At the end of Beter Bed N.

Matratzen Concord closed all its stores in Italy and France in due to disappointing sales figures and the lack of short-term prospects. Beter Bed's strategy changed during this period, returning to its core activities, the trading and selling of bedroom furniture and accessories and turning away from producing its own goods. As a consequence, in May the last remaining factory in Poland, Interwood , was sold, the second factory in Poland, Ecowood , had already been closed down in In December all activities of the subsidiary Beter Bed Deutschland were terminated.

The locations were integrated into Matratzen Concord. In October a second strategy for selling mattresses in Germany was introduced with the founding of the new subsidiary MAV Matratzen-Abverkauf. Two stores were opened in At the end of the company had grown to 30 stores. In September , the first stores of Matratzen Concord were opened in Belgium.

In the second half of the first Matratzen Concord store was opened in the Polish capital of Warsaw under the name of Materace Concord. By January the number of shops of Materace Concord had risen to three. On 14 April , CEO Frans Geelen announced his intention to resign from the office as chairman of the board of directors by April the latest.

In February , it was reported that Beter Bed B. During the course of , Matratzen Concord terminated all activities of its Polish subsidiary Materace Concord and closed all stores, the number of which had risen to four. A new retail format, Schlafberater. On 1 April he was succeeded by Bart Koops. In January plans were revealed to close all stores of the subsidiary Slaapgenoten during the course of Furthermore, all Matrassen Concord activities in the Netherlands and Belgium also terminated during the same period.

At the end of this retail format operated two stores. The operations in France were to be expanded with the opening of another five to ten stores within the next years. In September it was disclosed that Beter Bed was to acquire the Austrian retailer BettenMax with the intention of turning the existing BettenMax stores into stores of Matratzen Concord.

This increased the number of Matratzen Concord stores in Austria to 86, making Matratzen Concord market leader in that country. During all activities of the French subsidiary Literie Concorde were terminated. CFO Bart Koops announced on 1 May that he would be resigning from his post as of 1 August , [54] and on 27 July it was reported that Hugo van den Ochtend would become his successor as of 1 September On 17 October Beter Bed disclosed that subsidiary Matratzen Concord , active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, would close of its stores as part of a restructuring and re-organisation programme.

The closures were implemented during the remaining months of The transaction was to be completed by the end of the latest. He was replaced by Gabrielle Reijnen who had been a member of the holding's supervisory board. She resigned her position on the board with immediate effect. As of 1 January , Beter Bed N. In the table below some key figures from onwards are listed.

Whereas previously the objectives of Beter Bed N. Due to a change in market conditions the company now aims to strengthen further and increase its alleged market leadership by ensuring the highest service for customers in all the markets in which the company operates.

The level of customer satisfaction serves as a bench mark. Furthermore, growth opportunities of all its retail formats are to be optimally utilised and market share increased as well as net profit regardless of market conditions. Beter Bed Holding's describes its strategy for the realisation of these objectives by ensuring like for like growth in revenue at comparable store by continually refining the positioning of its retail formats and by increasing customer satisfaction.

The ultimate aim is to increase the market share in an omnichannel retail environment. The various formats face different challenges in their respective markets which are tackled individually. Product and brand innovation play a key role as well as intensifying of cooperation with strategic suppliers. Supporting this will be the marketing department whose spending will be increased. A further emphasis will be put on e-commerce activities which will be further expanded and refined in order to gain a substantial share in online revenue.

Additionally, the company aims to expand in the markets where it is already a participant, particularly in the Benelux but also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Another emphasis is put on purchasing whose objectives include the improving of margins, developing the online range, optimising lead times , having fewer, yet more strategic, suppliers with fewer stock keeping units , developing additional ranges and creating the most possible synergies between the different formats.

In order to ensure the implementation and execution of the strategy as well as delivering the defined results functions related to the back office are expected to focus on customer satisfaction and furthering professionalism and proactivity.

Human resource management will play a key role in providing training opportunities, recruiting young talent and focussing on creating a customer-centred, high-performance KPI and team culture. Logistics will focus on creating an optimal infrastructure which, for every country in Beter Bed is active in, will be optimised individually.

The aim is to accelerate the supply chain. The management board of Beter Bed N. The supervisory board consists of five members. A total of The remaining From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Operating income. Net income. Beter Bed Holding. Retrieved 18 April De Telegraaf in Dutch. Retrieved De Volkskrant in Dutch. Bloomberg L.

Beter Bed. Archived from the original on NRC Handelsblad in Dutch. Uden: Beter Bed Holding N. Annual Report " pdf. Retrieved 1 January RTL Z.

FEM Business. De Morgen.



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