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By Jayna Vixen. All Rhiannon Blake wants is to find her little sister, Mickey. Even though she knows going to a biker bar alone to search for Mickey isn't the best idea, the last thing Rhee expects is to be assaulted. Before things get too far, Dax Jamison, the sexy, tattooed vice president of the Phantoms motorcycle club comes to her rescue.

But Rhee has stepped into the middle of something that is far larger than she expects. Dax insists that the Phantoms provide protection for her until he can figure out why she is being targeted by a rival crew. Will Rhee be able to resist her feelings for her rescuer? This work is intended for readers over the age of Rhee took a deep breath and squared her shoulders before walking into the seedy bar on West Avenue.

Ignoring the stares from the rough-looking patrons, she marched a straight line to the bartender, a hairy guy with a big belly. Her hands were shaking as she shoved a flyer at him. Instead, he remained silent as he poured a shot of amber liquid into a glass and regarded her with one eyebrow raised.

Rhee drew herself up to her full height, a petite five feet three inches. My little sister is only nineteen years old. Rhee nodded. She was dating a guy who rode with a motorcycle club that used to stop in here. At least just let me put up this flyer? You have a lot of nerve coming in here and making demands. Hand over one of them flyers you got there. All she wanted was to get back to her tiny university apartment and lose herself in the article she was working on for the student paper.

In her haste to get back to her old Toyota, she nearly ran headlong into a tall, blond man who had just parked his impressive-looking bike by the curb. Little girl? Rhee glared up and felt her breath catch in her throat as a pair of twinkling blue eyes met her own green ones.

He wore a black leather vest over a tight, black tee, and loose jeans that might even conceal a holstered weapon. Definitely one of those biker gang guys.

Running would show fear, she reminded herself, then willed her hands not to shake as she placed her key in the lock. License Notes: This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient.

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, alive or deceased, events or locales is completely coincidental. She tried to make her voice sound calm and steady, but inside she was quaking with tension. The bartender suddenly looked more serious. Well, missy. But…it turns out that I have a little sister myself.

He held out his beefy hand. Later that week, Rhee visited four more biker hangouts, hot on the trail of her little sister, Michaela, or Mickey as their dad had called her.

Even as a child Mickey had the tendency to disappear. Rhee smiled, remembering how her baby sister had scared everyone by crawling behind the Christmas tree one morning and falling asleep, while the family tore the neighborhood apart trying to locate her.

Yep, that was Mickey all right. Gleeful childhood memories of Mickey winning ever game of hide and seek now competed with the new, horrible reasons Mickey never seemed to stay in one place. Recently, it seemed like the only consistent thing about the youngest Blake was the ratty old backpack she refused to replace and the old doll Rhee had given her years ago. Sitting alone in her college apartment, Rhee shivered at the unwelcome memories of her late teen years.

There was a good reason her little sister was so flighty, and Rhee harbored a shit ton of guilt about it.

For once, Mickey had seemed interested in settling down and focusing on school and a proper career. Then things had gone straight to hell. Big trouble. I need you to come and get me…tonight! Oh, shit…. The call had disconnected. Rhee had flown from the house in her sweats and raced across town to West Avenue. Since the police were no help, Rhee was on her own. She would be dammed if she lost the last piece of family she had left.

It had been days since she had slept well. Well, years really. Thank God the roommates are gone for break. Kate and Lisa were sweet, but Rhee knew they thought she was a total drag. No, what she needed was some peace and quiet. She was getting used to her new routine. Coffee—lots of it, and often. Class—if she woke up in time.

Then she hit the streets to search. Unless it was a weekend—like today. After a short afternoon nap, Rhee dragged herself off the couch and pulled on a pair of worn, low-slung jeans and a simple tee shirt. Dreamless sleep was the best kind in her opinion.

Blearily, she made herself a cup of strong coffee and nearly fell into her car. There was one last place that she could think of to hit but she had left it for last on purpose. Tu Madre was a small establishment that an old lady from another hangout had mentioned. It was known to be the den of a particularly nasty Mexican motorcycle crew. As she made her way into a part of the neighborhood no one in their right mind would ever go, Rhee shoved her apprehension deep down into her guts.

If Mickey was there, or if anyone knew where she was, Rhee had to find out. She pulled up in front of the dilapidated shack that matched the address the biker chick had given her.

Rhee stifled a yawn. A metal sign, rusted with weather and age, proclaimed, Tu Madr—. Rhee groaned inwardly. How annoying. The place looked deserted save for a few bikes parked out front. Dax sat at the table to the left of his president. He sighed as the latest motion came to a vote. Part of Dax wanted out, but he simply could not justify leaving the club. The club had been there for Dax. They were his family. The cut he received as vice president of The Phantoms trumped any full time job he could think of…by a hell of a lot.

A crackle of excitement went through the air as Hawk pounded the gavel. The Chicos had overstepped their shit for the last time. Jacking their latest round of guns was the last straw. Juan, their bozo president, had been spouting shit all over town about it.

The Phantoms would hit them tonight, when they were least expecting it. No doubt the stupid bastards would be partying it up, and they would all be piss drunk and high. It was the perfect time to strike and take back what was rightfully theirs. It was late when the unmarked, black van pulled up outside of Tu Madre. Dax and his crew were suited up and packing hard core. Dax adjusted his bulletproof vest and issued some orders to the rest of the crew. Then they popped the bathroom window and went in undetected.

Rhee was sick with fear. From the moment she entered Tu Madre , she knew she had made a grave mistake. A small group of heavily tattooed men graced a table at the rear of the shack.

Three whorish dancers swayed groggily on makeshift poles, cigarette smoke circling up to caress their fake tits and caked makeup.


Satin and Steel

By Jayna Vixen. All Rhiannon Blake wants is to find her little sister, Mickey. Even though she knows going to a biker bar alone to search for Mickey isn't the best idea, the last thing Rhee expects is to be assaulted. Before things get too far, Dax Jamison, the sexy, tattooed vice president of the Phantoms motorcycle club comes to her rescue.


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