Jens Qvortrup. Enlarge Image Flyer. In this volume, guest editor Qvortrup brings together contributions representing structural, historical, and comparative perspectives on the study of children and youth. Here, childhood is conceived as a structural feature of society, subject to the stable and changing forces of the larger social context, and comparable across time and cultures. Such perspectives have been relatively under-represented in the "New Sociology of Childhood," which has tended both to stress children's agency, and to favour ethnographic methods of inquiry.

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Jens Qvortrup, born Professor of sociology, Department of sociology and political science, University of science and technology, Trondheim, Norway: Brief CV, focus and writings. Brief overview: Magister Dissertation in sociology at the University of Copenhagen. Advisory or editorial board member of ten journals and other honorary tasks. Grants, organising of conferences etc.

Interrupted by a position as a scientific secretary at the international Vienna Centre, Austria, my research in Esbjerg, Denmark, during the s until was about social structure and life condition in socialist countries.

Inspired by lessons learned during my Vienna stay I changed in to sociology of childhood and generation — a new branch, which I contributed to pioneering. It was however not only a change; it was also continuity in practicing structural research : childhood is in my optic seen as a structural segment in a generational order.

From to I held a chair and was a director of Norwegian Centre for Child Research, and from to I was professor of sociology with social structure, welfare, generation and childhood as specialisms. Since I am an emeritus professor. Arieh, F. Casas, I. Korbin eds Handbook of Child Well-Being. Theories, Methods and Policies in Global Perspective. Springer: Dordrecht, , Volume 2, pp. The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies , ed. Qvortrup, W. Corsaro and M. Palgrave Macmillan: Houndmills, Basingstoke, Structural, Historical, and Comparative Perspectives, ed.

Emerald: Bingley, UK. In: Research with Children: Perspectives and Practices , ed. Christensen and A. Falmer Press: London and New York, , pp. Ambert ed. Childhood Matters. Social Theory, Practice and Politics. Edited by J. Qvortrup, M. Bardy, G. Sgritta, and H. Avebury: Aldershot. Childhood as a Social Phenomenon.

A Series of National Reports. Qvortrup with M. Sgritta and H. Cirka s. An Introduction to a Series of National Reports. Eurosocial Report no. Vienna , 39 p. The Sociology of Childhood, edited by J. Family and Economy in Modern Society.

London: Macmillan , pp. A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database. Jens Qvortrup. Bygg 9, , Dragvoll, Edvard Bulls veg 1 jens. Background and activities. Scientific, academic and artistic work A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts.

See all publications in the database Journal publications Qvortrup, Jens. Linhas Criticas. Qvortrup, Jens. Camebridge Univ. Press, Sozialwissenschaftliche Literatur Rundschau.

Cadernos de Pesquisa. A critical assessment of outcome thimking. Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali. CXVII Educare - Vetenskapliga skrifter. Studi Veneziani. Jensen, An-Magritt; Qvortrup, Jens. Dansk Sociologi.


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Childhood as a structural form. ISSN In northern countries, a symbol of the consolidation of a knowledge area is the publication of a handbook - in Portuguese, manual or compendium - whose chapters give a state-of-the-art overview of their respective subjects. In , The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies was published as recognition of the area of childhood studies.


On Change of Children and Childhood

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