The highly polyphagous Old World cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera is a quarantine agricultural pest for the American continents. Historically H. The relatively recent species divergence history is evident in mating compatibility between H. Despite periodic interceptions of H.

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E-mails : ceciczepak yahoo. E-mail : luciavivan fundacaomt. As lagartas de H. Na Espanha, H. Figura 1. Vista lateral da fase larval de H. Figura 2. Lagartas de H. Vitor O. O manejo dessa praga ainda se encontra em fase inicial de estabelecimento.

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EPPO Global Database

This highly polyphagous species, commonly found both in the Old and New World, has caused significant economic damage as an invasive agricultural pest in Brazil since The goal of the present study is to provide a detailed morphological assessment of adults and immature stages of H. The biology data were acquired during four full life cycles, and observations on general behavior, nocturnal habits of larvae and adults, and sensitivity of larvae to humidity were recorded. Larval chaetotaxy differs between the first and the remaining instars, which bear L2 on the meso- and metathorax and L3 on A3 through A6, along with conspicuous chalazae and longitudinal bands.


Helicoverpa armigera


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