M190PW01 V8 PDF

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Samplitude V8 professi MPW01 V1. MPW01 V7. Packing Specification Be sure to turn off power supply when inserting or disconnecting from input connector. Wipe off water drop immediately. Long contact with water may cause discoloration or spots. When the panel surface is soiled, wipe it with absorbent cotton or other soft cloth. Since the panel is made of glass, it may break or crack if dropped or bumped on hard surface. Do not open or modify the Module Assembly.

Do not press the reflector sheet at the back of the module to any directions. In case if a Module has to be put back into the packing container slot after once it was taken out from the container, do not press the center of the LED lightbar edge. Instead, press at the far ends of the LED light bar edge softly.

Otherwise the TFT Module may be damaged. Small amount of materials having no flammability grade is used in the LCD module. Pls avoid touching COF position while you are doing mechanical design When storing modules as spares for a long time, the following precaution is necessary: Store them in a dark place.

Do not expose the module to sunlight or fluorescent light. This module does not contain an inverter board for backlight. In order to stabilize the luminance, the measurement should be executed after lighting Backlight for 30 minutes in a stable, windless and dark room. The measurement direction is typically perpendicular to the display surface with the screen rotated about its center to develop the desired measurement viewing angle.

Operating Range document version 0. Note 2 : Based on the operating current is 60mA. Interface signals are also shown in the chart. Parameter Min. These connectors are capable of accommodating the following signals and will be following components. Power is not applied during the test. After temperature cycling, the unit is placed in normal room ambient for at least 4 hours before power on.





19"tft lcd panel M190PW01 V8 with 1440*900 resolution



19.0" AUO M190PW01 V8


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