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It is a robot that imitate a crocodile and has a moving jaw and four legs which are used to patrol and defend a position. As with ShooterBot , the task of building the complete robot is split in steps that are easier to achieve.

If you want to defend your place you need the biggest, strongest jaws out there. So, put your plans to conquer the world to a side and keep reading. Next, just write the program to open and close the jaw in NXT-G application.

Just play a bit with the values of time and make sure not to force the motor by opening the jaw too much. I suggest you change the motor power from 75 to for a more cool looking moving jaw that really bite!

Beware with your fingers!. I have had this one several times. Is the USB cable plugged? Did you turn on the NXT Brick? Rebooting fixed the problem. If you recall, when we wrote the program we configured the A Motor to move in one direction and then in the other for a small amount of time… so check: — That the motor is really plugged — That the direction of the motor is correct. Maybe the jaws are moving on the other direction?

Check it. Of course, just make sure that you plugged it correctly Port 4 and that you added the Wait Block for it. Now we build the body of our Robogator, just make sure you plug the motor in the correct way. The upper part controls the body of our Robogator so that it moves the crocodile forward if we are far from the detected thread until it is barely 20cm away.

On the other hand, the lower part of the program takes care of moving the jaw. So, the trick? The lower part of the program only moves the jaw when the detected object is at less than 30cm of range. This program is a great example of how complex behaviours can be split in simpler tasks and executed in parallel. Overall, it is usually not a good idea to add many threads to our NXT-G programs, just keep that in mind.

It is a bit blind sometimes so make sure that it is something big. The color will change. The overall gain here is that our Robogator will end with the legs on the foot each time it moves.

In fact I think it is as simple as the first step. This program just moves each leg until it touch the press sensor and then it does detect anything it will launch our crocodile forward for a few turns and then back again. On a different thread we has the jaw operating much like the above program, when it detects anything it opens and closes the mouth. It is a cool robot to build and quite big!

My kid loved it and the coding introduced the concept of parallel execution with NXT-G. I would wait a few months for the upcoming Mindstorms EV3 Set. Ads by Google. Related Posts :. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This site uses cookies Ok. More info.






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